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OLPC Philippines grassroots group

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"A mind is not a vessel to be filled but a flame to be kindled." - Plutarch


eKindling, which is short for Education Kindling, is the result of a collaborative attempt to formalize an organization in the Philippines that will allow us to further our common mission and vision as a community. Simply said, this is an education project.

Having been conceived through the "OLPC process," eKindling is supportive of current XO-related initiatives. Projects, partnerships and volunteer efforts will continue to be encouraged. The project details below provides more detail about the organization and why we are pursuing this route.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped in getting us to this point. Your efforts are priceless! With your continued support and collaboration, we can finally see the vision become a reality in the Philippines.

For inquiries, questions, and suggestions, you can email us at community@ekindling.org.


This is an education project, not a laptop project!

Thus, through innovations in learning and technology, we want to empower the youth of the Philippines to become digitally literate, critical thinkers and productive members of society. In doing so, we believe that they will be better prepared to tackle the challenges of an increasingly competitive job market and globalized world as well as become agents of change towards the betterment of themselves and their communities.


We create meaningful learning experience by bringing technology-based, educational innovations to children, classrooms, communities across the Philippines.


Other Hardware Support Projects for OLPC





Other Hardware/Software/Technology Projects for Achieving eKindling Vision

This one is for listing links of future and some thoughts of possible hardware, software and other stuff that can be used for achieving eKindling goals*[2]


5 Day eKindling OLPC Training Apri 12-16,2010
Ryan & Tessa (eKindling Team) First Lubang Visit November, 2009

eKindling (short for education kindling) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating meaningful learning experience by bringing technology-based, educational innovations to children, classrooms, and communities across the Philippines. This is a separate entity from OLPC Foundation.

We deploy technologies designed for learning and ICT based education practices/programs in underserved communities

  • Deploy - We identify, assess and deploy low cost, appropriate technologies, designed for 21st century learning. Our first deployment will feature the XO Laptop.
  • Design - In collaboration with educators and developers, we design digital learning activities that will supplement and enhance existing curricula.
  • Develop - We provide professional development to educators and local actors to leapfrog them into 21st century modes of teaching and learning

Having been conceived through the "OLPC process," this community driven initiative hopes to deliver the 21st century quality education that each child deserves throughout the Philippines. Join our community and for more information, please click eKindling

Contact: community@ekindling.org
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/eKindling
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eKindling

Photo Stream

First school pilot: Lubang

Our First OLPC School Pilot

Teacher's Demo-Drill during the last day training in Lubang.

In collaboration with the National Computer Center, OLPC Friends, and Lubang Municipality, eKindling is bringing 100 XO laptops to two public elementary school on the island of Lubang Mindoro. This project is in honor of Lubang Mayor Juan M. Sanchez who was the first managing director of the NCC. The project will involve the rollout of 100 XO laptops to be used in the school as an educational tool for students in their studies.

Thanks to [http://kidsahoy.multiply.com/photos/album/243 Kid's ahoy for this picture!

OLPC-PH OLPC Philippines

Timothy Paul B. Martinez
Rowen Remis R. Iral http://wenmi01.tumblr.com

"We are very happy with the result of the efforts and first pilot in Lubang."

Blog roll

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other computer classes?

Most programs teach computer literacy, which focuses on the basics such as email, power point, word processing, and web browsing. Many others use "edutainment" software to teach things like the 3 Rs “aRithmetic, wRiting, and Reading.” Both of these approaches fall far short of what's possible with computers.

We believe that children are creative learners, and as such, they can construct new knowledge through playful exploration and problem solving. Our curriculum, which will be based on the methodologies used by OLE Nepal and Waveplace, will serve to enhance already existing curricula in public schools. Thus, we do not aim to replace established curricula.

In partnership with Squeakland and local stakeholders, we hope to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum that leverages constructivist approach and that focuses on programming as well as the 3 Rs. Again, this is an education project. Creating effective educational content and curriculum will be a primary goal.

Why is your name eKindling?

In the words of the Greek Philosopher, Plutarch, a mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. We strongly believe this and as such, we wanted our name “eKindling” (or Education Kindling) to reflect this.

Although there are branding benefits to naming ourselves “OLPC Philippines,” we believe that it would limit our growth. In a rapidly innovating technological terrain, we want to be able to adopt better technologies that may help us achieve our mission more efficiently and effectively.

Ultimately, our vision transcends the notion of simply giving each child in the Philippines a laptop. We recognize that the XO laptop is simply a vehicle that delivers quality education that each child deserves. We focus on the mission, not the vehicle.

