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Red XO in Fog


OLPC San Francisco Bay Area Community Summit 2010

Planning is near-complete, but we alwaysy welcome your input!

Our 2010 OLPC/Sugar/Realness Summit is an OLPC-SF community event designed to foster collaboration amongst deployment teams in the SF Bay Area and those arriving from around the world. Almost 3 years after the introduction OLPC's XO and the Sugar Learning Platform, there has never been an opportunity for so many of our volunteer movement's implementers, teachers, learning designers, software developers, and hardware experts to meet and learn from each other eye to eye!

We also hope that the event will introduce these powerful ideas and accomplishments to a growing group of OLPC and Sugar volunteers and partners everywhere -- Think globally; Act locally.

The event is a "Birds of a Feather" type event but largely run as an unconference. Claim your session before the schedule's finalized!

2010 Summit Outline and related events:

  • "Books in Browsers" event with the Internet Archive: (by invitation)
    Thu Oct 21 9am-9pm Sessions schedule
    Fri Oct 22 8:50am-4:30pm Sessions schedule
    Summary and late-breaking updates!
    This event is full.

  • OLPC-SF/Sugar/Realness Summit:
    Fri, Oct 22: 5pm - 7/8pm, Reception @ SFSU Downtown (neighborhood dinner events follow)
    Sat, Oct 23: 9:30am - 4:30pm, Sessions @ SFSU Downtown (neighborhood dinner events follow)
    Sun, Oct 24: 9:30am - 4:30pm, Sessions @ SFSU Downtown (optional evening party options in Marin County evolving!)
  • SFSU Downtown Campus (MAP)
    835 Market St, 5th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    Note: This location is not the main campus. This is the same building as the new Westfield mall that houses Bloomingdale's. Look for the SFSU banner on Market St. between 4th and 5th streets, right next to Walgreens. Take the elevator to the 5th floor.

    The nearest public parking garage is the Fifth and MIssion garage [1]
    Tips on driving and parking in San Francisco can be found at [2]
    Street parking regulations in San Francisco tend to be strictly enforced

Remote Participation & Notetaking

Both Strongly Encouraged -- posting quickie post-session summary thoughts too:

  • The links in Schedule of sessions below are to transcripts of past sessions.
  • All Sessions: Appoint Your Scribe!
  • Post summary/notes/photoblog/whatever into the schedule below PROMPTLY right after your session.
  • Please use the hashtag #olpc if you can't maintain a connection to LIVE CHAT CENTER STAGE! Once in live chat type "/join #olpc-553" (or #olpc-554, or #olpc-555!) to view the chat from each of the rooms.

Sharing is Caring :)

Schedule of sessions

Please also refer to the full schedule here: http://olpcSF.org/CommunitySummit2010/schedule.php

SATURDAY October 23
Rm 553 Education+ Track Rm 554+ Technology Track Rm 555+ Outreach Track
9:30 Registration, Meet & Greet
10:00 (17:00 UTC) Small Projects in Remote Places - Selected challenges: Dealing with Education Establishments; Involving Students in Local and Overseas Deployments.
(Christine Murakami, Nadine Muschette, Carol Ruth Silver)
Power infrastructure: "Alternative Power Sources for ICT aka XOs" in the Developing World
(Bruce Baikie, SJSU team)
Developing XO Best Practices Within a Rural School Community: While one laptop per child is ideal, we have 80 laptops and 800 children. Determining best practices for a community requires mentoring, some practical experience with technology, ingenuity, and a lot of active listening on the part of everyone involved. To ensure they don't go unused, used inappropriately, or used only by a select few, protocols must be developed collaboratively. Join us for a discussion around questions to ask prior to and while unrolling an XO deployment.
(Trevor Getz, Tom Schmidt, Stacey Kertsman, Cherry Withers)
11:15 15 Minute Break
11:30 (18:30 UTC) Research: learning and achievement outcomes
(eduWeavers/UCB, Jamaica project) (Sameer Verma, Stacey Kertsman, Arlene Bailey)
Building applications for Sugar
(Grant Bowman, Bernie Innocenti)
Women, health literacy and empowerment
(Carol Ruth Silver, Humaira Mahi, Beth Santos)
12:45 Lunch!
13:45 (20:45 UTC) Speed Geek

