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Demo Notes: Using the Laptop

These demo notes & tips are i


Q&A about Hardware

XO Returns Test for basic laptop, battery, power adapter problem isolation testing

Tool Box Suggestion

The following tools are recommended for an XO repair shop:

  • Long magnetized screwdriver, Cross-shaped or Phillips head tip
  • Mini screwdriver set, Cross-shaped or Phillips head tips
  • Extra screws (add the 6 different types used on the XO)
  • Super Glue
  • Masking tape or Labelling materials, markers
  • Duct tape
  • USB Memory sticks for backups or transferring files
  • Nylok screws of all 7 sizes used in the laptop
  • Spare parts including: antennas, keyboards, display screens, speaker, direction button, game keys, touchpad, power adapters, XO power supplies

For School Server, also include:

  • RJ45 crimp tool and connectors
  • Cat 5e ethernet cable
  • Cable ties
  • USB ethernet adaptors
  • Known good Ethernet cable, and cross-over ethernet cable - for debug
  • Ethernet hub (to connect multiple ethernet devices) - for debug

Here is a picture of the toolbox created by Carla Gomez in Nigeria. She also included a soldering iron for repairs of the antenna cables. After the B4 builds the antenna connection will change and there should be no need for a soldering iron in the XO repair kit.

Replaceable components

Images of the inside of the Laptop, images provided by Ari.

Directional Pad



Antenna Ears

In the B4 and earlier builds, you need to first remove the screen bevel, the display, the top cover, and then the antennas themselves. In the C build and the MP builds, you will need to remove only the screen bevel (details will be filled in when they are known).


The individual parts that constitute the case are all replaceable with just the use of a screw driver. There are extra screws in the laptop (interior to the handle) in case any are lost during the repair process.



Software-ECO - Software Engineering Change Order Process


Older Custom Builds

  • Here is a Spanish language build equivalent to 542, except TamTam is removed since sound doesn't work on the Spanish laptop. When TamTam is working with languages, that activity can be installed separately.

Build 542.4 - This is the full boot directory for auto-install. Unzip it and copy the entire boot directory to a USB stick; boot the laptop with this stick inserted.