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People interested in contributing to OLPC-NL

Please add yourself to the list, if you want to contribute to OLPC-NL in one way or another. Contribution can be anything, from software or hardware development to pedagogical input for programs, design of laptop bags, demonstration of XOs to interested groups, documentation, anything really. Thank you!

Name Contact Picture Occupation Interested in Lives in
Bastiaan Bakker [1]
b457144n on IRC
Bastiaan Bakker.jpg Software Engineer developing fun activities for the XO, setting up OPLC-NL
Ewoud Bras [2] "out of service" Uithoorn
Gawin Dapper IT Entrepreneur OLPC fan :) Alkmaar
Jeroen van der Ent [3]
Ent on IRC
Audio-visual designer / Web-designer / Consultant Working on: Learning software for childtuition.org Rotterdam
Aldert Hazenberg [4] Project Manager/Consultant Tries to be an OLPC Advocate Amsterdam
Reinier Heeres reinier at heeres dot eu
rwh on IRC
PhD in Delft Working on: Sugar, Calculate, Read, Journal The Hague
Sabine Hengeveld-Auer [5] bineha on IRC Communications spreading the word about OLPC in the Netherlands
Pieter van der Hijden [6] Pieter.JPG consultant organisation & ICT, focus e-learning, gaming/simulation, moodle, Sofos Consultancy olpc implementation policy, active in NL and Suriname/Caribbean, member of Ned-Moove, SAGANET, ISAGA Amsterdam
Frits Hoff [7] specialist in M-learning, mobile learning founder and board member of foundation OpenWijs.nl, specilaised in OLPC and Sugar projects Maastricht
Don Hopkins [8] Senior Software Developer (TomTom) SimCity, Python, Cairo, Visual Programming, Game Programming Amsterdam
Arjen Kamphuis [9] IT-strategy consultant OLPC advocate & lobbyist Amsterdam
Hans de Kleine [10] HansDeKleine.jpg OpenSource ICT enterpreneur Interested in promoting the OLPC Groningen
Pascal Scheffers [11]
pascals on IRC
Working on Library (most interested in biology/medical content) and Push to Talk Nieuwegein
Carlo Smouter lockwood_dev on IRC Carlosmouter.jpg Hobby programmer Python & Pygame, Math-XO and more for the XO Almere
Sjoerd Simons [12]
sjoerd on IRC
Working on telepathy-salut Eindhoven
Eric Oosterbaan [13]
scdhome on IRC (olpc-nl)
Eric oosterbaan.jpg Engineer Trying OLPC to work with Android Den Dungen
Arjé Cahn a.cahn at hippo punt nl Open Source and Apache. Amsterdam
Vincent Everts [14] Vincente.jpg Trendwatcher, CEO PCzapper.tv, Partner interimic.com, colomnist telegraaf, marketingfacts.nl I just bought 3 XO's to experiment with in the Netherlands. Would love to share experiences. People can borrow the XO's for testing purposes. I will write about it, talk about it and spread the word. Amsterdam
Emer Beamer [15] Educator and designer, RnD at Butterfly Works, We have developed an e-learning program called Learning about Living for young Nigerians together with many Nigerian ngos and the ministry of education. We have made the program suitable for the OLPC and have an XO here to test on. The program is an experiential life skills and aids prevention program. We have been working with OLPC Nigeria. We wish to take the program to Ethiopia and Rwanda if the OLPC takes off there. We want to explore the further experiential learning possibilities of OLPC. www.learningaboutliving.org, www.butterflyworks.org Amsterdam
Harrie Vollaard [16] Harriefoto.jpg Innovation manager Supports the goal and likes to contribute Nijmegen
Maarten Menheere [17] Product ontwikkelaar, voorzitter CDJA Rotterdam Opzetten pilot project OPLC Rotterdam Rotterdam
Marten Vijn [18] Sys/Netwerk admin Linux/*BSD Organizing http://opencommunitycamp.org en http://wifisoft.org. G1G1 donator, WiFiCommunityNetworking. One of the founders of WirelessLeiden. WiFiCommunity Networking and local applications. Leiden
Gerard Mourits [19] organizational issues Co-Organising http://opencommunitycamp.org en http://wifisoft.org.,. Formal advisor of the board of wirelessLeiden. Rijnwoude
Axel Roest [20]

axelloroestello on most chats

AxelRoest xolaptop.JPG
Macintosh Software Developer Bought my xo laptop the first day they were available, but it took a while for it to arrive from my proxy in the USA. Too bad you can't order them directly. Want to develop educational software for it. Amsterdam
Joost Geraets, JoGnet mailto: JoGnet at GMail.com Open Adviseur Very interested in the OLPC. Friends with Frits Hoff. Interested in translating to Dutch. Roermond
Urso Wieske [21] IT Consultant Fantastic concept and initiative: OLPC!

The first time I heard about it (last year 2007) I became very enthousiastic. I am currently busy with e-learning programs. My interests:

  • the organizational aspects of an OLPC implementation for developing countries.
  • software development with respect to OLPC based on open source.

Engaging in OLPC!

Jeroen van de Nieuwenhof jeroen _at_ vandenieuwenhof _dot_ nl
KenSentMe on IRC
Freelance journalist Ordered one for testing and showing off, would like to help by testing and discussing Griendtsveen
just rØg1.. ., [[User:r0g1|] [22]
r0g1 on IRC
R1g0.png Hacker Free Software Advocate Europe (.eu)
Bart Lamot [23]
TomalB on IRC
Lamot01.jpg Project manager (Kennisnet) Intrested in:
  • Introducing the OLPC to educators (profesionaly)
  • Explore the options of OLPC for the Dutch primary schools (profesionaly)
  • Brainstorm about additional hardware and software (profesionaly and hobby)
  • Develop software (hobby)
Karel van der Esch [24]] Project manager Business Development Gefacineerd door de OLPC concepten. Met Frits Hoff de Stichting OpenWijs.nl opgericht om o.a. twinning projecten in het basis onderwijs uit te voeren. Input van andere OLPC'ers meer dan welkom. De Stichting kan eventueel ook kader vormen voor andere OLPC projecten. Maastricht

PS: Dear early birds, I took the freedom to put your information into the table. Hope you don't mind. Bine 07:47, 2 December 2007 (EST)
PS: Just sorted the list alphabetically on sir name Gawin 11:57, 20 December 2007 (CET)


Is it possible that everyone has a picture with his name in the users-list? Lockwood 09:51, 16 December 2007 (EST)

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