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The OLPC project can use your help as a Photographer, professional or amateur. We do however have requirements for what photographs can and cannot be used.

Health Images

We are working on collections of images related to Health that can help diagnose or explain a treatment or technique. If you can take these photos please contact Seth to coordinate efforts. If you want to help find these images via Flickr or other image sites you may do so as well.

Stock Images

There is a project underway to massively search, tag, and scrape Creative Commons images from Flickr. The idea is to find quality photos of sound cultural, social, entertainment, health or educational value. How do we define these? We don't. You do. Please see Flickr and Content Stamping.


Please list your name if you do photography!

  • Mika - an amateur photographer with a Canon 30D. I don't take health-related photos but feel free to use my photos (all CC-by-SA) if they're useful.
  • ixo - an amateur photographer, taking pictures with the XO Laptop, Webcams, and a Canon A640 (has 8,000 digital images online from past 10 years).
  • AuntiMame - amateur photographer with a Nikon D40.
  • Davewa - amateur photographer with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. Mostly I do landscape work but I can also do technical photos.
  • Msmallwood - amateur photographer with a Nikon D60. Have taken journalistic, landscape, portraits, and staged photographs.