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Misc. questions

Jabber Servers

It is so suprising that there aren't many jabber servers or mayabe I am an Idiot. Does ANYONE know where a New York jabber server is?

Computers to children in Igbo speaking area of Nigeria

We come from an Igbo speaking area of Nigeria (Delta State). We noticed that parts of your page have been translated to Igbo, so are hopeful that you are also planning on distibuting computers to areas there. How can we find out where? Since we also know a school principal there, can we help get something implemented in a particular school?

XO arrived Monday (4Feb08). I'm fighting the wireless access also. Sonicwall TZ170, running NAT to fixed IP addresses inside my network. I've turned off all access restrictions I can think of, added the MAC address to the OK list. At first, the XO saw my SSID, but tried to connect as a mesh. The firewall will recognized the poll, now even authenticate, associate, deauthenticate, authenticate, associate and show the MAC as linked. I've tried two of the suggestions for setting up fixed IP addresses, but neither seems to be doing that. In fact, the ifconfig listing shows no IP address for either eth0 or msh0 now. And my ssid does not show in the neighborhood after trying these patches. Given that one contributor said he was unable to upgrade after the patch, the first thing I did was upgrade to 656, using a USB drive. Then I tried connecting. The firewall would always deauthenticate soon after associating. Then I tried the patches to rc.local. I could not edit resolv.conf -- it said it was set by NetworkManager and was not to be edited. The two boxes are obviously talking to each other, but there's no IP link through them. How do I really go about setting a static IP address in the XO? Ken K

B2 images

Hello there I am preparing kind of user manual for B2 Write Activity and would like to get some screen shots. But all I could find in the pre-converted images are those of B4. How shall I proceed?

Thank you

I don't recall there being a screencapture facility in 406 Builds, so you'll either have to:
  1. run the earlier version of Write on a rcent build on a B4 and do screencaptures by using the Alt-1 command (this assumes the old version will run properly on the newer builds);
  2. run in an emulator on a machine that has screencapture; or
  3. use a camera

Thanks I have done it with a camera

Language Changes for foreign country!

Dear sirs, Can this computer be programed for Traditional Chinese by your technicians, before shipment? And If not is it possible for me to do that here, upon its arrival before I send it to China?

Please Advise, Carmelo M. Terrasi


How does the hindi script work?

Can I type Japanese on the keyboard?

Can I type Japanese on the keyboard?

According to this page and this page, yes, you can — although setting it up takes a little work. —Joe 00:04, 14 December 2007 (EST)

Where can I get that OLPC 3D model?

I noticed some of your marketing graphics have a 3D animation of the laptop. If that model is available somewhere, I'd love to play with it in Blender 3D perhaps.

I don't believe that the animations on were generated from a 3D model. But there are some 3D models kicking around. Perhaps ask Todd Kelsey--he had generated some animations that he has posted on Youtube and in Myspace.

How can a kid possibly learn anything from these laptops without trained teachers?

Great question! Why not let Rufus provide the answer for you.

While on the Internet

I have been giving a go at Linux just to get the feel. It's OK. When the OLPC is on it's Internet connection and no one ever asked you this before and not a word in HTTP land. How is the cookie , registry system with in the the laptop going to be processed?

You now have different users which is great who will not be as you have only given the laptops to those who are in a type of learning developer group who have a lot better then average knowledge of how computers work.

As most seemed to be going to school for this. Over 50,000 laptops (OLPC) will be going in to first world worlds and homes ..

With out each unit having a cookie register and the refusal by the OLPC Wiki Community to accept that the resume bug is like a crank that relieves this short coming because you keep talking about it. You said your self the WiFi LAN (its not LAN either but... OK) picks up things Some of the same information you got last year that this was a fact to watch out for.

  • Quote

SEE: Suspend/resume and power management on this... page[1]

Could the first world homes destroy the laptops or blow them out on a mass sacle by accident or on purpose? This would be based on connectivity that you said make this happen *SEE Quote and your refusal to leave the resume power issue alone: As the OLPC laptops own fact that it lives just like all other computer. Answer about cookies and connectivity over load based on poor homes with not as much electric stuff and first world homes and communities with a lot of stuff

( Folks don't worry either because it's just a question)

You answered the above question either you do not know or yes because you said you did not understand what was asked cool!

New questions:

1.4.08 OK First I only did what others did by not loging on, why did you ASK ME?

Qustions in Bold: Wild Fires is a world wide problem Like Greece and CA, USA.

If laptops were in a fire and also statements made prior about the saftey of some nations history.

Example . 1-4-07 Kenya the calmest nation in Africa as staed in the News. If several schools had laptops and they were burned down based on the noted quote above would this have an effect on other units? Why? Please get technical as to why. Kenya is not a OLPC Nation at this time but it has been said to be the most stable, this makes the risk resonable to ask. POSTED BY OSOLPC

Could you please rephrase your question? It was very hard to follow. Please also create an account on the Wiki and sign your contribution ... this would make it easier for others to answer, and would let you enjoy an ongoing discussion ... as it is we have no idea if you have already written about these things elsewhere in the Wiki. Also, when you refer to someone's specific refusal, please quote the words and who wrote them. Cookies are handled by the Browse activity. Suspend, resume, and power management, are ongoing development activities, and ship.2-650 is what should be received, so your reference to the ship.1 release notes may be obsolete. --Quozl 19:41, 8 December

1.4.07 Quoz1 is that stated in the notes that they are obsolete? Yes or no answer please. If No please update the notes.

You said have a discussion correct?

Does the OLPC program have a resume issue of any type that is on going as many entries( I did not want to leave any one out!)state this and as you said some entries on this wiki are obsolete? A Suggestion> Let that resume issue rest for a little while. Posted by OSOLPC

Uncategorized questions about OLPC

RSS / OLPC News Feed?

Would it be possible to give LAPTOP NEWS RSS feed capability? I use a NewsGator RSS reader, and I like it very much. It saves me a lot of time, and the releases in each feed are always the most current when I log on. I try to check my feeds at least every 2 or 3 days. Thanks! Is there now or are there any plans to make OLPC news available as an RSS feed? I would very much like to provide my site's readers with up-to-date news on OLPC's progress. Best regards! MT

PenguinTV is one of the activities already running on the laptop; you can run an emulator and download the latest image of the OLPC environment to try it out for yourself. Sj talk
Check out, an unaffiliated site with frequently updated OLPC news and opinion. You could search in Google News for OLPC and capture and copy the resulting RSS feed to your aggregator of choice. Another site is Finally, you can also read planet OLPC, an aggregator of selected developer-oriented OPLC blogs.

Will Limited Storage Impact Feeling Of Ownership?

I have been impressed by Seymor Papert's idea that the relationship that users have with their personal computers makes them more powerful. I also note that the storage limitations of the OLPC mean that some portion of the materials of an individual student are likely to be stored on the server. What I am curious about is how this will impact the student's sense of ownership and whether the software will be designed to mitigate this limitation by blurring the distinction of local/remote storage. I imagine that this might be done by something simple like establishing a virtual volume that contains the local and remote materials. Of course it may well be that this isn't an issue at all.

The objective is to have the 'server' space transparently integrated into the 'user' space, so that accessing a resource (ie: a file) stored in the server will be transparent. For more info, you can read OLPC Human Interface Guidelines#Automatic Backup and Restore or OLPC Human Interface Guidelines#The Laptop Experience for a broader view. --Xavi 22:46, 31 May 2007 (EDT)
My first 386 had an 80 MB HD. That was plenty for me to write Basic programs, draw scribbles in Kid Pix, and feel like I owned the machine. I wouldn't worry about space vs. ownership. Ben 01:36, 31 October 2007 (EDT)
I haven't read Papert, but as a Mac user, I can tell you that I'm well aware how much I have fetishized and bonded with my machine. =) Anyway, there are two modalities to this: hardware and software. If allowed, a kid might "customize" her or his laptop case with decorations of some sort. If allowed, they might also upgrade or customize the hardware, if they were so inclined. Obviously this could lead to problems, but what is allowable will probably be determined at the local level. In terms of software, it is much the same, but much more fluid. Kids will want to control the decoration and functionality of their computers, but these settings can be easily stored on the server if more than one child is using a laptop. It's not just the access to files that is important, but the ability to create and save personal configurations. -- 13:27, 12 November 2007 (EST)

Game Jam

Can Game Jam games be accessed through FireFox in a format that people can can try it or see an in action demo of the games themes? If not as many programs can be presented for view in different system formats do you think because of the Google link that the program is not being relistic in the real world of internet? In some ways the clanist social pratices of many people and nations is a mid level part of their problem. By following this type of only if you.... belong to the group ,have this kind of system, have a laptop ect... may not be progressive. WHAT DO YOU THINK? jULY 7,2007

ayudenos a ayudar

Distinguidos Señores de

Mi nombre es Patricio Sharup, vivo en el canton taisha, provincia de morona santiago, amazonia, pais-ecuador. Mi pregunta es, como dar inicio a una apertura de dialogo con esta empresa para ver las posibilidades de cooperacion por parte de

Saludos cordiales... PATRICIO SHARUP

Posiblemente quieres ir a OLPC_Spanish_America, o a #olpc-es por IRC en Ben 01:12, 31 October 2007 (EDT)

Donating the income of free ad space

I would like to use some free space on my site to place ads. I want to let the income of these ads be donated to the OLPC project. Is there a possibility for me to ensure that the advertisers paid for their ads by donating to your project, without transferring the money to my account first?

Thank you for your interest in donating to OLPC. We recommend that you transfer the money through your account. First, it will allow you to ensure proper credit for a possible charitable donation (please make any donations payable to the OLPC Foundation). Second, tracking and confirm third party payments would introduce an overhead that our small, already multi-tasking team can not take on.

One Laptop in America

It would be nice if we could concern ourselves with providing children in America before we worry about everyone else. My wife is a teacher and cannot even get a single computer in her classroom much less a laptop for every child. Why can't we fix this problem first. I saw the report on Dateline (I think that was the show), and the question was asked if we can purchase them for Americans, and the response was we have to buy two. One for us, and one for someone in another country. Are you kidding me?

OLPC is an international project, not an American project. It so happens that many of the developers are US citizens, but many are not. In all cases, OLPC's philosophy is to deal with Departments of Education. If you would like to see OLPC deployed in your state, you must lobby your Department of Education. If your state wishes to order enough laptops for all entering school children, OLPC will almost certainly be happy to help. Ben 01:08, 31 October 2007 (EDT)

Alex - russian (e-mail removed)

’§¥’§à’§Ò’§â’§í’§Û ’§Õ’§Ö’§ß’§î. ’§¬’§Ñ’§Ü ’§Þ’§à’§Ø’§ß’§à ’§á’§â’§Ú’§à’§Ò’§â’§Ö’§ã’§ä’§Ú ’§Ó’§Ñ’§ê ’§Ü’§à’§Þ’§á’§î’§ð’§ä’§Ö’§â ’§Ó’§ß’§Ö ’§á’§â’§Ñ’§Ó’§Ú’§ä’§Ö’§Ý’§î’§ã’§ä’§Ó’§ß’§Ö’§ß’§ß’§à’§Û ’§á’§â’§à’§Ô’§â’§Ñ’§Þ’§Þ’§í? ’§°’§é’§Ö’§ß’§î ’§ß’§å’§Ø’§ß’§à.

’§¥’§à ’§ã’§Ú’§ç ’§á’§à’§â ’§Ö’§ã’§ä’§î ’§à’§Õ’§ß’§Ñ ’§Ó’§à’§Ù’§Þ’§à’§Ø’§ß’§à’§ã’§ä’§î ’§á’§à’§Ý’§å’§é’§Ú’§ä’§î ’§ï’§ä’§à’§ä ’§Ü’§à’§Þ’§á’§å’§ä’§Ö’§â ’§Ó’§ß’§Ö ’§á’§â’§Ñ’§Ó’§Ú’§ä’§Ö’§Ý’§î’§ã’§ä’§Ó’§Ö’§ß’§à’§Û ’§á’§â’§à’§Ô’§â’§Ñ’§Þ’§Þ’§í, ’§á’§à’§Ü’§å’§á’§Ú’§ä’§î ’§Ó ’§³’§º’§¡. [2] ’§¬’§à’§ß’§Ö’§é’§ß’§à, ’§Ó’§Ñ’§Þ ’§ß’§å’§Ø’§Ö’§ß ’§á’§à’§Þ’§à’§ê’§ß’§Ú’§Ü ’§Ó ’§³’§º’§¡ ’§Ú ’§Õ’§Ö’§ß’§î’§Ô’§Ú ’§é’§ä’§à’§Ò’§í ’§ä’§Ñ’§Ü ’§Õ’§Ö’§Ý’§Ñ’§ä’§î.
Up to now there is only one way to get this computer outside of government programs, buy it in the USA. Of course, you need a helper in the USA and money in order to do this.
Note: this query seems to come from Ukraine, not Russia, judging by the email address.