Notes of Session
August Town, Jamaica
Starr King Elementary, SF
Maroantsetra, Madagascar
Keur Sadaro, Senegal
Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan
eKindling project in Lubang, Philippines
eduWeavers project in South Africa
KMR Foundation project in Aziznagar, Hyderabad, India
Partimus project using Sugar at MNCSF.org
Green Wifi's project on power infrastructure in Haiti Toaster School Server on ARM

15:00 15 Minute Break
15:15 - 16:30 (22:15 - 23:30 UTC) Trekking home and back with XOs: Integrating partners from the Educational EcoSystem and other effective strategies
(Beth Santos, Maurice McNaughton [no longer remote?], June Kleider)
School Server, Moodle, Book Server
(Alex Kleider, Sameer Verma, Robert Howard, Ben Tran, Tabitha Roder, Xavier Carcelle?)
Peer to Peer Learning: Peer to Peer learning as an opportunity for classroom facilitation, self-esteem building, positive socialization and much more: "Peer to peer learning has proven to be a positive force in OLPC projects worldwide. When a collaborative environment of sharing and problem solving is fostered within and across classrooms, teachers receive the benefit of reduced pressure to always "have the answer" and the opportunity to learn a great deal from their students. Both the Nicaraguan experience and participant perspectives will be explored. OLPC's Barbara Barry will extend the idea of peer-to-peer to how smart computers can help (or hurt) children as they model mentors and friends - to understand what they know and how they learn. "
(Jennifer Martino, Barbara Barry)

SUNDAY October 24
Rm 553 Education+ Track Rm 554 Technology+ Track Rm 555 Outreach+ Track
9:30 Registration, Meet & Greet
10:00 (17:00 UTC) XoPhoto, Environmental Mapping & Sensors, Beyond Measure! (SUMMARY) New OLPC/Sugar Software: What's Next? & XO/software/hardware Q&A (SUMMARY) Service Volunteerism in High School and College: Own Your Dream (SUMMARY)
11:15 15 Minute Break
11:30 (18:30 UTC) Internet-Streamed Panel: Deployment Success Stories (Daniel Drake, Tim Falconer, Claudia Urrea, Pablo Flores, Sameer Verma) Moderator: Ben Sheldon
12:45 (19:45 UTC) Mike Lee Raffles Red XOs (& other cool gear you cannot buy!) in Recognition of Global Volunteers

13:45 (20:45 UTC) Internet-Streamed Panel: Are we finally Learning Learning after 3 years? (Morgan Ames, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Bernie Innocenti, Barbara Barry, Walter Bender) Moderator: SJ Klein
15:00 15 Minute Break
15:15 (22:15 UTC) Curricular & Health Content, Wartorn Deployment, Metrics & Eval (SUMMARY) Deployment Infra (incl DEMO of Inventory Mgmt for 1000s of XOs) (SUMMARY) Pen Pals in 2015: Where will Kids' Stories/Photos/Maps End Up? (SUMMARY)
16:30 Summit Ends - drive to party
18:00 onwards! Party in Bolinas, Calif (ask for details in person!)

Post your topic now! Summary minutes later!

Possible Topics

Proposed Discussion Panels for SATURDAY especially!

Education Track

  • Peer2Peer Learning in Latin America, with OLPC's Jennifer Martino (15:15-16:30 Sat). Peer to Peer learning as an opportunity for classroom facilitation, self-esteem building, positive socialization and much more: "Peer to peer learning has proven to be a positive force in OLPC projects worldwide. When a collaborative environment of sharing and problem solving is fostered within and across classrooms, teachers receive the benefit of reduced pressure to always "have the answer" and the opportunity to learn a great deal from their students. What’s more, facilitators of P2P initiatives note improved self esteem and social integration of students labeled as troublemakers and/or academic under-achievers. This session is designed to share best practices and lessons learned in P2P learning. Both the Nicaraguan experience and participant perspectives will be explored." OLPC's Barbara Barry will extend the idea of peer-to-peer to how smart computers can help (or hurt) children as they model mentors and friends - to understand what they know and how they learn.
  • How to address national & regional education policy (including sponsorship)
  • How much and what kinds of teacher training to give prior to deployment
  • How to deal with educational establishment.
  • Issues such as how to ensure laptops stay with students outside of school? What are effective strategies?
  • XO for teaching and learning (Internet math tutoring project)
  • Hands-on experience with XO activities for children (eToys)
  • Using XOs for preschool and K learning
  • Women's literacy and healthcare (Carol Ruth Silver, Humaira Mahi, Beth Santos - 11:30-12:45 Sat?)
  • Lesson plans and building content (Cherry Withers, Nadine Muschette, Arlene Bailey - 15:15-16:30 Sat?)