Does this mean you are not using XO laptops?

No, XO laptops are still our primary choice of hardware. In the foreseeable future, we believe that its design and price still holds a competitive advantage over all other competing technologies. Thus, XOs will be the main tool in our pilot deployments.

With that said, we suspect that Sugar on a Stick will play an increasing role in our future operations.

As an organization, we recognize that hardware is simply the beginning. We put equal emphasis on the software and educational content. OLPC is simply 1/3 of the equation. Sugar Operating System (Sugarlabs) and Educational Content (Squeakland) are equally as important. Understanding this from the onset will increase our chances of success.

Who owns this project?

We firmly believe that no one person owns the OLPC project. The community, which includes all stakeholders (educators, parents, entrepreneurs, students, donors, engineers, etc) owns the project. Collectively, community members are the experts and we look towards them for guidance and support. The value provided by the community is central to our strategic plan. Thus, to maintain a sense of ownership and trust, our organization strives to be transparent.

Learning from the experience of OLE Nepal, we maintain that this is community driven.

Are you looking for partners?

Yes, we are looking for partners! We are looking for partners that know how to get things done. They will guide our approach, especially as we move forward with our small-medium deployments. You know your communities the most and we look forward to serving them with you.

If you are an academic institution, private corporation, non-profit organization, corporate social responsibility program, or government department, please feel free to contact us!

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help!

Right now, we need money. Every dollar you donate will help us help more children. If you are also a grant writer, please help write applications for seed funding and deployment programs. Increasing our funds will increase our capacity to deploy pilots!

We also need help with educational content. Feedback and input regarding our curriculum would be truly appreciated!

Spread the word in your social networks, blogs, etc. Spread the word!! We need as much support as possible. Engage!

Follow us on twitter:eKindling. We will continue to post volunteer opportunities and announcements about new partnerships, developments, deployments, etc.

eKindling Team

Below are the bios of the eKindling Core Team. If you are interested in joining the core team, email us at community@ekindling.org. We are looking to add talented people with varying expertise and knowledge that will help grow our program and organizational capacity. Follow us on www.twitter.com/eKindling to find out about job postings and volunteer opportunities.

Sandeep Chandiramani

Sandeep spent a decade supporting Red Hat's 100-fold growth worldwide. The experience has allowed him to pursue management positions in finance, sales and operations in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. More important, the exposure has allowed him to build a foundation for embracing the values of open source and its advocacy in education and enterprise.

"Everyone deserves an opportunity. Let's provide it to as many as possible." One Sandeep Chandiramani has studied with me at P.K. School Rewa, MP, India only for 1 year.

Jerome Gotangco

A technologist by heart, Jerome Gotangco managed IT departments from the semiconductor, telecoms, non-profit and early stage, venture-funded technology startup industries, all of which involved Open Source as a key adoption strategy that resulted in successful implementations and deployments. He is currently Vice President for Infrastructure and Support with DevCon Foundation (devcon.ph), an organization that actively promotes software development and technology as a profession in the grassroots level by organizing events and activities in partnership with private companies. He also served as External Vice President of the Philippine Linux Users Group, Edubuntu Community Council and the Ubuntu Community Council, the community governance board that is responsible for supervising the social structures and community processes of the very popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. He has organized community-driven developer events in the Philippines such as BarCamp Manila and frequently tapped as a resource speaker, both local and abroad, on the topics of Linux, Cloud Computing, Ubuntu, GNU, OLPC, Sugar, and Free/Open Source Software Licenses.

Cherry Withers

A graduate of California Polytechnic University with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, Cherry worked as a design and verification engineer developing solutions for a computer server company (Silicon Graphics, Inc.) for over four years. She also worked for three major high tech companies as a test and applications engineer before graduating from CalPoly (Intel, 3COM, Apple). She is a member of the Squeakland's education and business team. Currently working on curriculum development (16-unit course ware) for Squeakland in the subjects: Social Science (Economics, Geography, World History and Civics) and Health.

"I think that geniuses are born, not out of the womb, but out of opportunities and tools available for them. My hope is to have every child in the Philippines realize their potential by gaining access to a state of the art education."

Ryan Onell Letada

Inspired by social innovators and entrepreneurs, Ryan hopes to empower the youth to dream bigger through innovation, enterprise and technology. A graduate of Wheaton College with a BS degree in Economics, he is currently a Fulbright Fellow, researching the mass eviction of urban poor communities due to infrastructure development projects in the Philippines. Working with the Asian Development Bank, government agencies, private enterprises, and non-profit sector, he is exploring best practices of resettlement and community/urban development. After a stint at Bloomberg LP, ABN AMRO, and Ten3 Venture Capital as an investment analyst, he worked at World Wide Workshop foundation doing development work and social media marketing. He also co-founded Pinoy Computer Clinics, a social venture aimed at closing the digital divide.