WHY don't you just buy pens, paper and textbooks? In Calgary kids get along really well without laptops!

First of all, it is not clear that the economics of printing and distributing textbooks is favorable relative to distributing laptops. Second, there are many more things you can do with a laptop than you can with just pen and paper: explore, express, compute, communicate etc. Third, I would guess that most children in Calgary have some access to libraries, computers, cell phones, newspaper, television, radio, etc. and teachers! This is not the case for most children in the developing world, for whom we have designed the laptop.

Usability testing

Can anyone tell me if, how, and when usability tests will be (have been, are bring) conducted for the OLPC project? Keith Karn

I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but there have been a number of field trials of the XOs, the feedback from which are used to improve the hardware and software. And feedback is solicited at various showings of the device, such as at the Boston Game Jam. I'm not sure if there is any formal usability testing in place, though. —Joe 00:27, 26 October 2007 (EDT)

Digital Radio Mondiale

I am interested in making a cheap DRM using avalable AM/FM radio and use it with line in of PC. Can anyone help me regarding the Hardware and Software of the DRM.

If your device only uses the line-in, there will be a standard activity that can record from that port and play it back, like the Record activity. If the device needs an additional communication route (for example to specify tuning or encode/decode radio signals on the CPU), the best route may be through one of the laptop's standard USB connections. There may be more information available via the Peripherals page; the Hardware and Software pages may also have the basic information that you're looking for. —Joe 00:53, 26 October 2007 (EDT)

Why pay $150 for what is a 10-year-old machine?

I actually picked this question up from a blog comment that I saw, because I think it nicely sums up a widespread view which is also an ill-informed view that undervalues the leading edge technology in this laptop.

There's no need to spend time considering the pro's and con's of selling this computer to the general public. It won't be offered up for sale. Why? For EXACTLY the same reasons they are not being peddled to developed nations: buyers will ask legtimate questions BEFORE buying and then the truth about these computers and their great limitations will be exposed. Why would anyone pay $150 for what is essentially a re-packaged 10-year old machine? (in terms of computer power/storage/software).

If you only restrict your analysis to computer power, storage capacity and bundled software, then you might be right although I do think that you undervalue the bundled mesh networking software. But the real point is that the OLPC has conciously accepted constraints in computer power, storage capacity and bundled software in order to be innovative in other areas. The XO laptop leverages current interface technology far more than any other PC. Nowadays it is common for WiFi interfaces to be built around their own CPU but only the OLPC leverages this so that the main computer can be powered down while the satellite CPU continues to transmit/recieve data. Only the OLPC has the innovative dual-mode LCD technology that allows normal use, as well as a special low-power black and white mode for ebook reading. This is one of very few modern laptops that have no moving parts and therefore are likely to last a long time which means they provide better green value for money.

ASUS Eee similarity

I saw a small laptop called the ASUS Eee PC. What is the difference between that and the $100 laptop?

You may want to look at the XO's hardware specs and the ASUS Eee's specs. As I see it, the main difference is that the XO is designed to be deployed as part of an educational program, especially in areas without a lot of technological infrastructure, while the Eee is designed to be used as a conventional ultra-portable laptop. So the XO has a spill- and dust-proof rugged case, a long battery life, mesh networking, a sunlight-readable display, and a tablet mode, while the Eee has a faster processor, more storage, a VGA port, an expansion slot, a more versatile card reader, maybe more memory, and a keyboard that may be more comfortable for an adult to type on. The Eee appears to be more expensive, but much of that may be overhead related to sales, advertising, and support; it's not clear how much it actually costs to make. They both ship with a Linux variant and other open-source software, although the Eee apparently includes other software, like Skype and Windows Media codecs. As the Wikipedia article says, the two laptops aren't really intended to compete with each other. —Joe 13:44, 3 November 2007 (EDT)
Having compared the 2 in person, the Asus eee PC has a much higher power consumption than the OLPC. If future upgrades carry through with the promise of instituting yet more power management, then the difference will become pretty dramatic. 10:50, 23 January 2008 (EST)

Age range

What is the age range you are targeting ?

According to the Our Market page, it is ages 6 to 16 years. —Joe 15:53, 4 November 2007 (EST)

German localization

Exist a german software version of the OLPC? I like to get some for our clas here helping at same time with OLPSŽs for Peru. Norbert

In Which Stores?

Where or in which stores will the XO be sold?

See the Ask OLPC a Question about Distribution page. —Joe 15:47, 4 November 2007 (EST)
I've heard of no firm plans by any stores to sell the XO laptops. It would be neat though. Interested stores could contact OLPC ... but be serious with quantities, and don't expect OLPC to cover risk like other manufacturers do. --Quozl 06:53, 27 November 2007 (EST)

Who Are The New Nations For the OLPC Orders of 2009

OLPC as stated Not for Profit.

Why would intrested stores contact you as the G1G1 program was limted.

Firm plans of stores do not fit in to Not for Profit plans and tax exemtions> The full information was given on this page to find out about OLPC's Status as a Not For Profit.

Now Question who are the new nations showing interest for 2009? Posted By OSOLPC who took a lot of time to ask this!

Computer Usage

Do you have concrete stats on the level of computer access/usage around the globe? By country?

Drinking Water and Healthcare?

Why is giving a laptop to a child so important when issues such as safe drinking water and healthcare remain problems in so much of the world?

This is answered on the OLPC Myths page. —Joe 09:37, 6 November 2007 (EST)
May I (being simply a person at home on the computer and just learning about the project) point out that though it's beautiful to notice water and health problems, the fact is, we know about them, and you and I aren't doing anything about them, either. So ... at least OLPC is trying. I quote an old friend, "Well, you don't like how I'm doing it. Then, how are YOU doing it?" The assumed response is, "In all honesty, I'm not." to which the old friend replies, "Well I like the way I'm doing it a lot better than the way you're not doing it." -- Anonymous

Augmentative communication for special needs children

Please address how these laptop computers might help special needs children with their communication. Our daughter has had various augmentative communication devices but enjoys and seems to prefer using the computer. Her communication devices have voice output; are accessed using a dynamic touch screen and have word prediction capabilities. Her new device called the Chat PC is housed in a hand held Dell computer. The touch screen keyboard is so tiny that she has to use a stylus to type in the letters. It can be frustrating to use because of its size. Wouldn't your lap top computer be easier to use because the keyboard and screen are seperate? How much does it weigh? If it is easier to use it might be an even more powerful tool for communication than a hand held device. We would like to purchase one if possible but we need more information.

If possible I hope that your company will address the very important issues that these children face as they struggle to be understood. Molly Dobrowski

Judging from the Accessibility page, the OLPC plans to address a number of possible impairments, but, judging from activity on the mailing lists, some necessary details are still being decided. At the least, it sounds like some form of speech synthesis will be available on the production machines. It's not clear whether a trackpad would be easier to use than a touch-sensitive screen; one disabled user on the Talk:Accessibility page found the XO's trackpad difficult to use. (However, according to this page, a future version of the laptop may have a touch-sensitive screen.) The size and weight of the laptop is given on the Hardware page. —Joe 16:42, 7 November 2007 (EST)

About Jobs in OLPC


I am interested in localization career. The career page says that I need to send my cover letter and CV. But I want further job description and have some questions. Can you please give me the HR department E-mail address. Thanks.


Impact on school culture

Hello, What's been the impact on school culture or environment: have teachers' perceptions changed concerning their environment since using OLPC; how are principals measuring the level of learning; do you have designated individuals contacting you regularly with progress data?

While perhaps someone else knows more about impact and ongoing feedback, there are a number of initial reports from pilot sites available in the Pilot Site section. —Joe 22:05, 7 November 2007 (EST)

What age group in the United States is this XO laptop appriate for? Can an adult keep a journal"

How much memory do these computers have? Can you create files to email and to access on this computer? Can you access the internet like any other lap top?

What age group in the United States, is this appropriate for?

Can a child in USA interact and communicate to a group of kids in a different country?

Can you download different software packages.

Basically haw is this similar to a regular lap top, because the demo makes it look completely different, unless the demo was just illustrating the educational teaching feature.

I definitly support these lap top for the kids in other countries, but I am trying to figure out how I can ustilize the Get One Give One program, and if this laptop would be something I could use, as a writer, and my 12 year old would benefit from.

Thank you

According to the Our market page the laptop is being designed for ages 6-16. Others can of course use it, but note that the keyboard is designed for small hands, so it may be uncomfortable for an adult to use for long periods. According to the Hardware page, the laptop has 256Mb of RAM and 1Gb of flash storage. There is currently no built-in e-mail client (although there may be in the future), but webmail (like Google mail) can be used. The laptop can use standard 802.11b wireless networking and it comes with a web browser based on Firefox, so it can access the internet in a manner similar to other laptops. To my knowledge, there is no system expressly set up to allow XO owners in different countries to communicate with each other, but there are existing pen pal services on the internet that could be used. There is additional software that can be downloaded and installed on the laptops—and in fact the laptops are designed to allow the children themselves to write software if they want—but note that most existing software (e.g. Windows programs) will not run on the laptops. The user interface to the laptops is quite different from traditional laptops in the hope that it will be easier for children to use.—Joe 14:30, 8 November 2007 (EST)
Update: EPals—an established online pen-pal service—is now apparently working on a pen-pal activity for the XO. —Joe 14:05, 19 November 2007 (EST)

Computer Friendly?

How user friendly are these computers? If I purchase one and donate one, do I have to add programs and download software? Do I have to add this computer to my current wireless program?What if you know nothing about computers, is this a good computer to learn on?

For the provided school-age kid activities, they are extremely user friendly. This includes web browsing. For other stuff, such as business use, they are more complicated and will likely require use of the command prompt. This is a good computer for learning if you really wish to understand how computers work.

what can I do with it?

Will it do secure online shopping? Will it work with YouTube?

Yes. No, unless you add extra software.

What extra software do you need to add in order to get you tube to work on the XO? I would really like for my daughter to be able to create videos and then share them with our family via youtube.

Is there a way to get wiki to email me an answer to this question has been submitted? I am putting questions on lots of different pages as we just got our XO and we are actively trying to figure out everything it has to offer. Thank You Let Love Flow Listen

disk space?

how much disk space is on the OLPC?

According to the Hardware page, the XO has 256Mb of RAM and 1Gb of flash disk space. —Joe 15:27, 12 November 2007 (EST)
In addition, one can add external or portable storage via the three USB sockets or the wireless network. We frequently use this feature during development and testing, so we know it works, but the software we supply is intended for simple use by children, not complex use by adults. The software can be changed. 1Gb of flash disk space may not be sufficient for your application, but we believe it is a reasonable tradeoff between cost and utility for our deployment. --Quozl 04:36, 13 November 2007 (EST)

Too many computers? (An idealistic, down the road question)

I am very interested in seeing 4 billion or some other large number of these laptops making it out in the developing countries. I see each child that has one of these machines as being a tiny piece of proof that this world is really one world. With a potential huge number of these out there, all connected to flickr, sharing their pictures, and blogging about their education, their region, how they care for their goat . . . I see it being almost impossible to conceive of this world in the singular country view.

So, in the event that this happens, I can easily see there being too many people to have flickr still allowing free accounts, or allowing as many free photos to be shared and things of the like. I know this is in the realm of fantasy at this point, but I'm wondering if we will end up with countries and regions being blocked from service and being relegated to a lower/lesser internet.

If a school is delivered too many crayons, they would send some back, or find new ways to use them. If a society is given too many telephones, they begin to find new ways to use them too ... for even more trivial calls, or telesales. So yes, expect an increase in photo sharing. As for what flickr and others will do, it is best to ask them. I'm sure they can think up regional focus services. --Quozl 19:10, 18 November 2007 (EST)

How to keep the laptops in the hands of the children?

How will OLPC ensure that children, and especially little girls, are not pressured to give away their laptops to fathers, uncles, and others who might sell them or use them for business or other purposes besides educating children?