Technology Track

  • XO Toaster USB/CD/DVD creator
  • Sugar: SoaS on Mac, Sugar on the XO, Sugar on a Stick, Sugar in the Lab, Sugar Everywhere!
  • School Server, Book Server, Moodle
  • Repairing and supporting XOs in the field
  • Alternative energy solutions to power the XO
  • Inventory management for thousands of laptops (Daniel Drake 30min Demo: showing the inventory system used in Paraguay, Peru and Nicaragua, a great help on the logistics and antitheft fronts)
  • Building and customizing XO software images (Daniel Drake 30min Demo: how OLPC releases OS image downloads, and how a deployment can come along and reconstruct these, changing activities and other things)
  • OLPC's next steps for XO-1 and XO-1.5 software development / OLPC-OS-Builder (Daniel Drake 15min Explanation)
  • Coordinating tests between OLPC & Sugar Labs, what to test and when, how to feedback and manage test results (Tabitha Roder, anyone?)
  • XO-3 plans (added by Tim McNamara, will need to be taken up by others!)
  • Dextrose, the deployments made OS for the XO (Bernie Innocenti, Steven Parrish)
  • Power infrastructure challenges (Bruce Baikie and SJSU XO Dock team - 11:30-12:45 Sat?)
  • School server hardware constraints (Benjamin Tran, Sameer Verma, Robert Howard - 15:15-16:30 Sat?)

Outreach and Deployments

  • Considerations/advice in dealing with different funding scenarios (NGO v Gov v Philanthropist v Charity)
  • Team set up and deployment management
  • Lessons learned in how to do large country scale deployments (e.g. piloting, phasing, ensuring consistency)
  • Experiences in community and parental involvement
  • Women, health literacy and empowerment
  • Involving US K-12 students in deployments overseas
  • Research - improving student learning and achievement

Proposed Discussion Panels for SUNDAY especially!

Visual/Photographic overhead projector presentations are most welcome if kept Short & Sweet, but lengthy "PowerPoint Speeches" WILL be cut off, due to our very limited time -- thanks for your understanding!!

Sunday 10:00 - 11:15

Please contact your session leader (name in bold) or holt@laptop.org to consolidate your topic theme pre-summit!!

  • XoPhoto, Environmental Mapping & Sensors, Beyond Measure! How all of us can connect XO laptops with nature, the environmental, maps and physical / science project sensors! (Nick Doiron, George Hunt, Mike Lee, Mark Battley, Claudia Urrea, Arjun Sarwal)
  • New OLPC/Sugar Software: What's Next? What is OLPC's software strategy? What is Dextrose? Where do they meet? (Daniel Drake, Bernie Innocenti, Steven Parrish, James Salsman)
  • Service Volunteerism in High School and College: Own Your Dream Teachers and student will discuss How and Why global youth can get involved! (Christine Murakami, Mark Battley, Remy DeCausemaker, Adam Gordon, Beth Santos, Isabella Kleider, Jonathan Ragot)

Sunday Remote Sessions

LIVE HERE: http://olpcSF.org/summit#remote

See Above Schedule Details, for both 75-minute Internet-streamed panel discussions!

Panelists/discussants will have up to 7min (MAXIMUM) to present. Brief interjections will be permitted, at the moderator's discretion. Full Q&A will follow.

Moderator will police the clock tightly encouraging diverse participation by all, actively breaking up lengthy speeches, and nudging the conversation flow forward.

Strong facilitation of both Sunday Skype/IRC/Ustream sessions is being organized -- so that we welcome Doers from around the world, with live questions. We considered facilitation by http://aspirationTech.org but this is quite expensive. Thankfully, experienced AmeriCorps facilitator Ben Sheldon has volunteered all the way from Boston, to help us all keep on-focus and on-time!!

Sunday 15:15 - 16:30

Please contact your session leader (name in bold) or holt@laptop.org to consolidate your topic theme pre-summit!!

