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OLPC Nauru

Deployments in Nauru have commenced on August 1st-8th 2008, and continue in April 2009 with the Minister of Education requesting assistance with a Country Programme, from the OLPC Oceania Technical Working Group. The trials are being implemented in Yaren Primary School and Kayser College. The initial trials were made in collaboration with the University of the South Pacific (USP) Centre in Nauru, and the Ministry of Education. USP Centre have opened a community FM radio broadcast station, and the intention is to link the OLPC trials in the school with content development centered around the radio broadcasting.

Missions were fielded to provide additional training and technical advice by SPC in September 2008 and by regional OLPC expert David Leeming in April/May 2009.


Participants of the Wikieducator training workshop created teaching and learning resources and ported them onto the XS school server where they could be viewed on the XOs.



Youtube of April 2009 OLPC teacher training in Nauru

Teacher training

Some more feedback from the September teacher training can be found here

In April/May 2009, teacher training focused on curriculum integration and content development. Teachers learned how to integrate their XO usage into the rich task curriculum, and how to research for and start collaborating on open educational resources using the Wikieducator to use and download for their school server. Parents and community were also trained. See the report above.

Grade 2 students testing Video Chat
Parents and community training at yaren school - a daily event


Nauru OLPC Forum http://groups.google.com/group/nauru-olpc

  • David Leeming
  • Michael Longhurst, Director of Education, Ministry of Education, Republic of Nauru (contact tel: (674) 444 3133)
  • Xavier Barker, Director, University of the South Pacific Centre of Nauru (contact tel: +674 444 3774)
  • Chubasco M.Diranga ICT Support Officer, Information, Communication & Technology Centre, Government Office, Republic of Nauru (contact tel: +674 444 3255)
  • Salodina Thoma, ICT Teacher, Yaren Primary School (email contact for support team - salodina.thoma13 AT gmail.com)
  • Eroni Tuiloma, ICT Officer, Nauru ICT, eroni.tuiloma AT naurugov.nr


Click on any picture to enlarge (mostly of teacher training) at Yaren Primary School, from the two training workshops in July and Sept 2008:


A localization project is being opened on the OLPC/Sugar Pootle server for Nauru language. [1]

Nauruan is used as the language of instruction in early childhood education. The Ministry of Education is developing it's own language rules. The language uses special characters and some research is needed to identify the best way to localise the laptop for Nauruan.

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