I'm not sure if there is a plan to specifically address this situation, but some countries have requested a general anti-theft system where the laptop stops working if it goes for a length of time without receiving a signal from the local school. You can read more about it in the Bitfrost specification. —Joe 19:22, 12 November 2007 (EST)

What can be done to keep the laptops with the children?

In the third world, donations can become the local currency. Theft is more common. No one even has a car radio. In the third world, a laptop computer has a high value. What can be done to prevent the laptops from being stolen from the children and being used as black market currency or business computers?

See the grey market section of the Our market page as well as the Bitfrost page. —Joe 19:44, 12 November 2007 (EST)

Personal Uses

would the XO laptop be a good note taking device for let's say, college courses?

Maybe, maybe not. One advantage is that it is silent; it has no fan, and the keyboard may be quieter than a traditional laptop keyboard. One disadvantage is that the keyboard is built for small hands; it may be difficult for an adult to use, let alone touch-type. Keyboard size aside, if you just need to enter text, you should be fine with the software with which the laptop ships, but if you are expecting to be able to take handwritten notes, formulas, and diagrams, you may be better off with a more traditional tablet PC; the XO does have a stylus-capable surface, but I'm not sure there are activities that use it yet. The XO can record audio, although the amount it is limited by storage capacity (and that goes double for video). —Joe 21:23, 12 November 2007 (EST)
Yes, it was a good alternative to pen-and-paper note taking. ▪ NeoAmsterdamTalkEdits 15:41, 25 June 2008 (UTC)

Module PIL and search beta-tester


I am in the process of developing a didactic program for recognition of images for olpc . this is my diploma work. This activity's name is Ghost because an image is hidden by a ghost.

1)In my code i'm using the PIL module to resize and save images and I would like to know if this module is already default installed with python 2.5

2) I would like to find a beta-tester to test my application on a real machine to see what I need to change so that it runs on OLPC.

Thank you for your responses.


I don't think PIL is installed by default, but you can include it with your activity, although this will increase the file size a bit. Alternatively, you could do your image manipulations with the built-in gtk/cairo Python libraries. An easy way to test your application without having a real machine is to run your application in an emulated XO image; see the Emulating the XO page. Emulation would also show you exactly what Python libraries are available. If your application already runs in an emulator and you want to see if it runs in a real machine, you can ask on the Sugar mailing list or on IRC, where I'm sure someone would be willing to try it out. Note that the Sugar interface is quite a bit different from traditional windowed interfaces, so your application may require some changes; see the activity tutorial for one example, and see the source repository for others. —Joe 09:46, 14 November 2007 (EST)

speech therapy through your webcam progrm,and other internet services

We provide speech therapy to many non-speaking or emerging english. The children are very low on the economic scale and do not have access to the same computer resources that other children maydo have.

I would like to know how I could offer this to our therapists to use with the children in need and then to enable us to somehow give them to the children who are in desperate need right in this country.

My Company is called InSpeech, Inc.

There are parents who would like to volunteer in some way. I know that you have opportunities to do so and could you provide an opportunity that could be geared to the children at hand. We work in Arizona. The demographics make many parts of it like a third world company. These children need help and resources like what you have corrected.

The webcam would make it possible to help children throughout the world who need to speak english. Our therapists could work with them.

Leslie Londer MS-CCC-SLP CEO/Founder InSpeech, Inc. 1520-885-9567 or cell 520-603-1050

Available to travel to project target countries

Please contact me if you are looking for a talented Instructor Volunteer willing to travel to remote communities where OLPC is targeting insertion.

Will it Work in Morocco?

Have a educationally challenged grandson in Casablanca Morocco. Will this laptop work in Morocco, Northwest Africa?

As a Canadian,Will i get canadian tax deduction and is the one year internet acces is offer in canada as well as in the u.s.?

I 'd be happy to contribute as my Americain friends may do but i would like to meke sure that as a canadian i will get the same "threatment.Alain ,surrey,Brtithish Columbia,Canada.November 14 2007

Answer A Canadian donor may claim charitable tax credits for a gift to a recognized US charity, provided that the charity would have qualified in Canada if it had been a Canadian charitable organization. The charitable credit is limited to the donor's US-source income, and subject to the normal donation ceiling. Any excess credits can be carried forward and used in subsequent taxation years. (Article XXI(6) Canada-US Income Tax Convention). If the Canadian government has made a gift to a US charity, a Canadian donor may, in the same year or the following year, make a contribution to the same charity. The donor is eligible to claim charitable tax credits based on the full amount of the gift. The claim is not limited to US-source income. Since 1991, however, the Government of Canada has not published the names of any foreign charities to which a gift has been made, so while obtaining charitable credits for donations to US charities based on this criteria is still possible, it is likely remote.



does it have a camara

Yes. Hardware specification has more details. The included software can take pictures, record video for a short time, and play both back. The results can be shared. Other activities have been tried, such as time lapse photography. I've done motion detection photography on a birds nest using additional software that isn't in the current build. See MotionDetection --Quozl 22:37, 15 November 2007 (EST)

more clarification for question 11.71 Kabul, Afghanistan

You say that a server comes with bulk orders of computers. I doubt the four computers that I have ordered and will be sendng to a tent school in Kabul qualify as a bulk order. Is it true there will be no server supplied with my order?

Correct. School servers are supplied with the mass deployments only. They are not available separately. It is possible to convert 1 laptop into a low-powered school server for a small school; there is a page somewhere on the wiki which explains how. (currently a rather technical procedure)

The school does not have internet access. Do the laptops have a component that would give them access to wireless internet if it is available somewhere in Kabul? 23:17, 15 November 2007 (EST)

The laptops can be used with a wireless internet service apart from that provided by the school server. --Quozl 22:45, 15 November 2007 (EST)

Someone who answers questions on your phone lines thought that if wireless access were availabe within ten miles of the computer perhaps it could be accessed. Any truth to that or should I assume that there will be no internet access for these computers in this location?

Ten miles does not sound impossible, though it would be unusual without some form of antenna system. Half a mile would be safer. --Quozl 22:45, 15 November 2007 (EST)
It depends on the amount of obstructions and radio noise. Forests and cities are bad. Going over an unpopulated valley is good. Level farmland falls somewhere in between. 23:17, 15 November 2007 (EST)

My teacher friends in Kabul have said there are many other lessons to be taught with the computer and internet is not necessarily important for them. Would you say that is a true assumption?

Yes. I've placed kids in front of these units without internet, and there is a lot to keep them entertained and learning, even without a teacher present. Add a teacher, and even more learning can happen. --Quozl 22:45, 15 November 2007 (EST)

You mentioned Pashtun and Farsi as languages these students may speak, can they get those on the laptop?

It is intended that students and teachers can help translate. Thus, if it doesn't immediately work, it can be fixed. 23:17, 15 November 2007 (EST)

warranty, virus, downloads, support

I have a few questions about the XO that were either not clearly answered or addressed on the site.

I noticed that the warranty is only for 30 days.

1)Is there an extended warranty plan available for purchase on these units?

No. See paragraphs below. --Quozl 21:48, 17 November 2007 (EST)

2)In the event that the computer malfunctions after the 30 days, where can the computer be repaired?

Nowhere at this time. See paragraphs below. --Quozl 21:48, 17 November 2007 (EST)

2)What type of virus, spyware, or other computer protection software is available?

None at this time, since the operating system has been designed to be resistant to such attacks, but third party or open source software may become available later. --Quozl 21:48, 17 November 2007 (EST)

3)Can you download software such as MS Suite, or Norton Anti Virus, or games.

MS Suite, no, but check with the software manufacturer. Norton Anti Virus, no, but check with the software manufacturer. Games, yes, there are games being written and released regularly. The architecture is open, and new game developers are welcomed. --Quozl 21:48, 17 November 2007 (EST)

4)What type of customer support is available?

Fee based service. See paragraph below. --Quozl 21:48, 17 November 2007 (EST)

Thank you

Your questions are quite important, but they show a misunderstanding of what we are trying to achieve. Please read the following paragraph from our terms and conditions. If what we are offering is not for you, don't buy a laptop from us. --Quozl 21:48, 17 November 2007 (EST)
Neither OLPC Foundation nor One Laptop per Child, Inc. has service facilities, a help desk or maintenance personnel in the United States or Canada. Although we believe you will love your XO laptop, you should understand that it is not a commercially available product and, if you want help using it, you will have to seek it from friends, family, and bloggers. One goal of the G1G1 initiative is to create an informal network of XO laptop users in the developed world, who will provide feedback about the utility of the XO laptop as an educational tool for children, participate in the worldwide effort to create open-source educational applications for the XO laptop, and serve as a resource for those in the developing world who seek to optimize the value of the XO laptop as an educational tool. A fee based tech support service will be available to all who desire it. We urge participants in the G1G1 initiative to think of themselves as members of an international educational movement rather than as ’¡Ècustomers.’¡É

Availability of Spare Batteries and Other Accessories

Will G1G1 Participants be able to buy spare batteries? Will we be able to buy any other accessories? How soon? How much will batteries cost?


If we've ordered more than one XO through G1G1, will we be able to use one of the free T-Mobile hotspot credits for a year, then use the other one the year after that? Or does T-Mobile's gift have a cut-off date? (They're welcome to structure it any way they want; I appreciate their support. I'm just curious.)

Some additional info on the T-Mobile offer is available on the T-Mobile website. Note that this link uses a specific promotion code that may not be the one we'll need when really activating the thing. ~ Hexagonal 09:33, 29 November 2007 (EST)

The T-Mobile gift has a cutoff date of June 30, 2008. If you haven't already redeemed your free year of T-Mobile service, you're apparently out of luck now. - tgape 23:53, 12 August 2008 (GMT)

What % of donations go to cover administrative cost?

When I donate $200 what portion gets to the child and what portion goes to cover administrative cost.

The Give One Get One FAQ says "Currently, One Laptop Per Child is able to allocate 95 cents of each dollar raised to acquire and distribute laptop computers for children in need." Presumably the other 5% goes to cover administrative costs. —Joe 11:18, 20 November 2007 (EST)


When countries request computers, what insures that these countries will actually distribute these to their needy children (as opposed to say "special interest groups")?

The majority of the laptops are purchased by the countries themselves with their own money, so it is in their interest to ensure that their investment is not wasted. The impression I get from the Give-One-Get-One FAQ is that any donations will be used to reduce the cost of starting up laptop programs in other countries ("expand the programs, reach, and overall mission of One Laptop Per Child"), not to entirely pay for the cost of laptops in any one country. Another factor that helps the laptops reach children is that they are built for children; they have small keyboards, they have bright toy-like colors, and they don't do many of the things adults expect laptops to do, like play DVDs or run Microsoft Office. —Joe 14:28, 19 November 2007 (EST)

Class project

im doing a class project and what are some of the feachers on the computer???

The Hardware and Software pages have information on the laptop's features. —Joe 14:58, 17 November 2007 (EST)

Is there an adequate criterion for deciding whether Sugar is "user friendly"?

Dear OLPC,

Like everybody else, I am really thrilled to see how far OLPC has come toward having an impact on real children's lives.

Let me pose a question, however. In past generations, "development" was flawed in delivering more technology transfer than it did transparency or usability. My perception is that OLPC needs to dedicate more resources to bringing laptop users an experience that will aid them in making sense of how a laptop actually works, and how one might make use of the device's extensibility.

I am to understand that there are, in essence, the usual "help" scripts built into Sugar -- some that describe the applications, and others that show one how the laptop does what it does. Nevertheless, it has taken me 20 minutes with this Wiki site just to decide that there is little additional information about the help functionality in Sugar, and then to find a place to ask the question, "Where do I find out more about these features?" Right here we have the first and most formidable barrier to any child's quest to learn about computing and electronic devices -- our cypher-like info glut, with no key to unlock its secrets.

It would make a tremendous amount of sense to put as much effort as you have into this Wiki into a parallel effort to design an online "learning community" for the kids who are going to be the device's wireless users. Without it, kids will be confined to thinking about the inner workings of computing technology as though it were just another "magic" technology delivered from afar, that is totally out of reach of their communities.

There are a few counterarguments to this line of questioning that need to be rebutted.

One is that most of the users won't be in range of WiFi anyway, so any proposed online hub for XO / Sugar users would be moot, and wouldn't be worth the investment. The answer is right here, underneath the hood: The XO has wireless. Anyone who is at all curious about XO will look for the opportunity to get on the web and find out more about the device.

