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This is one of the template files for the new—as of January, 2007—laptop.org website. Translators, please note that this is a template file. You should copy this file into a PO file specific to your target language rather than doing in-line edits here, e.g., PO-laptop.org-auxiliary-es for Spanish.

The PO files are organized by sections:

Basic terms common to many pages, and pages that represent the top level of the website hierarchy:


Individual sections:


Auxilliary pages:


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#: jobs.html

msgid "jobstitle"
msgstr "OLPC seeks qualified individuals to fill the following positions."

msgid "jobsh1"
msgstr "Director of Peripherals:"

msgid "jobsp1"
msgstr "Work with companies to develop a host of low cost peripherals for the XO laptop. Examples include the 10$ DVD player, a $100 projector, and a $0.10 oscilloscope adaptor. The XO has three USB 2.0 ports on the laptop, one analog input through the the microphone jack, and one analog output through the speaker jacks. Frequent travel to Asia required. Languages: English is required, Chinese (Mandarin) desired. This job is based at OLPC Headquarters in Cambridge Massachusetts."

msgid "jobsp2"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to: jobs-peripherals at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh2"
msgstr "Support Engineer:"

msgid "jobsp3"
msgstr "OLPC is looking for a customer-focused individual to act as a point of contact for our upcoming country trials to help ensure their success. This individual will work with the in-country contacts to ensure their issues and concerns are tracked, resolved, and communicated to the appropriate teams. The job requires excellent communications as well as attention to detail and the ability to help the triage team determine priorities. This person will be the voice of our early customers and will also provide valuable feedback into the use of our products in the world.<br/><br/>The day-to-day job functions include:<br/>•    Ensure that all field issues are tracked from input to closure in the bug tracking system<br/>•    Work with Product Manager, HW and SW managers to prioritize and resolve issues<br/>•    Communicate on a regular basis with our 'feet on the ground' to provide updates on their issues<br/>•    Be a voice for our customers to give feedback for continuous improvement as well as new product ideas<br/><br/>Skills required:<br/>•    Excellent written and oral communications<br/>•    Strong attention to detail and follow through<br/>•    Strong organizational and presentation skills<br/>•    5 or more years experience in global customer support<br/>•    Good hands-on knowledge of Linux<br/>•    Technical support experience in computers, communications products, wireless networks"

msgid "jobsp4"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to:jobs-support-engineer at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh3"
msgstr "Security Software Engineer:"

msgid "jobsp5"
msgstr "OLPC is using containers as the basis for our Bitfrost security model (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Bitfrost). The successful candidate will work with, in and part of the Linux community to develop a common containerization system that serves everyone's needs. They will maintain our container patch (currently based on VServer) as we migrate to later versions of Linux and oversee migration of Bitfrost to use the standard Linux containerization model as it emerges. Five years of Linux experience required. Proven ability to work in the LKML community required. Experience with container systems a plus."

msgid "jobsp6"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to:jobs-security at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh4"
msgstr "Documentation Lead:"

msgid "jobsp7"
msgstr "Interested in something really new, and a challenge? The OLPC laptop and software is novel in many ways, and be used all over the world. We are looking for someone to help write, edit, and organize our documentation for the OLPC system and processes, who is able to organize contributors and translators from all over the world. Ability to edit and write technical documentation required. Demonstrated ability to work in and organize a community of contributors required. Knowledge of translation tools and processes, particularly open source tools, highly desirable. Knowledge of one or more foreign languages a plus."

msgid "jobsp8"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to:jobs-documentation at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh5"
msgstr "Back-End Services Engineer:"

msgid "jobsp9"
msgstr "Interested in true problems of scale?  We have them for your enjoyment! OLPC is looking for someone to work on issues that only arise due to the size of our deployments. Our laptop software enables easy ad-hoc and school-level sharing of presence and activities: we need to enable this sharing at a world-wide level. Other services such as backup from schools to regional services, chat, mail and voip also need system-level design and engineering. Experience with global-scale networking necessary. Experience with commonly used internet services highly desirable. First-rate system-management ability required. Demonstrated ability to work with and leverage other large organizations such as ISPs, MOEs, and NGOs highly desirable. Knowledge of one or more foreign languages a plus."

msgid "jobsp10"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to:jobs-services-engineer at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh6"
msgstr "Software Engineer:"

msgid "jobsp11"
msgstr "Interested in cutting-edge, innovative systems? OLPC is building a learning machine for the world's children. We need a generalist able to go anywhere in the base Linux system stack—from device drivers, to Linux, to base system libraries, system infrastructure such as X, GTK+, power management policy, and applications. Proven ability to troubleshoot complex systems required. C and Python programming ability required. Ability to perform in-depth system-level performance analysis and diagnosis a plus. Ability to build system infrastructure components a plus. "

msgid "jobsp12"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to:jobs-software-engineer at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh7"
msgstr "Logistics Manager:"

msgid "jobsp13"
msgstr "Manage OLPC logistics for our laptop, server, alternative power systems and other peripherals.  Job duties include shipping organization, bill of materials optimization, and cost control.  Experience in high volume consumer electronics required as well as global experience with developing world. Frequent travel. Languages: English and Chinese (Mandarin), others desirable.  This job is based either at OLPC Headquarters in Cambridge Massachusetts or Taipei or Quanta Manufacturing in Changsu, China."

msgid "jobsp14"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to: jobs-logistics at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh8"
msgstr "Administrative Assistant"

msgid "jobsp15"
msgstr "One Laptop Per Child Association (OLPC) Non-Profit Association<br/>Cambridge, MA – Kendall Square<br/><br/>Be part of the team that delivers the XO laptop to every child on earth! Serve as general administrative support for team members, including travel and meeting coordination, expense reporting, purchasing, and accounting and sourcing. Coordinate meeting calendars and arrangements for OLPC in general.<br/><br/>Requirements:<br/>•    Excellent organization skills<br/>•    Excellent communication skills<br/>•    Ability to troubleshoot and work on deadline"

msgid "jobsp16"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to: jobs-administrative at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh9"
msgstr "QA Engineer:"

msgid "jobsp17"
msgstr "OLPC is looking for a QA Engineer to create and execute test plans and report on the quality of our products including laptops, servers, and wireless devices. This person would work closely with the development and test community both inside and outside of OLPC to help identify, document and recreate bugs. This job requires a methodical approach to planning, testing and reporting, so we are looking for someone with an excellent skills in organization, attention to detail and communications.<br/><br/>The job function includes:<br/>•    Create test strategy and test plans for end to end laptop-server systems<br/>•    Help specify and maintain a test case management system<br/>•    Contribute to the bug tracking system, both individual bugs and system improvements<br/>•    Provide regular reporting on test cases, bugs and system improvements<br/>•    Work with Support Engineer and third parties to ensure their bugs are represented and covered in test cases<br/>•    Work with the triage team to represent the priority and severity of bugs<br/><br/>Skills required:<br/>•    Excellent organizational skills<br/>•    Strong written and oral communications<br/>•    Strong attention to detail and follow through<br/>•    5 or more years experience in software QA, both manual and automated testing<br/>•    Good hands-on knowledge of Linux<br/>•    Software development or scripting experience<br/>•    Experience with open source development environments is helpful"

msgid "jobsp18"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to: jobs-QA at laptop.org"