  • Curricular & Health Content, Wartorn Deployment, Metrics & Evaluation Tiny learning games as the heart of deployments: does it work? (Mike Dawson, Beth Santos, Nick Doiron?, James Salsman, others plz add yr name here!)
  • Deployment Infrastructure (incl DEMO of Inventory Management for 1000s of laptops!) (Daniel Drake,others plz add your name here!)
  • Pen Pals in 2015: Where will Kids' Stories, Photos, Maps End Up? (Mark Battley, George Hunt, Mike Lee)

Unscheduled for now

  • Where There is No Doctor: OLPC Health in Resource Poor Settings Asad Moten, Adam Holt,Beth Santos, Nick Doiron, Mark Battley. James Salsman
  • Practical E-Books / Wikipedia in the Field (SJ Klein, Sayamindu Dasgupta, Andi Gros, James Salsman)
  • School Server MAGIC: what do teachers want? (Xavier Carcelle, Sameer Verma, Gerald Ardito, Tabitha Roder, Anna Schoolfield)
  • Steve Jobs Sleeps: Sugar 2.0, Activity Central & Android (Walter Bender, Daniel Drake, Bernie Innocenti, Steven Parrish)
  • Simon Bolivar Wakes: How Latin America Will Rule the World! (Daniel Drake, Jennifer Martino, Pablo Flores, Christoph Derndorfer)
  • Haiti: Painful & Wonderful Lessons Learned (Tim Falconer, Beth Santos, Bill Stelzer, Adam Holt)
  • Good Faith Community Relations = Scalability (Greg DeKoenigsberg, Adam Holt, Pablo Flores, Tabitha Roder, Marife Mago, James Salsman) AKA How to create successful volunteer communities
  • I Love Teachers - but do Teachers love Facebook? (SJ Klein, Pablo Flores, Ryan Letada, Christoph Derndorfer)
  • Santa's Spare Parts: how Deployment Forecasting feeds iLoveMyXO.com Supply Chain Realities (Jennifer Pierzschalski, Adam Holt, OLE Nepal)
  • Metrics & Evaluation: what's still missing from http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_research ? (Mike Dawson, SJ Klein, Claudia Urrea, Tabitha Roder, James Salsman)
  • Many Small Makes One Big: The wisdom & necessity of scaling from small deployments (Tim Falconer, Christopher Derndorfer)

Travel Scholarships

Very partial travel scholarships may be possible for volunteers from outside North America especially. Please contact Adam Holt (holt @ laptop.org) if you can assist our movement's greatest volunteers -- or need partial assistance on your own plane fare!

casinos en linea

Suggested Accommodations/Eateries

1. While many attendees are staying with friendly volunteers around the Bay Area, the "Fort Mason Hostel" offers a great, affordable -- and historic -- location where several volunteers will be congregating. Bonus: they have Wifi!

Private rooms are available for substantially less than regular SF hotels, and you might get lucky with views of the Golden Gate Bridge etc. This unique hostel is very close to Fisherman's Wharf, and details are here: http://www.sfhostels.com/fishermans-wharf/

2. Another reasonably priced and solid hotel in North Beach (not far from the above Hostel) for cost-conscious visitors, is The San Remo Hotel: http://www.sanremohotel.com/san-remo-hotel-specials.php


FOOD: The SFGate.com web site has a great "Bargain Bites" Food Section listing interesting places to eat.

Getting to Know Each Other Around SF

  • The Out The Door resturant is holding at least 15 seats for a 5pm Saturday meetup of OLPCians and Wikimedians. Wikimedia and OLPC board member SJ Klein and I (James Salsman) should both be there.  Topics for discussion may include project overlap. http://westfield.com/sanfrancisco/find/detail/dining?category=2043&retailer=29155 reservation under "Wikimedia" -- feel free to call to edit yourself into the reservation. It is raining, and the OLPC event sold out and is packed, but the people are all very warm.

Pablo and Tabitha arrive on 18 Oct (landing 11am and 11.45am) so have some site seeing days, would be keen to join others.

T Shirt Ideas!

Shirt FRONT, designed by Elizabeth Barndollar:

FRONT-olpcsf PMS194 cardinal red tn.png

Full Resolution:

Shirt BACK, designed by Mike Lee:

BACK-olpc xo symbol white stroke on PMS194C 1cmx10inches lowrez tn.jpg

Full Resolution:

Please REGISTER if you want one of our famous red long-sleeve shirts, from the 100 that went to press early Oct!

Photography Album & Film!

Got Photos?!

Thanks everyone for please posting (or linking to) your best event photos right here!!

