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  This page is part of the OLPC Health Project. Hardware | Software | Content | Health Jam
XO Caudecus

If you're interested in Health-related projects, add your name (link to contact info if possible) to this list and note your interests so other people can contact you and find out what you're doing.



  • Erica Frank - health selection - working with her team at HSO to curate links from a variety of sites. Also working to get laptops [OLPC and other] into clinics and their staff. efrank | at | emory dot edu
  • Anna - contributions from students and faculty at various colleges; postering; Hesperian contact
  • Arjun Sarwal - health projects and peripherals; measure
  • Josh Hehner - Director of Community Medicine Programs, Para el Mundo (PaM)
  • Mika - helping the health content project
  • Adesina Iluyemi- OLPC for Community Health Workers in Developing Countries (Africa)

Designated Advisers

OLPC has designated Health advisers to help the Health Project.

Creation and Curation

  • Beth Yakes
  • Pascal Scheffers
  • Maja Kuilman
  • Adam Holt
  • Prabhas Pokharel
  • Gomes Aurelio
  • Ed Montgomery - Health science teacher - (some French/Japanese ability) - feel free to contact for assistance with "OLPC" in the subject line*
  • Maxim
  • Chris Leonard, PhD - Developing ideas for animal health content.
  • Nand Wadhwani
  • Ian Daniher
  • Rafael Ortiz
  • Codyl?
  • Dr. Ram Dhurjaty (indirectly)
  • Steven Burns
  • Zdenek Broz
  • The XTerm Medical Dictionary Contributors
    • A. S. Ivan, M.D.
    • Christoph Champ, MSc
    • Y.A. Hamed M.D.
    • Madalina Marin, D.D.S
    • Sam Vaknin
  • Paola Lira, MSc Agriculture, Eng Food Science and Vilma Coronado, Lic. Nutriologist.
    • from Nutri Pro Salud (NGO) - Peru
    • Public Health, Alimentary Security, HIV/AIDS/Tuberculosis, Third Grade Desnutrition
    • English, French, Spanish and Peruvian Native Languages (Quechua, Aymara)
    • contact at
  • Mel Chua - USB peripheral development (electrical engineer)
  • Seth Woodworth - HealthJam organizer, content formatting
  • Chris Paton - Health Informatics Lecturer in New Zealand
  • paulswartz - software developer and EMT


Individual Name Background Project Name Contact Additional Information
You name Your background The projects you're involved in, if you already have Your contact information anything else you want to say
Niels Olson New Orleans med student graduating in 2009, learning python, US Navy officer 1998-2005, returning to active duty as a doc in 2009, BS Physics 1998 prototyped a simple electronic stethoscope, testing an XO with real kids :-) Niels Is there a listserv for this group?
Yes, Cjl 15:06, 10 May 2008 (EDT) got it, thanks! Niels 15:32, 10 May 2008 (EDT)
Jennifer DeBoer Mechanical Engineering (SB), Foreign Language (SB), International Education Policy (current doctoral student) Working on designing a health education intervention (HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases/hygiene) to put on the laptops and conduct a randomized field test of its effectiveness in Mozambique.
Mika Mph student Health Content, Coordination of the project
Frederick Grose Industrial Hygienist, Ergonomics Associate Safe use of the XO and peripherals
OLPC Rochester, NY
FGrose Consider ways to foster an environment that is secure, safe, & healthy for all in the broadest sense.
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