Marife Mago

Marife Mago spent most of her life in the Philippines. A graduate of Aquinas University, she earned her Bachelor's degree in Education and taught at the Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches. She later crossed over into the IT field where she worked at leading firms such as FAS Technologies, Software Ventures, Information Technology Solution, E-World Resources and Exist Global. During this time she quickly raised through the corporate ranks becoming Programmer Trainee, Software Developer, Account Manager, Training Manager and finally Project Manager.

She spearheaded Open Source initiatives in several Universities focusing on technical curriculum development. Part of her motivation for joining OLPC support-gang volunteer and eKindling is rooted in her strong interest for improving education through community collaboration:

"I believe in Service, Learning and Technology. I'm fascinated by people who share their unique talents and experiences."

Rowen Remis R. Iral

Rowen Remis Iral dreamt that someday children will be able to learn easily. He is one of the young IT Engineers in the pool of knowledge workers certified by Philnits (Philippine National IT Standards). He believes that being an IT Engineer is not just working for a company and earning money. He believes that he has to improve the lives of the Filipinos through technology and education. Having found the project existing around 2007 of June, he joined the OLPC Philippines' movement. His interests ranges from reading books, doing research and development and reading materials that improves personality. He worked as Systems Engineer, Technical Support Professional (Network Surveillance Engineer), Systems Administrator, and Project Manager/Country Manager. Together with Timothy Paul B. Martinez, he co-founded Malaya GNU/Linux Users Group.

"I never found money is important, that's why I pursued to become an IT Engineer, I was hoping to shed some light to the people and not for money, the use of technology and giving them values and the right attitude. Education is one that will make us see those things, that's why I joined OLPC Philippines. I'm happy that the eKindling team is here, I hope that you will join us in our endeavor of having a better future for everyone." http://wenmi01.bravehost.com

Tessa Yuvienco

An award-winning educator and a licensed professional teacher, Tessa held teaching positions at the Ateneo De Manila University, Colegio San Agustin and Headway School for Giftedness, where she focused on gifted students and special education. Currently, she is a Business Partner at Communiq8 IT & Co, where she conducts speech communications, presentation skills, customer service programs for some of Philippines' leading firms. At Communiq8 IT, she also provides instructional design and creative teaching programs for the Department of Education and non-profit organizations. Earlier in her career, Tessa also served as the Marketing Communications Officer for Philippine American Life and General Insurance, where she launched major products, and directed advertising initiatives. A graduate of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and currently pursuing her Masters in Special Education, Tessa aims to help empower her co-educators by sharing the right blend of best traditional teaching practices and digital teaching tools in formal and non-formal learning environments.

Why did she join eKindling? She breathes education and the passion to enkindle fellow educators is in her heart and soul.

Kindling Discoveries Series

As part of our ongoing effort to learn best practices, and develop our community capacity, eKindling will be sponsoring a series of open talks on themes pertaining to OLPC deployment and content development. By learning from the wealth of experience of other organizations throughout the globe, we will be positioned to deploy programs and develop relevant content for the benefit of children across the Philippines.

  1. Bryan Berry, Technology Director of OLE Nepal: Open Talk on Community. July 24, 2009, 11am (Manila Time). For more information, click Kindling Discoveries Series Meeting Minutes http://meeting.laptop.org/sugar-meeting/sugar-meeting.minutes.20090723_2307.html


Get Involved

Join us and collaborate with us!

What's on eKindling's plate?

The items listed below are in no particular order of importance. However, we do need your help! Here is what's on the eKindling plate:

  1. Website Development
  2. Discovery Session Series - Information sessions regarding eKindling, XO laptops, Sugar, and its educational possibilities (scheduled for August 2009)
  3. eKindling Discovery- Drafting Application for Contributor Program
  4. Squeakland etoy Curriculum- Researching Squeakland's 16-Unit Curriculum Development
  5. Lesson Plan Exchange
  6. Next Billion Learner in Partnership with eKindling
  7. XO activities app development
  8. Equipment Tracking website
  9. E-book drive

eKindling's Photo Stream

eKindling's planet

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Please list your name and contact details below, if you are interested to join ekindling.org activities.
Nadine Piol Computer Science Student and GreenThumb Project leader
Christian Bryant GNU/Linux Engineer and OLPC Support Gang volunteer

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