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Infrastructure gang

Are you an experienced *NIX sysadmin looking for a way to volunteer for One Laptop per Child?

One Laptop Per Child is pleased to announce OLPC's Infrastructure-group! We are looking for a few good sysadmins to assist with our public-facing infrastructure.

Possible initial tasks include:

  • Trac and git maintenance
  • wiki extensions/improvements
  • RT updating and administration
  • Pootle administration
  • Mailing list administration
    • The Library and Sugar mailing lists could use some list administration help [1] 23:34, 19 August 2008 (UTC)

We will consider expanding the scope of the project as we learn more about what works.

Purpose of the Volunteer Infrastructure Group aka infrastructure-gang

  • Make the sysadmin's job easier
  • Improve the infrastructure systems through "many hands/many minds"
  • Strengthen ties with the community


The following infrastructures are in place to support this initiative:

Weekly meetings

Next IRC meeting will be at irc.oftc.net:#olpc-admin 5:15 pm EDT (-04:00 UCT), every Tuesday

I-g Meeting notes

Sysadmin meeting notes