The second counterargument is that a curious child has plenty of opportunities to find answers online to her questions. Oh yes? Where, in fact, shall they turn? To THIS Wiki? To the "activities download" page? To magazine articles about Fedora Core 7? None of those materials is likely to be at all informative to the child whose curiosity is piqued by the XO in her hands. In fact, these materials are likely to turn her off to investigating the very questions she's burning to ask -- in the very same way that functional adults in the West have been turned off by the Linux developer scene because of its cryptic terminology (grub grep gimp gnu....) This has become such a familiar litany that most folks in the open source community just tune such criticism out. But give it some thought again, in light of the very different social and technological goals that OLPC has: This entire endeavor is geared not toward bringing a useful "tool" to the "user" in a generic sense, but toward educating kids of all ages, all around the world, who all share the same burden of dealing with poverty and scarcity in their communities.

In rolling out a new generation of their OSes, both Apple and MS take enormous pains -- far more than the open source community does -- to actually informing the public about how they can get the most out of their OS. PR of this sort boosts profits in unacceptable ways, but along the way will also generate an intuitive understanding of an OS's functionality -- that a black box alone will not.

In the case of the XO, what is needed above all is an equivalent commitment to "open source for kids." If this simple point makes sense, then the investment MIT and OLPC need to make should be instantly clear: We need a global, multilingual homepage for Sugar, geared to teaching kids at various stages of their education exactly how their OS and their laptop work, under the hood, and what other kids using Sugar are discovering through it. This is a big ticket item, if one considers the amount of person-hours and server bandwidth that are required to make it pedagogically sound. Nevertheless, I think groups like MIT & Fedora should be ready to pony up for this project. Heaven knows, even adults would want to know how this or that technology actually functions. I imagine a whole world of questions a hub for Sugar should address, from the mundane to the profound.

How would I get started ... in Python?

... In building a Linux system?

... In assembling a motherboard?

... In bringing wireless into my own community?

... In building a webpage for my community?

... In getting a computer built that could ship to hundreds of thousands of people exactly like me around the world?

... In bringing other solar or human-powered innovations to my community?

... In getting people organized to find solutions to these kinds of problems?

... And is anyone else out there around my age also trying to figure these things out?

This is a discussion that could unfold over time, but I urge you to take it up as soon as possible. We are handing people a powerful tool. But accessibility -- and open source -- are about much more important questions. How do we make sure these kids know all that they can do with this tool?

Kindest regards and best wishes to the whole OLPC community.


P.S.: A minor asisde. I also hope that there is something like an automatic OS update process established for Sugar users. Families and educators should not have to go hunting far and wide for updates to Sugar or for fixes to problems.

Hi -- it's clear that you've put a lot of thought into this post. Even after several re-readings, however, I think it's hard for me to find chunks of this post that are questions that you'd like answered. You make several good suggestions for OLPC program deployment here as well, intermingled with questions. You might consider placing some of these suggestions in the OLPC_Idea_Pool. As a fellow-poster of questions to OLPC, might I also suggest that you consider re-working this post in a way more likely to elicit a response? For example, you could ask something like "what level help and support will kids in LDC recipient countries be getting?" Hexagonal
Best question evarr. There is very little on the XO to help children learn the operating system, or python. Here are two very powerful tools, and I'm sure we'd love to see children in developing countries master these skills, but they will have very little to go on. Perhaps one central "teach yourself everything" OLPC website would be a good addition, with a bookmark (maybe its own "activity")? And - oh - install man on future builds, please, please, please. 11:09, 23 January 2008 (EST)

Volunteer developers

Is there a process where firms with appropriately skilled staff (related to the needs of the project) could help by providing volunteer resources (possibly on a global scale) to OLPC?

Yes, contact us. For skills relating to teaching content, see Educators. For skills relating to software or hardware development, see Developers program. --Quozl 22:32, 17 November 2007 (EST)

Sell 3 Give 1 to OLPC

I read that Quanta may start selling $200 laptops in 2008. Mr. Michael Wang - Quanta's President - said the low-cost machines would not remain limited to developing markets. ’¡ÈThere are a lot of poor people in developed countries, too.’¡É he said. Will Quanta help OLPC with an initiative like G1 G1? For example Sell 3 Give 1 to OLPC? Why not? I'm sure they will sell a lot of these laptops at that price in developed countries. M.Mancuso/Italy

Maintenance and Training

No matter how robust and stable the XO laptop is, it is a computer, it is software that crashes and hardware that breaks. A computer is a tool and you often compare it to a pencil that every student should have... meanwhile it is a complex device that not everyone is able to maintain and fix.

What happens when the laptop crashes ? What happens when a part breaks ?

What is the plan in terms of maintaining and fixing all these laptops ? What is the plan to support the countries where IT is new, hence where qualified human resources is very rare or inexistent ?

This planning is unique to each deployment, but from the perspective of the XO hardware design, it is simpler and more straightforward than many potential designs, it has been tested for disassembly and reassembly using an ordinary screwdriver and a pair of kids under the age of ten, and cheap enough that replacement of a whole unit is practical. IT is not new to every country, there is always a core capability, which can be used if it has to be. Training can be delivered to in-country people that are critical to the long-term success of the deployment. Software and hardware maintenance is usually multi-tiered these days, so a continuous triage process is involved. In the meanwhile, the kids can revert to pencil, if they can find paper. --Quozl 06:10, 19 November 2007 (EST)
It is often said that "this is not a latop project, it is an education project". I totally agree with you when you say that training is critical to the long term success of the project.
No, I said the people that were critical would have training delivered to them. But I do think that without training a deployment might fail in some way. On the other hand, the laptops are discoverable, and documentation is public, so even without training a deployment might succeed in some ways. --Quozl 19:27, 20 November 2007 (EST)
Could you tell us about the resources (i.e. money, manpower, activities...) that are planned/allocated to that ?
Myself, no, I couldn't tell you. My view of the project has been confined to hardware and software testing, because these are my skills. I've done a few interviews because I'm comfortable talking. But I have not been involved in a trial deployment. Others have, perhaps they can answer. Perhaps though there is little to share ... perhaps the training is so well understood that nobody has bothered to describe it in detail ... or the plans are not in my language ... or the plans do not need much distance collaboration ... this may make them not as obvious as our hardware and software plans. What an odd effect. Anyway, your question is one of policy, and so I can't really answer it. --Quozl 19:27, 20 November 2007 (EST)

Differences between G1G1 XO's and the XO's that will be sent to Least Developed Countries (split)


What's the best shorthand way to refer to XO's being sent to least developed countries as distinguished from XO's being sent to North American G1G1 participants? "G1G1 XO's" and "In-Country XO's"? "Donor XO's" and "LDC XO's"? (I don't really care what the terms are, but if there's a convention already established I'll be happy to use it.)

There really is no difference. The G1G1 laptops have all been pre-activated, but otherwise, they are identical to the laptops going to children. However, there is a difference between laptops with and without developer keys (Please refer to the Activation and Developer Keys page in the wiki). Anyone can apply for a developer key. --Walter 11:50, 1 January 2008 (EST)

Developer Keys

Will we in fact need developer keys for our G1G1's if we really want to tweak them? Is it expected that the ordinary G1G1 participant will be needing that level of control? If not, are developer keys trackable and discoverable for the subset of G1G1 participants who might really want to go to the extra effort?

G1G1 laptop developer keys might be made available on a web server. 12:51, 19 November 2007 (EST)
Please refer to the Activation and Developer Keys page in the wiki. --Walter 11:47, 1 January 2008 (EST)

G1G1 User Manual

Will the XO's shipped to North American Give One, Get One participants include a user manual? If not, how about posting a pdf manual at a dedicated web page?

Hey there's an idea -- the fractured, open nature of this wiki is too loose for G1G1 folks to be able to find the info they need. Can OLPC establish a new website specifically for those of us who are getting a G1G1 laptop sometime in the next few weeks? It could house the downloadable manual, firmware updates, and a set of downloadable activities that are known to work well (with off-site links to more buggy activities for those of us who like to test and tinker).

[ Hexagonal here, on 11/19/07, answering my own question]: I see the "Simplified User Guide" at User_Guide, and I imagine that that wiki page will come in handy when our G1G1 XO's arrive. I would still suggest that a printed or printable .pdf with this User Guide information will be very helpful to G1G1 participants. Especially if it can be updated to correspond completely with the actual versions of the operating system and the activities that ship.
From these unboxing photos, it looks like an extemely minimal "getting started" pamphlet is all that is included. ~ Hexagonal 11:38, 5 December 2007 (EST)

I completely agree! There is a huge need for a website or web pages devoted to explaining to new users in the US, just how this machine works. I especially would like some help with Turtle Art and Etoys, they are the main things I have not been able to figure out on my own. Let Love Flow Listen

There is a PDF version of the Getting Started pages availble for download here. There are also pages in the wiki describing the individual activities. These pages are linked from [3]. Please use the discussion pages for the activities for any questions you may have. --Walter 18:06, 27 December 2007 (EST)

No invoice or order number?

I ordered a laptop from OLPC and received confirmation from Paypal about the transfer of funds, but I never received any indication of an order number or invoice number from OLPC or Paypal. It would seem like a lack of order number could lead to a lot of logistical problems as far as shipping, organization, etc. Is this normal?

I ordered through G1G1 on the 16th on the internet and received a confirmation on the 20th which had a confirmation number included. It seems they are running a bit behind on sending out order confirmations. I would say that it was unusual if this was an order from Dell or something but with this being a NPO figuring out their first distributions and all the logistics that go with it, I would expect some stuff like this. I am not particularly worried about it at the moment. HTH~Lylah

Local XO user groups wiki?

Would it be possible to set up a wiki page to help North American users (or all users for that matter) locate others in their area who had bought XO computers during the G1G1 program who are interested in local user groups for their children? It seems to me that many children here in the US will find the mesh capabilities to be unusable(due to sheer distance between the computers, most of us do not live in small villages) BUT there is always the internet. I was thinking that to get the most out of some of the educational features and also as a PTP support group, local users could possible create user groups for the XO and perhaps utilize yahoo groups or something to coordinate this. How to get this together is the question, however, so I was thinking that there might be some way to utilize a wiki page for this in some way, just to help local interested parties to get in touch with each other. This could be a jumping off point for this worldwide network of users that has been mentioned as part of the reason for the G1G1 program maybe... It is just an idea.

Good idea, go ahead. Register yourself with this Wiki, choose a good page name, like Springfield XO users , create it, outline what you've said above in point form, link to it from here, link to it from Regional groups and beg for a main page link once you have things rolling. Since it is a Wiki, it will encourage others to join in, and if a better structure presents itself later the pages can be renamed. You can ask the OLPC team also for mailing lists, source code repositories, and IRC channels. --Quozl 03:12, 20 November 2007 (EST)
Great idea. Robert Nagel in Houston blogged about this idea the day the G1G1 program started. To keep the momentum going, I've gone ahead and set up XO_Giving/Users as a page that people can post information about their local user groups. So far Houston and Austin Texas and Alaska are some locations although there's interest expressed in St. Louis as well. --: annegentle 10:03, 21 November 2007 (EST)

Developing Countries?

What countries are on the list of recipients of the XOs?

If you mean recipients of the "give 1" half of the "give 1 get 1" program, the terms and conditions page says in a footnote OLPC Foundation follows the United Nations definition of ’¡Èleast developed countries.’¡É A complete LDC list is available on the UN Website. If you mean countries that are currently involved in OLPC in some way, see OLPC_world_map and Ask OLPC a Question about Countries. --Quozl 03:34, 20 November 2007 (EST)

Can there be a collaboration between OLPC and non-profits in a developing country?

Certainly, why ever not? --Quozl 03:34, 20 November 2007 (EST)

Ensuring delivery

What steps are we taking to ensure that children and teachers will actually get the laptops? When I tell my friends about this program, it's the first question they ask me - " do we know the kids will actually get them?" Are we working with specific organizations - if so which ones? Are these secular or religious? My friends and I have a problem if missionary organizations are handing these out based on whom in the village is going to convert to the mission's faith. The importance of this program is too great to allow it exploit people - even in the area of religious beliefs.