From Tim Falconer:
From Mike Lee:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/curiouslee/sets/72157625361491634/ (NEW)
From Mark Terranova:
http://picasaweb.google.com/tuxwingsgroup/Olpc# All of my pictures are free to use, modify, or remix under Creative Commons (free culture approved) license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ email if you want full original resolution mark <at> zareason <dot> com
From Bernie Innocenti:
From Marina Zdobnova:
From Pablo Flores:
From Alex Kleider, Gorgeous Album!
From Bill Stelzer

Got Video?!

Amazing "Books in Browsers" pre-summit keynote presentation by Brewster Kahle:

17+ Amazing Personal Interviews by Bill Stelzer & Sara Lazaro -- compiled by Marina Zdobnova:

Thanks! Contact holt @ laptop.org and jump in directly to our planning page:

Organizing Volunteers

  • Sameer Verma sverma@sfsu.edu
  • Grant Bowman grantbow@gmail.com
  • Hilary Naylor
  • Carol Ruth Silver
  • Elizabeth Krumbach lyz@princessleia.com
  • June Kleider
  • Adam Holt holt @ laptop.org

Planning to attend?

We will be building a community map just like this! Can you please help? Contact ndoiron@cmu.edu and holt@laptop.org if so!


(above very preliminary/unconfirmed, please modify/add yourself!)

Planning Meetings

Weekly planning meeting Wed, September 22

Sat September 18

Weekly planning meeting Wed, September 15

Weekly planning meeting Wed, September 8


Sameer Verma, Hilary Naylor, June Kleider, Grant Bowman

Items discussed

Sat August 28


Items discussed

Weekly planning meeting Wed August 25


Items discussed

Weekly planning meeting August 18


Items discussed

Weekly planning meeting August 11


Sameer Verma, Hilary Naylor, Carol Ruth Silver, June Kleider

Items discussed

  • Event space
    • SFSU Space is booked Sat Oct 23rd.
    • If we get the SF Soma Hub it will be very convenient, at Powell & 5th.
    • If not, the whole event could be at main campus.
    • Friday evening? not requested space yet. Suggestion of other places such as museum or library - more social. Or the Hub? Could be at SFSU Downtown. Have to check policies about food. Possibly pot-luck.
  • Website: www.olpcsf.org - placeholder now. Liz is working with Mike Lee (OLPC-DC Learning center) on art work for the site.
  • Accommodation: June will to host 1-2 people she knows from Realness. Carol also.
  • Concerns about liability: opens SFSU and us to lawsuits. Should not host a mechanism for strangers to find each other. Individuals who know others can of course invite them to stay. Can put a disclaimer on the website about finding places to stay - that is, that we are not facilitating that process.
  • Space: SFSU classrooms. Have asked for 4 rooms, one to be over-flow. Last time we had 35 people. In addition we have a lounge area. All classrooms technically equipped. Sameer will enquire about bringing in food and drink.
  • Program:
    • Sameer has a student organization to support logistics. Those possible presenters that we know, we can contact personally, and then if they are interested, pass along to Hilary for sorting details. E.g. Bruce B is working in Haiti on solar-power project.
    • Carol: new org founded by Swig, office in SF, creating solar for developing world. Should get them introduced to OLPC. Potential for speed-geek.
    • Hilary: who for Senegal project?
    • Sameer: will get contacts from the 2 SF HSs.
    • Other projects: S. Africa, Afghanistan, Philippines, Senegal, Madagascar, Nepal, Jamaica.
  • Schedule: last year sessions were 1.25hr - present for 20-30 min, then questions. Sessions ran concurrently and were not repeated. Most people stayed with the track they started with (education, technology, outreach).
    • Should all the deployments have their own speed-geek session? A lot depends on how many can be represented. A general session such as Carol did last year can include several deployments.
    • Sunday: people coming from bigger deployments, Sugar labs, OLPC.
    • What about the idea that Saturday is local and Sunday out-of-towners?
      • Could create an artifical divide. Have to think more about that question.
    • Out-of-town presenters: E.g. Bernie Innocenti from Sugar Labs can have a tech session. Richard Smith the hardware guy from OLPC.
    • Sameer: last year there were people willing to talk about their experience and their technology, but it was a lot of work to get the commitment. Not a good idea to put potential presenters on the wiki until they are confirmed.
    • Topic idea: how to deal with educational establishment. How to ensure laptops stay with students outside of school. What are effective strategies?
  • What about a Friday evening social event at the Hub?
    • June: Will check it out. Booked the space on Sunday 10:30-3, could not choose an earlier time. Will do an inventory re tables and chairs next week. It's going to cost $500. ($400 for 3 hours, $95/hr after that.) If there are no fees for anything else we will be happy to underwrite that. Okay to bring in food. Especially if paying by the hour for the room.
  • Target date for website end of August.
  • Last year the starting time was 9 and it didn't work, so better to do 10.
  • Money: Hilary and Sameer think that charging $50 is too much, will deter people even if there is a sliding scale, and that $10 is too little to be worth the hassle. Most likely the University would not approve. Registration is a good idea. It can be done thru eventbright or similar? Liz is checking that out.

