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Sexual health information & HIV/AIDS prevention.

  • Collaboration with international AIDS organizations is recommended for material targeted at older children. Possible partners include the Nkosi Johnson AIDS Foundation in South Africa.
  • The program 'the World starts with me' is a complete digital curriculum on sexual health and hiv/aids prevention. It was developed for Uganda and is currently being adapted for other countries. see:
  • WHO HIV Infections page
  • Y-RISE: The Service-Learning and HIV/AIDS Initiative
Y-RISE mobilizes young people in the fight against AIDS, combining research, tool development, training, and program implementation to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and direct service.


  • Developing a health education intervention to be evaluated on the OLPCs in Mozambique, specifically geared towards HIV/AIDS education
  • OLPC-Tanzania (Project Leader-Asad Moten): XO laptops for Health education specifically HIV/AIDS prevention, diagnosis, and treatment at tertiary clinics and schools in rural Tanzania.
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