Currently, OLPC sells the laptops directly to the ministry of education in the target country; according to the Distribution page, other organizations cannot yet order laptops (aside from the Give One Get One and Give Many programs). Per an earlier question: The majority of the laptops are purchased by the countries themselves with their own money, so it is in their interest to ensure that their investment is not wasted. The impression I get from the Give-One-Get-One FAQ is that any donations will be used to reduce the cost of starting up laptop programs in other countries ("expand the programs, reach, and overall mission of One Laptop Per Child"), not to entirely pay for the cost of laptops in any one country. —Joe 11:14, 20 November 2007 (EST)
You can find more on our treatment of "how do we know the kids will actually get them" in our initial discussions, theBitfrost anti-theft protection design and the review of the design in relation to the threats. --Quozl 17:59, 20 November 2007 (EST)

Will we learn anything (in general) about the child that gets the laptop?

This has been a family project to raise money for charities and we let my nieces decide which charity gets the money. This year my youngest niece choose the "One Laptop per Child" program.

Will she learn anything about the child who gets the laptop? For example, what country she/he lives in and what age the child is?

I think that would help make the "giving" experience more rewarding. She is a little more focused on the laptop she is getting than the one that is going to the other child (my niece still is a little girl, after all).

Also, I would love it if when the program is out of its infancy and has more time, to try and connect some of the children that gave with the children that received. Since the laptops have cameras and drawing programs, all they need to do is email photos and drawings to each other, no one needs to know how to write. For those who can write, and have someone who can translate, maybe some kind of electronic PenPal program can be offered.



No, OLPC doesn't have any published plan to establish such links as part of the "give 1 get 1" program, but I agree it is a good idea. I was just talking by e-mail to a school that has ordered 40 "give 1 get 1" units, and they had the same idea ... that it would benefit their kids to have links with kids that receive the other laptops. In our news update of 2007-09-15, Walter wrote that ePals is working to provide access to their PenPal services. You could check with them. See also the Penpal and EPals pages on this Wiki. --Quozl 18:46, 20 November 2007 (EST)

WikiGnomes Wanted, Page Too Big

This page has grown too big. It needs reorganisation. It is taking too long to review and contribute to. Some suggestions:

  • split by time period, as has already been done,
  • merge the common questions,
  • move the questions into the other pages (e.g. ask a question about hardware).
I just went over the questions on this page that I originally posted. Since many of them had sub-questions that I consider to have been answered, I've taken the liberty of splitting the questions, and moving the answered parts to the archive. Hexagonal 13:19, 22 November 2007 (EST)
Many of the new questions are about (a) G1G1 delivery details; (b) what will come with the North American XO's; (c) what G1G1 participants might be able to do with their new XO's once they get them. Note that similar questions, many of which have been answered, are posted at Official_OLPC_FAQ, Our_technology, Our_software, Give1Get1, Talk:Give1Get1, XO_Giving, and Talk:XO_Giving. Before posting a new question on this page, please look over this page and those ~ Hexagonal
Good idea, but that's too many pages to look over for people who just have a simple question. What we need is either a master list cross referenced by subject, or a process or contact point for merging new questions into the official FAQ. --Quozl 17:35, 22 November 2007 (EST)
  • There have existed "orphan archives" of general questions -- well, if they aren't truly orphaned pages, they sure are obscure. I knew about the Ask a Question Archive, which is linked to below, but about a quarter of the way down this page, at Ask_OLPC_a_Question#New_questions, there have been links to Ask_OLPC_a_Question/archive/Q1_2006 and to Ask_OLPC_a_Question/Archive_2. I have begun to merge all three archive questions pages onto the main archive page. That will leave the archive page way too big, but it seems to me to be a necessary step towards consolidation.
  • Note that there is a lot of discussion of this ungainly page on its associated talk page, which properly ought to be reserved for meta-conversations, but which some folks have used to post questions and to state opinions. Like a wiki archeologist, one can use the info on that talk page to reconstruct the various attempts to clean up this page that have gone before -- in particular Xavi's work about a year ago. ~ Hexagonal 14:25, 11 December 2007 (EST)

What is included with the laptop?

If you participate in the g1g1 program, what will we recieve other that just a laptop? i.e.- the yoyo charger? And how will we purchase replacements for the battery?Ie- Open an online store for those who will have the xo-1 in the near future?

Per an above answer, you will receive a laptop, an AC adapter, and a battery. The yo-yo is not yet available for purchase. It's not clear at this point what technical support or repair will be available, but point 9 of the Give-One-Get-One terms and conditions states that there will be a fee-based support service, and perhaps this service will also handle repair and replacement. —Joe 13:16, 25 November 2007 (EST)
Well, Morgan Collett's unboxing photos confirm this. ~ Hexagonal 11:42, 5 December 2007 (EST)

OLPC no es tan buena idea.

Hay que tener en cuenta los siguientes puntos:

-El laptop es el computador con menos esperanza de vida del mercado. -Los laptops se estropean como cualquier otra máquina. (y en manos de un niño más aún) -Los pueblos del tercer mundo tienen acceso a un servio técnico? -Cualquier niño puede estudiar, adquirir cultura y conocimientos sin la ayuda de un laptop. -Resulta más barato y útil los libros de texto. Además no se estropean, no requieren energía y tampoco necesitan servicio técnico. -Una vez concluida la formación del niño, los libros pueden pasar a otro niño para que éste puede comenzar su educación. -La distribución de libros, cuadernos y lapiceros es más asequible y fácil de distribuir para las empresas y gobiernos de todo el mundo. -Cualquier persona puede aprender a utilizar un computador en pocos días, a cualquier edad y sin necesidad de haber estudiado con laptops. -El laptop, aunque tenga partes reciclables, siempre tendrá componentes altamente contaminantes. -Fabricar un laptop requiere de mucha energía y multitud de componentes. -Un libro es barato y fácil de fabricar. -Un libro de papel reciclado no contamina. -En los paises desarrollados o en vías de desarrollo, todos hemos estudiado con libros, papel y bolígrafo y creo que ninguno somos tontos. (es una prueba de cientos de años de experiencia).

Ninguna de tus críticas es nueva. Se supone que el OLPC es el laptop menos "estropeable" que existe fuera de usos militares, comparable con un libro de texto. Habra que ver. Tambien, si cuentas todos los libros de texto y cuadernos y boligrafos y reglas, de buena calidad, para una educacion, no resulta tan obvio que sean más baratos. Aquí en Guatemala un buen libro de texto de pasta suave cuesta un minimo de 70 quetzales, como $10. Multiplica por 6 materias, por 8 años de escuela, y divide por 3 años de uso (cifras optimistas), y ya son $160, sin contar papel y cuadernos. Y hay muchas cosas que hacen un laptop que no lo hace el papel.

Translation : OLPC is not such a good idea

by Google

We must bear in mind the following points:

The laptop computer is the less life expectancy of the market. The laptops break down like any other machine. (And in the hands of an older child yet) - The peoples of the third world have access to a technical served? Any child can explore, acquire knowledge and culture without the help of a laptop. - It is cheaper and useful textbooks. Besides not break down, do not require energy and do not need a service company. - Once the training of children, books can happen to another child so that he can start their education. - The distribution of books, notebooks and pens is more affordable and easier to distribute to businesses and governments around the world. - Anyone can learn to use a computer in a few days, at any age and without having studied with laptops. The laptop, even if you recyclable parts, components will always have highly polluting. - Make a laptop requires a lot of energy and a multitude of components. - A book is cheap and easy to manufacture. - A book of recycled paper does not pollute. In developed countries or developing, we have all studied with books, paper and pen and I think that we are neither stupid. (This is a test of hundreds of years of experience).

None of your criticisms are new. The OLPC laptop is the least "fragile" that exists outside of the military, comparable to a textbook. And if you added up all of the textbooks and notebooks and boligrafos and laws of good quality for an education, it is not clear that they would be cheaper. Here in Guatemala, a good textbook costs at least 70 quetzals, around $10 US. Multiply this by 6 courses for 8 years of school, divided by 3 years of use (being optimistic), and you have $160, not counting paper and notebooks. And there are many things that you can do with a laptop but not with paper.

How I can buy it from Italy?

A mode to buy it from Europe exist (now)? how many time we have to wait for? will the price be in Us Dollars for us too? Are you ready to answer for a very large ask of this laptops? In Europe there is a very big curiosity about your work. Very good!

Warranty, too short

I have been thinking about the give one get one program. Kind of scared off by the 30 days warranty. Will I be able to buy another unit if the one I got failed after one month and the give one buy one program has ended? --Anonymous.

There are no public plans to provide replacement units after the 30 days, see the terms and conditions for why. OLPC must offer a minimum warranty to comply with regulations. Paid support may be available, and that service may provide replacement units, not sure. --Quozl 20:00, 22 November 2007 (EST).

Computer in Iraq

I know the computer is for children, but my husband is in Iraq would like a way to stay in contact. Therefore, I thought the computer was perfect even if made for small hand he could at least e-mail he was OK when he is out of camp. My question is I thought the computer was made for place out back that has no power or Internet, but reading your information it said the computer would automatically hook up to the internet were Wi-Fi is available, would it work in Iraq when not at camp.

Sincerely, Evelyn Baum

If a tough and portable computer would be useful, then this is a good one. The alterative is a Panasonic Toughbook, which is really heavy and really expensive. (you have to consider loss -- it is better to lose something cheap) That said, he might not want to carry anything extra at all. Iraq is not without wireless, but getting a connection many miles from anywhere is just not going to happen. The XO does have unusually good range though, going over 1.3 km under good conditions. The special ability to do mesh networking in the absence of a regular internet connection is only useful if there are other XO computers in the area. The Give 1 Get 1 laptop program does not include the crank, but an XO accepts about 5 to 25 volts and can be run from pretty much any hand-power device. A regular power supply is included, accepting wall power up to 250 volts. Watch out for "24 volt" truck power though; often this goes way higher. 22:22, 23 November 2007 (EST)

Accessibility for children with disabilities

Will screen reader software for children who are blind or visually impaired be available? Also, will there be a way to use alternate input methods (touch screen, voice control, etc.) for children who have physical disabilities that limit use of their upper extremities?

My gratitude to all of you for what you are doing is beyond my ability to express. Your mission, and I'm sure it will be successful, has given me some hope during a time when I pretty much despair over our world.

Peace and all good things, SAS

It looks like there will be some sort of speech synthesis available on the XO, although I'm not sure the details have been worked out yet to the point where it can read the screen, but that's certainly a goal. The XO does not currently have a touchscreen, but a future generation of XOs may have one. However, alternate keyboards and mice can be plugged in via the USB ports. Speech recognition is challenging on limited hardware; it's not clear that the XO will be able to do it yet. You can read about other disabilities that may be addressed on the Accessibility page. —Joe 11:29, 25 November 2007 (EST)

Connecting children in US with children in other countries

I plan to buy two laptops: one for a child in another country and one for my sister's children. 1) Will her children be able to talk via laptop to other children/users in other countries - or is the networking only available on a local level? 2) Will the laptop user need to have an ISP to access the Internet?

If the laptop has a connection to the internet, the user can communicate with others on the internet. In particular, EPals—an established online pen-pal service—is creating an activity so that XO users can communicate with other students all over the world. To connect to the internet, the user will need some way to access internet service—either through an ISP at home or through a connection at another location; many libraries, coffee shops, and internet cafes provide a wireless connection for free or for a fee. Note that the Get One laptops come with a free year of Hotspot service from T-Mobile, which provides wireless internet connections in many coffee shops, stores, and hotels. —Joe 11:42, 25 November 2007 (EST)
I'm in the USA. On the prototype hardware, I used the Chat program to communicate with somebody in Thailand. I must say that it was a bit weird, because we really didn't have much in common as far as I could tell. I think the person was a teacher. Things are likely to be made a bit more local in the future, though still allowing world-wide connections to people you know. I do not think that relatively poor people would enjoy hearing well-off children brag about their latest toys, as kids are apt to do. That could cause some stress. Trouble coming the other way might involve fraud, scams, etc. 15:44, 25 November 2007 (EST)


If I participate in the promotion Buy1Get1 how can I donate the one I get? I am sponsering a 3-year-old child this X-mas, but I not sure she will benefit from it! How can I contact some who would be able to send the one I get to a needy child? I'm originally from Brazil but don't have anyone there to contact in order to donate the one I get to a school participating in your program. Any ideas?????