Weekly planning meeting August 4


Sameer Verma, Carol Ruth Silver, Elizabeth Krumbach, Grant Bowman, Hilary Naylor, Adam Holt

Items discussed

  • Pretty much confirmed for Fri 21 evening, Sat 22 & Sun 23
  • Non-trivial costs are involved for using SFSU's Downtown Center on Sunday, but it remains a possibility
  • Investigating other locations
  • Naming: OLPC SF Community Summit 2010
    • Include related icons on site and during promotion: sugar labs, realness
  • Daily structure not strictly split, but loosely:
    • Friday night: Introduction and networking
    • Saturday: Outside SF sessions
    • Sunday: OLPC SF members sessions
  • Grant Bowman to register .org/com/net domains
  • Website suggested for slicker-than-wiki promotion

Weekly planning meeting July 28


Sameer Verma, Hilary Naylor, Carol Ruth Silver, Elizabeth Krumbach

Items discussed

  • Dates requested: October 23-24, Saturday is fine, $$ for Sunday, Sameer looking into and will get back to us
  • Have an opening/welcome/introduction session Friday evening and/or Saturday morning
  • Other options for location: Space on main campus, issue may be transportation there since there are restricted transit options
  • Must have registration for head count regarding insurance, still need to hear about charging a fee (discuss token fee? donation?)
  • Come up with list of what we will need to pay for.
  • Name of the event: OLPC-SF Community Summit 2010
  • Goal: More of a "meetup" than a "meeting" - focused on Discussion (collaboration, issues, possible solutions) rather than Decision.
  • Do we want "facilitators" for rooms during sessions?
  • Find more volunteers for planning and organization.

Kickoff meeting, July 17, 2010

Photos of the white board:

Notes taken by Ben Devine:

Expected Contributions and Take Away

  • Evaluate problems
  • Report problems
  • E-books
  • Manage deployment interests: grassroots to ---> Large deployment
  • Moodle – Math modules
  • Programming workshop (python, sugar)
  • Advocacy
  • SoaS on Mac.
  • Documentation sessions
  • Kids using XO session
  • FOSS education
  • Sugar onto MNCSF.org computers
  • MNCSF.org as a resource
  • School server on low power
  • Problems in rural schools
  • Advocacy participation
  • Kids from Oakland, CA
  • Technology (software, hardware, networks)
  • Deployment Stories
  • Deployments Success/failures
  • Implementations success
  • Best practices
  • Failures


Attending via Skype

  • Caryl Bigenho - Southern California projects, Mail list Olpc-socal@lists.laptop.org, Roadshow in a box, XO-1 (9)
  • Cherry Withers - Ekindling, 100 laptops in the Phillipines, pilot 4th &5th grades, Squeakland Board Member, E-toys

Attending via Phone

  • Sonya Sokolov - Internet math tutoring project, 10 XOs + SoaS in Ghana, 5 XOs in California, Math, Flash based (Flash on SoaS), Ph.D. in Teaching/Design from Stanford.

Attending in person

  • Sameer Verma - Professor at SF State University, and organizer, OLPC SF
  • Grant Bowman - XO toaster, organization help
  • Elizabeth Krumbach - Organization help, Ubuntu community council
  • Larry Cafiero - Fedora Ambassador, works with 3 kids as XO testers
  • Ben Devine - Student, SF State University. Organization help
  • Luis Chavez - MNCSF.org ,Everett middle school and youth workshop
  • Robert Howard - Porting XS to ARM. Has several ARM devices at home.
  • Carol Ruth Silver - Afghanistan Deployment, Planning
  • Hilary Naylor - Oakland Schools, Trainer, amnesty international.
  • June Kleider - Madagascar deployment.
  • Alex Kleider - Technology, Linux, Python, etc.
  • Tabitha Roder - Educator, Moodle, Pacific
  • Bruce Baikie - Green WiFi
  • Nate Theis - Pyowerd, activity developing