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Sometimes to get started, you need a little inspiration. We're looking for good ideas for the participants in the first-ever Summer of Content - they have 6 weeks to complete a project that creates or facilitates open content. Browse our current organizations, mentors, and interns lists to see who's participating and add your own ideas. This page is for internship applicants, mentor applicants and other people and organizations to post their project proposals. Please comment and give feedback on the proposals listed below and the brainstorms on the talk page.

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To contribute a rough brainstorm or a project idea, see the Summer of Content projects talk page. To formally propose a project (anyone can do this), type the name of your project in the box next to the "Propose a project" button, then click it: <inputbox> type=create buttonlabel=Propose a project bgcolor=#fffcf9 preload=Template:Summer of Content project proposal break=no </inputbox>

Current projects

For a list of current projects, see Category:Summer of Content proposals. Feel free to expand upon and edit the ideas in each proposal, or to contact any of the interested mentors, interns, or other people with your ideas. Start a discussion! Every application is under development by anyone who want to pitch in.

Example project proposals

Here are a few examples of well-written, fleshed-in project proposals: (lists of use cases that should be covered by a project)(nice detail)(see Karen's individual proposal)

Flags for projects

Feel free to use these categories to search through or tag your projects (or make your own categories - just be sure to include the categories in Category:Summer of Content categories). Here are a few for starters.