Licia Siever Lexington, KY

If all you want to do is donate two laptops, don't get one yourself, just donate. --Quozl 02:18, 27 November 2007 (EST)

Donating through humanitarian organizations

Organizations such as Rotary International and Engineers Without Borders have close contact with communities and opportunities to donate educational materials/computers to developing communities in connection with their projects. The route would be through the humanitarian organization rather than the host government. Is it possible to request laptops on this scale, even in the red countries?

See the question "Can NGOs and charities get them?" on the Ask OLPC a Question about Distribution page (especially the link to the Give Many page). —Joe 23:00, 25 November 2007 (EST)

Dear System administrator

I'm a Korean who want to contribute some content into this wiki. I used my initial ID but after a few months after my last log in, I can't log in anymore...please let me know how to log in.

Just make a new account. ffm 16:30, 9 December 2007 (EST)

How about a version of the software for "obsolete" laptops?

There are vast numbers of obsolete x86 based laptops floating around schools and businesses in the United States. It sounds like they would be more than sufficient as a platform for this software.

Do not disadvantage the poor children of rich countries by requiring them to buy new hardware!

Is there a group of developers working to retrofit this software to old / junked laptops for use in American schools and homes? I'd like to help develop/test this software on the old laptops I have piling up in my closet!

There are a number of reasons that the OLPC is using XOs instead of other machines, one of which is that the XO is much more rugged than other machines and thus it can go anywhere with the child, enduring rough treatment and harsh environments. In the U.S., though, the environments may not be as harsh and the machines may not need to be as mobile, so you are correct that older laptops or even desktops may suffice, especially if the child is only using XO software in one location. Of course, the obsolete machines will probably not have all the features of the XO, like the camera, sunlight-readable display, game controls, tablet mode, pseudo-graphics tablet, or mesh networking, but these features aren't crucial for many activities.
The XO software is free/open source and can of course be ported to other hardware. In fact, up to several months ago, there was a LiveCd image of the XO software that could be run on conventional machines, but it was abandoned by its maintainers; a good first step may be to get this working again for more recent builds (a recent blog post by Greg DeKoenigsberg may be relevant?). Alternatively, the XO software can be run on more powerful machines via emulation; you might consider ways of streamlining this process. —Joe 14:45, 29 November 2007 (EST)
Forming a developer group to re-use old laptops sounds great. Go ahead and do it. OLPC will help where the goals of your plan and ours are in common. One aim of OLPC is to do things as cheaply as possible, to cover the most children ... and re-use of obsolete laptops or desktop computers is not as cheap as making a new one for the purpose. OLPC couldn't honestly implement your idea without failing on a per-child cost basis. --Quozl 18:44, 29 November 2007 (EST)

Sending to Philippines

If I wanna buy a computer could I send it to my niece in the Philippines? Would it be possible to send the free computer to my other nieces in the Philippines? They are in different provinces and could really benefit from that computer ... I know this is a great help for them because they're poor and can't afford to buy a computer. Are all your computers adaptable to the Philippines? Sincerely, Beth Belmont

Once you buy one of the laptops as part of the "give 1 get 1" program, you can do with it what you like, it will be yours. But the "give 1" laptop is a donation and OLPC gets to choose where to send that laptop. I've seen a Thai keyboard layout on a laptop in person, but I haven't seen a Philippines keyboard layout. There may be one. The laptop that OLPC will send to you will have an American keyboard layout. But really, these laptops are better suited as part of a holistic deployment by Philippines government education or schools. You should try to help that sort of thing instead. --Quozl 01:05, 28 November 2007 (EST)

Does XO have charitable status in Canada?

Does XO have charitable status in Canada?

The OLPC Foundation is not a registered charity in Canada. Canadian residents may be able to take a tax deduction for their donation against their US-based income. Donors should consult with a tax specialist to determine the extent of any deduction.

What's the Rationale for Distributing Laptops in Developing Countries?

I have been aware of Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child project for quite sometime. I understand that he has pilot projects planned in several developing countries and being raised in such environments I am struggling to understand how this project can succeed when the basic needs and education of a child in most of these countries are often not met. Can you please lead to some information of Negroponte's rationale? I have seeing couple interviews and read, but I still can not get it. Please respond, I have great interest in understand his position. Best Regards, Val

Not that I could speak for Nicholas, but I really don't think OLPC intends to deliver this education project in areas that don't have water and food, and shelter. It would be wasteful. Kids cannot eat the laptop. But once those basic needs are met, and education can be delivered, this project comes alive. Therefore I don't really understand your question, sorry. --Quozl 06:09, 30 November 2007 (EST)

Laptops for elementary school in Cambodia

I have started and am supporting a school for the poorest children in Mongkol Borei, Cambodia. We currently have 250 students in four grades, and will eventually have about 500 students in 6 grades. I would like to somehow arrange for about 100 of the oldest students to have laptops initially, with the rest to follow. Would appreciate your getting back to me with suggestions as to how this can be accomplished.

New OLPC XO-1 Live CD release

Do you know when a new OLPC XO-1 Live CD release candidate will be out and will it allow an install from a USB drive or USB connected optical drive? I am awaiting my OLPC, and want to work on the OS, with ideas that I have, but do it on a separate computer and not my OLPC.

There are several LiveCds available now. MitchellNCharity 20:47, 29 January 2008 (EST)

Does this laptop work only in English?

Does this laptop work only in English? I live in USA, my Russian parents are retired. I would like to buy one for them and donate the other one, but they don't know any English. Thanks, Tatyana. -- 21:59, 2 December 2007 (EST)

It works in any language, but the printing on your keyboard will not include Cyrillic characters. 21:46, 3 December 2007 (EST)
You could attach a USB Cyrillic keyboard and reconfigure the system for it ... but that would take a bit of work and be brave. Your best option might be to speak with Russian Linux user groups for advice. Tell them that it is a customised Fedora system, they ought to know how to handle it. --Quozl 06:41, 4 December 2007 (EST)

Financial Statement?

As a donor or potential donor, how do I obtain a financial statement for the OLPC foundation?

Contact them, or rely on past submitted statements. According to the FAQ, the OLPC EIN, US tax-exempt ID number is 20-5471780. I don't know if that is relevant. I am not an agent of OLPC. --Quozl 06:51, 4 December 2007 (EST)
Most tax-exempt non-profit organizations incorporated in the United States (other than churches) are required to file annual tax returns called IRS Form 990's with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. In most cases the Form 990's are the only publicly available financial statements a tax-exempt entity is required to generate. Guidestar, an independent non-profit organization, makes these Form 990's available for free at their website. As of December 2007, no Form 990 is available for OLPC, but this isn't unusual, OLPC had until Oct. 07 to file their first return (for tax year 2006), and it can take six months for Guidestar to get the document from the IRS and to scan it in. Guidestar does have the following info available:
OLPC Foundation
PO Box 425087, Cambridge, MA 02142
Contact: Mr Robert Fadel, Treasurer
Web Site:
Year Founded: 2006
Mission: The mission of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) movement is to ensure that all school-aged children in the developing world are able to engage effectively with their own personal laptop, networked to the world, so that they, their families and their communities can openly learn and learn about learning.
Programs: Supporting and subsidizing the purchase of XO laptop computers. Building local and grassroots movements devoted to improving learning and the effectiveness of laptops as a learning tool.
The OLPC Foundation is a successor entity to the "2B1 Foundation" or the "2B1 Corporation." See Walter Bender's 2006-08-05 Community News. See Guidestar's information on "2B1 CORPORATION" here, including past Form 990's. With regard to the legal entity as it exists now, the OLPC Foundation, my suggestion is that you write the Treasurer directly, by U.S. Mail, and ask him to provide you with what information is available. Note also that OLPC is a registered charity in several states. Washington state registration for the "2B1 Worldwide Charitable Fund" is available here. OLPC's registration in Michigan provides the following information, which I believe must be made publicly available as a pre-condition of their being allowed to operate in that state:
MICS 36674, Expiration Date: 07/31/2008
O L P C Foundation
One Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: (617) 452-5660
~ Hexagonal 11:39, 12 December 2007 (EST)

How make a contribution?

I hope your project is better organized than this site.

It is. This page is maintained by the interested community members. The critical project members don't generally get time to respond to these questions. --Quozl 06:53, 4 December 2007 (EST)

I wish to make a contribution but can't find out how. Can it be done via credit card?

Yes. Please see the official donation site: . —Joe 10:45, 3 December 2007 (EST)

The G1G1 program - how does the laptop work in the US

If I got one laptop from the G1G1 program. Does it have to stay in the US, or can it be gifted to a child in any other country. What infrastructure does it need to work? what if there are no other OLPC in the neighborhood. Is there anything specific that is required for the child to use this laptop (other than electricity and wireless access).

if he has wireless access - how much connectivity does he have (is it limited or just like any other laptop).

what configurationi is required on the OLPC to get connectivity to the outside world, does it automatically see the wireless router?

I am really interested in this program and want to send the one laptop.

Thank you.

The XO-1 will work anywhere there is power, 802.11a/g/s networking, and internet. It will detect wifi auto-magicaly. ffm 15:58, 9 December 2007 (EST)

How OLPC promotes literacy in very young preliterate children

How does OLPC promote literacy in very young children (ages 6-9) who are not yet literate in their own language? Does their access to the Internet presume they are literate in their native language? Is there software or instruction for teachers in related to effective early reading instruction in their native language?

I don't know the full range of reading software being made available on the XO, but GCompris is an open-source collection of educational activities, some of which are relevant to reading, and many of which are now available on the XO. These activities are available in many different languages and seem appropriate for users without a high degree of literacy. —Joe 16:37, 5 December 2007 (EST)

computers on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico

I am a teacher in the heart of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. We have a campus that is comprised of three single wide trailers, four buildings that are slightly larger than the trailers, four buildings that are about the size of doublewide trailers, and old stone building that serves as our lunch room and multi-purpose room when necessary, a computer lab where our children are introduced to the wonder of the technical age, and finally a very small business office.

Our campus is 70 years old and was once a small boarding school serving this little community of Native Americans.

Is there a possiblity that the Navajo Nation as a soverign nation could be included in your endeavor? Many of our families do not have the convenience of electricity or water although gains toward these goals have certainly been made. See what you can do about considering our children in your program to reach all children.

Thank you,

Patricia Quink Second Grade Instructor Tse'ii'ahi' Community School PO Box 828 Crownpoint, NM 87313 505-786-5389

See give many. ffm 15:54, 9 December 2007 (EST)

Maintenance and Replacement

My reference point is the TI 99/4 experience for which I was intimately involved on the TI staff.

With this large number of computers out in the field, how will failure returns be handled? is there an infinite warranty period? How much of this is covered in the purchase price? How can the donor cover costs for specific projects to enable a low cost return policy? Warranty and returns are easy in the advanced economies, how do they work in the developing countries?

What is the MTBF for these devices, and if they are comparable to the US then a large number will have failed within 2 years, this is my personal experience. Were high quality components used in the motherboard and other components?

A 30 day warranty is provided. They are durable and resistant to damage, and should go for 5+ years w/o replacement. The motherboard is not user-servicable. It is infinitely more powerful than the TI99/4. See Hardware specification. ffm 15:50, 9 December 2007 (EST)
For deployments, failures and returns will be handled by in-country teams with support from OLPC and the manufacturer, Quanta. It is expected that this will cover the period of the deployment, and be part of the deployment costing, therefore failure percentages in earlier deployments will be valuable historical measurements. For "give 1 get 1", the failure returns process is defined, and does not involve any infinite warranty ... just the 30 days. Components used have to meet specification, so in that sense they are "high quality". --Quozl 05:08, 10 December 2007 (EST)


Why not build schools in developing nations?

Good question. Already intended. Schools and teachers must exist before an OLPC deployment. Other groups are working to build schools in areas that lack them. This question is the same as "Why not food?" --Quozl 04:44, 10 December 2007 (EST)

Donating Laptops to specific school in Zambia

Could you help - we are an English Primary school that has very strong links with a school in Zambia. We currently donate equipment etc via funds raised by our PSA. If we wanted to purchase laptops could we specify the school we wanted them to be donated to?

Rotary International Grants

The Rotary club of Brixham (U.K.) District 1170 are interested in funding (together with other clubs and our District) and the Rotary Foundation in Evanston (U.S.) in promoting a project in the mountains of North West Romania which would bring your product to the deprived school children in that remote area. We have to operate within bureaucratic timescales and it seems that at least some of your plans have deadlines of the end of this month.

