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What is needed

The current (back in 2007!) workflow, described in Sugar i18n is only good for things kept both in AND (listed under «OLPC :: xyzzy». The dynamics of the workflow are sub-optimal, which wouldn't be too problematic if it wasn't for the problem that there are quite a few activities hosted elsewhere...

This must change.

We need to know

  1. i18n
    1. split between activities that have done their i18n homework from those that haven't
    2. have access to some sort of 'master index of POTs'
  2. l10n - determine for each POT
    1. available POs
    2. status of each PO (how far it has been l10n-ized)

Having the list of all POTs, we should have an idea of the different workflows and how to coordinate with the development teams how to interface them. IOW, for things in we have the Sugar i18n; what about other development teams/sites?

Currently available

Currently I'm thinking about how to get the list of all things l10n-izables...

general sources

Dealing only with OLPC core activities (and Fedora) is just part of the 'sources'. A sample:

Site Root Comments
Translate Fedora Project Release OLPC The place where core or base activites keep it (ie: Write, Chat, Sugar, etc)
Translations Launchpad Etoys The POTs & POs for Etoys trunk/PO News Reader tree Turtle Art tree Reversi trunk Ecomundo

Possible solution

All those things together give the following possible solution:

For example there's {{OBX pot}} which can be used / reshaped.


  • PROs
    • the foo/POs can be transcluded into one big 'index' (ie: Translated pages) for fast evaluation of status
    • specific categories could be added in the foo/POs denoting available languages (thus all activities can be monitored by language)
      • for example besides stating in foo/POs links to each PO (ie: [link to chinese po|zh]) the following could be added (enclosed in <noinclude>):
        • [[Category:PO lang-xx]] — denoting that there's a PO in said 'xx' language
        • [[Category:PO lang-xx|status]] — status could be "new", "finished", "working", etc. or even "wanted" if the PO is not available (then the POs would be 'grouped' in the category page by status, or we could develop other (sub-)categories for different views - this would probably deserve some sort of template to guarantee a homogeneous and consistent classification scheme.
  • CONs
    • more subpages :(
    • the translating framework (much similar to this) has proven to be a bit messy
    • the workflow is not addressed!
      • although each language team could develop their own, it wouldn't make sense to have 5 translator teams each with a different workflow because then the developers would just go bananas...
      • on the other hand, it wouldn't make much sense either to have 1 translator team deal with 5 different workflows on a per activity base...

via subpages

Activity Repository POT POs
Write 1 write.master.pot +/- ar | es | fr | el | pt_BR

Comments for this layout? Actually the {{/PO-write.master}} could actually be {{:Write/POs}}, iow, a sub-page of the activity page (which would make it easy to create a template for each row).

manual in-line links

Component Repository POT .es.po Comments
Chat Chat.master.pot has a pending update #3257
Connect Connect.master.pot
Drawing Activity 2 paint.master.pot


has a pending update #3257
Etoys 4 EToys.master.pot WARNING: This is just KedamaWorld (a small part of Etoys)

has a pending update #3257 LOTS OF -POTs- LOTS OF -POs- Wasn't able to find a 'per language' list of all POTs/POs
Journal 0 journal-activity.master.pot
Sugar 0 olpc-sugar.master.pot
TamTam 3 TamTam.master.pot has a pending update #3305
Web Browser 6 web-activity.master.pot
Write 1 write.master.pot
Read xbook.master.pot has a pending update #3257
Turtle Art 5

dropping wiki-tables

Component Repository POT POs
Chat Chat.master.pot User:Xavi/Spanish POs/PO-Chat.master

Connect Connect.master.pot User:Xavi/Spanish POs/PO-Connect.master

Drawing Activity 2 paint.master.pot


User:Xavi/Spanish POs/PO-paint.master
Etoys 4 EToys.master.pot User:Xavi/Spanish POs/PO-EToys.master LOTS OF -POTs- LOTS OF -POs-
Journal 0 journal-activity.master.pot User:Xavi/Spanish POs/PO-journal-activity

Sugar 0 olpc-sugar.master.pot Template:PO/olpc-sugar.master

TamTam 3 TamTam.master.pot
Web Browser 6 web-activity.master.pot User:Xavi/Spanish POs/PO-web-activity.master

Read xbook.master.pot User:Xavi/Spanish POs/PO-xbook.master

Turtle Art 5

Incompatible with the use of '|' as PO delimeter...

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