Could we please open a direct dialogue so that we can fill in all the forms correctly and move this project forward. I am suprised that there is no reference to Rotary activities in your FAQ's and hopefully this will open a further worldwide outlet for your excellent product. /s/ Alan Colley, Hon. Secretary, The Rotary Club of Brixham

See the question "Can NGOs and charities get them?" on the Ask OLPC a Question about Distribution page — especially the link to the Give Many page, which has a contact e-mail address. Note that while the Give-One-Get-One program has a deadline at the end of the month, the Give Many program has no such deadline. —Joe 17:34, 12 December 2007 (EST)

Donors for a cuban program


Six years ago we went to Cuba as part of a People to People delegation with a medical orientation. We, like many other visitors, were overwhelmed by how the Cuban people do so much with so little. Their medical care system, at the time of our visit, had less than 1000 computers for 12 million people. The people of Cuba have already made a significant contribution to the health, education and welfare in many of the less developed nations of the world.

I would ask the OLPC to help connect donors who have an interest in sponsoring a program targeting Cubans in rural areas of the island. Not unlike rural Americans, Cubans living in the more remote areas need computers. The next generation of Cubans will provide the technological leadership necessary to stabilize the volatile Caribbean region. To prepare for the future, computer literacy will be obligatory. Cuba has an opportunity pioneer new applications in telemedicine that can be implemented around the globe at minimal cost. Cuba has one of the best health care systems. One could cite the many positive health indicators that far exceed US standards. Yet they spend less per capita on their citizens than the Chinese do.

This is my first question to OLPC so my familiarity with the process is lacking. However, if I could get a little direction on the next step(s) to take I am more than willing to work with any interested party.

Thank you. ctruscon

Dear C. Truscon, Can you contact me so we can assist you? My email is:

T Mobile access

I recycled my shipping box before discovering that the pin number for Tmobile was on the shipping label. What should I do in this case to activate the "hotspot" access?

Thank you,

Patric Fitzpatrick

Confusion about the "frame"

When using the browser for example, I may want to click on something near the edge of the screen - oftentimes the frame will pop up and get in the way. How do I avoid this? 13:30, 30 December 2007 (EST)

The frame will appear if the cursor is brought into the very corner of the scree. If you bring out the frame accidentally and it doesn't go away, you can click the "frame button" in the corner of the keyboard. If that doesn't work, go onto the "home view" then click back into the activity. Yablochko 9 May 2008 (CET)

Recorder error "Your Disk is Full."

I have encountered this disk full error within the Reocrder shortly after receiving my XO. I have tried erasing every entry within the Journal and it didn't work. I found suggestions on OLPC wiki to remove orphaned files in the datastore, but the listed path did not exist on my version of the XO OS. Does anyone have any other suggested resolution to this problem?

We are working on a long-term remedy to this problem. In the short-term, your safest course is the clean-install procedure to re-flash its entire "disk image" including its operating system. --Walter 12:05, 31 December 2007 (EST)

Need help connecting to home wireless network

Received our OX on Dec 17th 2007 on the B1G1 program and gave it to our daughter as a Christmas gift. We have NEVER been able to access the internet with it. We have a wireless network in our home running on a D-Link router and several other laptops connect to it without issue. It never shows up on the network page as a circle to choose, but we can see other peoples' locked networks from that page, and several mesh networks. I have spent over 20 hours following ALL of the directions I've found throughout this website including in the FAQs and chats. The home network is not WPA, only WEP. It is not hidden, but I even tried the hint for hidden networks. We have a 650 build unit and cannot upgrade to 653 because we CANNOT access the internet with the unit! I am EXTREMELY frustrated and disappointed in this purchase. It is not the simple process you made it out to be. My daughter is very disappointed and it doesn't help to explain that some child in another country received a compter too, because she just figures they can't use theirs EITHER! We need HELP!

Sorry you are having so much trouble. If you provide the information suggested here we may be able to diagnose the problem. --Walter 20:18, 1 January 2008 (EST)

Answers (some were already given when the question was first asked)

  1. The software build on your XO. 650 build.
  2. The access point/router brand, model, version, and firmware version (ideally). Router is a D-Link DI-524. I don't know where to find the version.
  3. The security configuration of your wireless home system. WEP enabled, not WPA, and I have the WEP key.
  4. The description of the problem. Stated above, the network does not show up on the mesh view, so we cannot select it.

Other useful information you should consider adding to your description:

  • Do you see the wifi Access Point in the mesh view? No
  • Have you previously successfully connected to this Access Point from an XO? No
  • Can you connect to the Access Point from another non-XO laptop? Yes, several
  • Is the Access Point displayed as protected (a lock badge appears), or as open in the mesh view? NA - doesn't show in mesh view.
  • Is it consistent to the Access Point's configuration? I don't know what this means
  • When you click on the Access Point circle does it: Never get the circle

wireless connection to linksys router with SSID

I have just recieved my new laptops for my kids and cannot find my homes wireless connection. i see my neighbors but not mine. i tried to follow a command to allow for this but cannot get it to work.

Can anyone give me more directions?My router is a wireless -g 801.11g - very common linksys router

Thanks, Tom

Ditto—Sorry you are having so much trouble. If you provide the information suggested here we may be able to diagnose the problem. --Walter 20:19, 1 January 2008 (EST)

You Tube Videos

Why won't the videos on You Tube play normally?

     you need to install adobe flash. Search it in this wiki

Booting from SD memory card

What is the procedure for getting the XO to boot from the SD memory card? I have read the documents about Open Firmware, booting from a USB device and related items. But I am still unable to make this function work. I wanted to have a vanilla OLPC build in NAND and a custom Fedora 7 build in the SD card. As a side note, would modifying the grub.conf in NAND help to facilitate this function?

I asked the question but figured it out. This procedure is easier if done on another linux device. Also, this is not for the linux nooby.
Get Developer key. Read this page Use a USB developer image and install it on the sd card as described on that wiki page. I used the "Pre-existing Partition" method. Modify the /boot/olpc.fth to point to the sd card instead of the usb drive. Insert card and boot.

Getting my pictures from xo

I have pictures in my xo. I saved them in a USB. The pictures are in the USB and can be opened from the USB on the xo. But trying to do the same in another laptop (Windows os) shows a folder labeled And there is no picture in that folder. And with Ubuntu there is nothing in the USB. How can I get my pictures on a laptop other that the xo itself?

The same question has been asked here. Please use that thread for a continuation of this discussion.

Initial Battery Charging - How Long?

Initial Battery Charging: how long should the battery be charged for, on first charge? Good answer for initial docs or on paper shipped with the machines. Thanks

-- It doesn't matter. According to user reports the battery is shipped fully charged, and is not sensitive regarding charge cycles and such.

how do you connect to a jabber server/any you recommend?

-- In terminal, type: sugar-control-panel -h jabber

The system will display the current jabber server. A popular server is To change to that server, type: sugar-control-panel -s jabber


can you chat globally

-- Short answer: yes. -- Longer answer: who you can chat with depends on who is using the same jabber server as you. It's not unusual to see users in Europe and the UK on the open jabber server. Kids using XOs through their school system generally will use the school's jabber server, which will not be accessible to anyone outside the school.

You may have to set the jabber server for your XO to get chat to work at all. This is discussed elsewhere. -- Chris J

Give one Get one

I learned about OLPC and of the great things you are doing a few days ago. By the time I learned about the GIVE ONE GET ONE program, you had already discontinued it. It would be a shame not to repeat the program some time in the future when your next version is out or when some of the bugs have been worked out. I personally would like to purchase some for my church day care and after school center. My question is "when are you going to have the GIVE ONE GET ONE program again?

Can't c onnect to home wireless using Netgear router

Hi. I have read the log of questions. Seems like many people have had trouble like I am having. I cannot connect to home network. Using Build 653. Circle icon indicates that I have a connection (circle is white), but when I am not receiving data. I would appreciate help - getting really frustrated.


Please refer to the Wifi Connectivity page in the wiki for further help on this topic. --Walter 12:46, 9 January 2008 (EST)

Cannot connect to home wireless

We have several computers at home connected to internet through our wireless and through a cable modem. The wireless is password protected, however only XO cannot connect. I have tried all pull down menus after typing in the password - would still not work. Below please find the answers to the required questions:

The software build on your XO. 650 build. The access point/router brand, model, version, and firmware version (ideally). Apple A1143 The security configuration of your wireless home system. WPA2-Personal, AES - CCMP The description of the problem. Network can be found. When clicking on the network it requests network key, we enter the password and nothing happens.

Do you see the wifi Access Point in the mesh view? Yes Have you previously successfully connected to this Access Point from an XO? No Can you connect to the Access Point from another non-XO laptop? Yes, several Is the Access Point displayed as protected (a lock badge appears), or as open in the mesh view? a lock badge appears. Is it consistent to the Access Point's configuration? I don't know what this means When you click on the Access Point circle does it? It opens the window to enter the password. We enter the password and nothing heppens.

Please refer to the Wifi Connectivity page in the wiki for further help on this topic. In particular, there is information about connecting to a WPA-configured network. --Walter 12:47, 9 January 2008 (EST)

photo download from camera

I don't seem to be able to find anything about downloading photos from an external camera. I think I read that the software will support RAW files. Can I download them via USB for viewing. Can I then upload them to an external memory device. I am shooting in DNG-a raw format.

While there is Linux software that will process some RAW file formats, I don't know of any software custom-made for the XO that will do this, yet. Getting something like Rawstudio or dcraw working on the XO may require some experimentation. —Joe 09:59, 10 January 2008 (EST)
I've had success installing gphoto2 and gthumb to import and view photos from a digital camera. In a terminal activity, switch to root ('su'), then 'yum install gphoto2' and 'yum install gthumb'. Then 'gthumb' opens an iphoto-like application. PDS

Booting Problem...

When booting, when the process gets to about 11:00 o'clock there is a blank screen and there a barely readable line about a CRC error. The booting continues with a blank screen. It seems as though everything booted correctly.

I have downloaded the system and reloaded the NAND drive. The problem did not disappear. During the reloading there appeared 4 red blocks during the reload. Any suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kevin Donahue

Go OLPC!!!

The problem is the reporting of an unimportant error is disrupting the display of the boot animation. We've tracked it down and expect to eliminate that message in future releases. For the time being, best to just ignore it. Thanks. --Walter 12:30, 13 January 2008 (EST)

Can't write in Amharic

Hello thee ... I upgraded mu B4 to build 655. Now i can't write in Amharic even if i selected 'AbyssinicaSIL'

The upgrade procedure may have reset the laptop to its original language and keyboard settings (maybe English and US). Follow thge Ethiopian_Setup procedure to restore the settings.
-- User:Bernie 1:49 17 Jan 2008 EST

Thank you, Bernie. But try as I may, can't get a singe letter in Amharic to be displayed. The cursor remains in the same position.

Recover process => Boot failed. Cause for RMA?

The answer: No, the system is working as designed. The recover process doesn't apply to unmodified G1G1 machines, and only works if the machine has been updated this way.

G1G1[D1] machine: powering on holding the "O" game key results in the messages:

Boot failed
Powering off in 10 seconds

This happened with the system as delivered, and after successfully reflashing the NAND (to build 650). Other users seem to have no problem using the steps in the Support FAQ, # 10.4 "How can I restore my Give1Get1 XO to its factory configuration?" Or have other folks also encountered this error?

Everything else seems to work OK much like any other G1G1/650, based on my not very extensive testing of the core activities. My flash memory has 9 bad blocks, if that's at all relevant.

Since my warranty only lasts until Monday 01/21, I'd like to know ASAP if this failure indicates some deeper issue requiring an exchange. Thanks much for any advice. A quick yes/no would be fine; an explanation of the failure would be a bonus!

Quick update 2008/01/17:
Reflashing to build 653 didn't help. Is it even possible to change the "alternate disk image," or is this fixed at the factory?

Not so quick update 2008/01/18:
Apparently(?) booting from an alternate image (hold "O" gamepad key) is just boot from /boot-alt rather than /boot. My system doesn't have /boot-alt (in root or anywhere else), so it's no surprise that the procedure fails.
Anyone else see a /boot-alt on their system? (In the terminal activity, type: ls -alF / ) 19:22, 18 January 2008 (EST) (Nick Tindall,
There is not alternative image until you update for the first time. If you are really stuck, I would suggest you just reflash the machine by following the instructions here and here. --Walter 09:20, 19 January 2008 (EST)

> There is not alternative image until you update for the first time.
Thanks a million, Walter. This was the key fact I was missing. (I don't have any other questions/problems.)

My Neighborhood

Hi All:

Our XO is connected to the Internet but not able to see other people in My Neighborhood. We can see Access Points and Mesh Networks but no people. Any suggestions?

Also, we are experiencing some freeze-ups and crashes while using the video or having multiple activities running.



You won't see other XOs unless either they are physically on the same network as you or you point to the same Jabber server (See Sugar-control-panel for information about how to configure your Jabber server). Regarding crashes, if you launch more than 2-3 activites at once, you'll run out of memory. --Walter 18:03, 19 January 2008 (EST)

Cannot connect to Internet - refund procedure?

I asked for help connecting to the internet earlier this month. It is unclassified question #7 on this web page. A response was posted asking for more information. I immediately provided it, again on this web page. I have received no additional information and I STILL cannot connect to the internet. Connecting to the internet was the only reason I purchased this laptop. If I cannot get help connecting I would like information on how to return the laptop for a refund. The laptop is not doing what it was advertised to do and what I paid to receive. Judging by the others who have posted questions on this website, I am not alone.

Please send an email to help AT Someone may be able to walk you through the process of getting connected... --Walter 02:03, 20 January 2008 (EST)

T-Mobile Connect...

I have previously set up my account with t-mobile (via the Get One etc.) At Starbucks I can connect to the wireless router, but I need a screen to log-in. How???

At my local Panera's I have no problem, I get a screen when I try to connect anywhere.


Where O Where is my XO

Another week and I still have the same question? Where O Where is my XO?

Last wekk I sent the message out below, I was delighted to hear from Michelle on a Thursday evening and she promised to help me get my laptop. She even gave me her personal 800 number.

I called Michelle on Monday and guest what; a telephone company recording came on and told me the line was disconnected.

So Tuesday morning I called the service line and the rep told me my order was in shlpping and waiting for Fedex to pick it up. Again I was excited, Things were moving along. I figured I would track the reference number on the Fedex tracking site.

As of Wednesday morning, there was no indication of the xo on the fedex tracking site. So called the OLPC service desk and waited the usual 45min and spoke to a rep who told me there was a problem with my order….fedex was not accepting the data…..same problem that I was informed of 2 weeks ago. The order was not in shipping and the rep could help me no further so I asked for her supervisor and got Traci (spelling?)

Traci confirmed the problem and said she would take it to her manager, Sheri (spelling?); I pushed to speak to Sheri, but she was not in. I vented. I asked Traci for a direct line and she gave me her 800 number which I called from another line. It did not work. Finally figured out that OLPC did not have the foresight to set these 800 numbers up for U.S. and Canada.

I also asked Traci for the phone number for OLPC public relations and legal. She said she did not have those numbers nor any other number that would lead to someone really getting this problem soved.

I used Skype to access the 800 number to Michelle and left her a message as well. After all she was the one that promised to get me my machine.

So I’m going to continue calling Traci and Michelle and sending this email out, until someone contacts me and really does get this problem fixed.

If you can’t get machines out the door in Canada and the U.S., why should anyone think that you can move millions of machines to developing countries.


I would like to hear from someone who really can help or can provide me with access to senior managers who can make things happen!! I would also like to hear from others that are in the same boat.

I can be emailed at

LAST WEEKS NOTE TO OLPC Where or where is my XO with the subject ref #? As a first hour donor I have waited patiently. As a Canadian I have waited patiently. Then last week the good news came. Canadian orders were being shipped and the community sites showed scores of Canadians receiving their XO.

But not me. And I can’t get a straight answer out of the service desk as to when I’m going to get it. They answer it’s being processed. Escalated to a supervisor named Tracy who had no answers and said she would get her manager on, Sheri, the line. I got voicemail and no return call.

Isn’t there anyone at OLPC that can help?

using firefox on a flash drive. has a linux version that runs in/on wine. where do i find out how to load/run wine so i can use the full version of firefox that i know and love?

yum install wine should probably do it. You'll probably want to become root first. Note that wine is going to use a lot of memory, so this will be of limited utility. Good luck. --Walter 18:54, 3 March 2008 (EST)

Using an external USB modem with the XO

A friend recently sent a XO computer to my daughter. We live where we can't get a good wireless signal, but I do have a dial up internet connection through the phone line. My question is can an external USB modem be used with the XO and if so and one of the developers read this question could you please give me a link to a specific external USB modem that I can purchase as I can't afford to purchase a modem if I am not a 100% sure it is going to work. It seems to me that other people might encounter a similar problem and an external USB modem might be a good optional accessory to add when ordering a XO.

Thanks you for your time and information, JMT

Check out the Wireless_Access_Point_Compatibility page to see if your access point is listed. If not, maybe you could report the details of the model, firmware version, etc. so we can diagnose the problem. Thanks. --Walter 17:28, 2 March 2008 (EST)

Thanks for replying. (I'm not familiar with this Wiki thing - hope this works) My "access point" is not listed on the page. It is Netgear WGR614 v5. I don't know what "firmware version" is. Sorry. Perhaps you can tell me how to get that information. I am using channel 11. Other info: The OLPC build # is still 650, since I haven't been able to connect to upgrade to new build. SSID is visible in neighborhood view, but when I click to connect, the circle blinks for a while and then stops. Doesn't connect - no white circle. I can connect to this wireless network with other computers but not with OLPC.

Sorry for the confusion. The wiki [Edit] buttons are misaligned in the FAQ pages. I was actually trying to answer the question below your's. I don't know if anyone has done QA on modems. In theory, their is no reason why they shouldn't work. Try contacting for further advice.
Is there no access point near by: at a library or neighbor's house where you can get on line to do an olpc-update? --Walter 18:57, 3 March 2008 (EST)

Cannot connect to WIFI (open network)

The laptop will not connect to my Wifi home network. I disconnected all security so it is completely open, and it will still not connect. I took it to Schlotsky's and it would not connect there, either. However, it would connect to the next door coffee shop's network. I tried to download the new build and it seemed to be trying to download it but then reported a failure. I am starting to wonder if this thing is defective. Either that or it only likes certain kinds of Wifi networks. Or I am doing something wrong that I am completely unaware of. It doesn't seem like it should be this difficult. I have been banging my head against the wall for weeks. Help!

Check out the Wireless_Access_Point_Compatibility page to see if your access point is listed. If not, maybe you could report the details of the model, firmware version, etc. so we can diagnose the problem. Thanks. --Walter 17:28, 2 March 2008 (EST)

how do i print from the xo

how do i prnt from the xo

you can (1) copy your file to USB and print it from another machine; (2) yum install cups and set up a network printer; then use lpr from the terminal activity; or (3) install the driver for a usb printer of your choice and use lpr. (We've not integrated printing into the UI yet.) --22:25, 19 March 2008 (EDT)


is there a passwords setting so we can have a password when pc is turned on?

I'd like to use a dialup modem for internet access

I know it's obselete, but this is for my mother in law. She doesn't have broadband, but I could set her up to dial up if I had a way to configure a modem on the laptop. I have a usb to serial connector already, and a 56 K modem. (Please don't ask why I still have them). I can't find anything in the help or faqs on how to set up or configure a dial out connection though. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks Bob Grabbe

How I can get this laptop

Dear all, I live in Indonesia, and I wonder how can I fet this laptop for Children around my country?

play on the web

My son whats to play games on the web but he cant so how do you play games on the web

You can use the Browse activity to go to the web and play games. Some games will require Flash to be installed. The laptop comes with Gnash by default. Some people prefer to install Adobe Flash. --Walter 16:59, 13 April 2008 (EDT)

Wont open any programs

My XO turns on fine but as soon a i try to open any programs the little flashing icon appears buut the program never opens. It just continues to flash until i either shut it off or the computer runs out of batteries?

How do I fix this?

Change the Default Storage Location

I want to make my SD card the deafult storage location in order to keep the (built-in) NAND storage space as free as possible. For example, when the Web Activity downloads or when I want to keep notes I wrote in the Write Activity, I want the file(s) to be put onto the SD card (if present; if not, to NAND).

I considered making a symmetric link at /home/olpc to point to /media/My SD Card but stopped short when I realized that this means that the SD card would have to be in its slot at all times. Is there a "recommended" way of changing the default storage location (if at all)? ▪ NeoAmsterdamTalkEdits 03:11, 16 April 2008 (EDT)

enabling popups in the browser

I can't delete emails on my email page at, ostensibly because the popup confirmation window never appears. How can I enable/disable popups in the browser?

Installing activities

I was trying to install activities in my XO. My XO don't have Internet connections. So I download some activities (like gcompris,Gougu2,DrGeo ...)and saved them in the USB. I go to the Terminal and typed ( for eg. sugar-install-bundle /media/<my USB stick name here>/GComprise.activity.xo ) What I get is a > prompt. How can I install the activities?

Sorry I didn't read the wiki through. I get it now.

internet donation button

i mean with a internet donation button so some cents a day or points to change and free it is good and better than this authority methods because it is for children and i mean creativity is theirs and not education is with computer about for to help what they want and this points system is better and even windows xp and the internet to choose own interests too to so health programs but ideas and thoughts are better than this authority methods and with so points methods they can choose what they want and many humans in internet has so some cents changed to points over a day next day a month a year very independend and with no i want something back or about education so who makes that is correct and makes independend and not authority obesient i mean independend support of so humans not their above methods frank


Can i download the Skype software and use it mith my XO laptop? What version of Skype for Linux do I need? Thank you. Edna


My mom wanted this laptop because she thought because it was made for children and because she knew nothing about computers it would be simple for her to learn. When she received it she opened it and promptly closed it and put it away. The G1G1 she received is one of the first ordered and shipped out (version 650)Model# XO-1 serial#CSN74901BC1. Went to visit her in June and she gave it to me for my daughter. For the last week I have been trying to make some sense of this thing with no luck. If we could get it to perform like a normal everyday laptop I would love to keep it. A friend of mine printed your "SIMPLIFIED USER GUIDE" for me and I have printed other instructions from your site but I have still had no luck. So if you can provide me with the easy to understand instructions to convert the G1G1 to operate like a normal laptop THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL. Otherwise, it is in perfect condition. Please forward any information either to my e-mail address or my physical address 6325 Angel Drive, Burleson, TX 76028 Thanking you in advance for any consideration regarding the above. Angela A.

Connecting to wireless router

I was able to see and connect to my router (Linksys WRT54G v5) out of the box (March 2008) for several weeks. Was also able to see several wireless networks in the neighborhood. Didn't attempt again for several months. Activated T-Mobile account in June. Next time I attempted to access Internet with XO, could not see my router or any other in the neighborhood. Have been to local Starbucks and can't see hotspot. Only thing my neighborhood view shows is 3 mesh portals. I have tried all the fixes I have found suggested, including:

1. deleting the .cfg file 2. changing router to WEP encryption and other suggestions to combat Lazy WDS 3. changing channels on the router 4. fix suggested for a "hidden" access point

I have not tried updating the operating system; still running out of the box. Can anyone help me? Please dumb down answers, as I am extremely tech challenged and feeling more so by the minute! THANKS!!

Problem in hardware

Hello I am a Youth Fellow of ITU Telecom Asia 2008 from Bangladesh.I got one OLPC from this event.But now I have some hardware problem, my keyboard is not working.What can i do now?

Please email me ->

Marzia Bangladesh

Power Chord

I purchased a laptop for my child and donated one last December. At the time you did not have such an elaborate help system. The power cord broke a month later and I have never been able to find a replacement. We were also never able to access the T Mobile service. Can I buy a power chord and/or solar charger from you and how do I access the T Mobile service. Last year when I called the toll free number they didn't have any information. I hope that the child that I donated the computer to did not have this much trouble!

Kathleen King

My laptop hangs up when powered-on.

My laptop hang up when i was using opera so i decided to reboot. It powered on but it just stays on the big x guy, no icons or colors appeared. I tried reflashing it, even clean-installing it, and also tried doing the autoreinstallation just to make my laptop work again but to no avail. How can i make it work again?

xo laptop, shockwave flash not working, videos not working

Hi my xo laptop won't allow flash to run. When I connect to "you tube" or other programs where a video or game would run, its a black screen. Can you please help?

You need to install the proprietary Adobe Flash on the laptop; see . However, some flash movies or files that are too large will not play.