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Sign here if you have given a presentation or want to, or if you can give a demo. Let us know where you have been, and where else you are invited to. Would they like us to come back sometime?

Rajan Vaish
After interning this summer'08 for OLPC and finishing up Atlas America project,I participated at the Project Exhibition cum Competition at at International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3),co-hosted by Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University,Noida & University of Florida,Gainesville on Aug 8,2008 and won 1st prize competing with 40 other projects from various Indian Universities and Colleges including IITs.Details of the presentation can be viewed here.
Gaurav Chachra
Chandigarh, India
Engineering student in India. I've delivered presentations at Panjab University (5th February 2008) and demonstrated the laptop at Chandigarh Science Congress (14th March 2008) and Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (28th March 2008). Our team can make demonstrations at other places in India too. You can email me or leave a message on my talk page.
Edward Mokurai Cherlin
Cupertino CA
Google has loaned me an XO, and I will soon be ready to demonstrate it to anybody who is interested. I took it to the Silicon Valley LUG April meeting the day I got it. We got TiddlyWiki running on it.
Don Hopkins
Berkeley, CA
Working on pie menus, SimCity, game programming components, Internet Archive eBook reader activity, pypoppler PDF rendering module, Python programming.
Rowen Remis Iral
Bulacan, Philippines
Working to make developers involved. Willing to join OLPC for promotion, and selling XO and getting bulk orders of XO machine. Also developing XO machine and its component. Trying to squeeze and improve with the limits of B2-1 system.

Michael Burns
Corvallis OR
Working for the Open Source Lab as an evangelist and administrator. OSL has contributed to Sugar, Abirword, and Helix, among other activites for the laptop.

Mike Fletcher; Toronto, ON, Canada
Developer Relations for the OLPC project. Working on making it easier for developers to get involved and on getting developers to commit to the project. Willing to present to any group of developers who are interested in becoming involved in the project.
Mel Chua; Boston, MA
Electrical engineer and education researcher, active OLPC wiki and support-gang, former (and future) OLPC intern. Specialty Grassroots groups; involved in the formation of some of OLPC's most active volunteer chapters, willing to present to and work with grassroots groups forming or those who wish to form, particularly on making groups with a variety of technical/educational backgrounds work well together, and on University chapters.
Paul Reiber
Silicon Valley LUG President, Smalltalk developer
Tommy Gober
Longview, TX, USA
Secondary Education/Computer Science student at LeTourneau University. Currently developing amateur radio txt-mode software for the XO (see PSK31).
Iain D.; Bellingham, WA USA (Pacific Northwest, north of Seattle)
Have two day-0, XOs. Active OLPC Wiki and support-gang. Presentations in front of local LUG, preparing for presentation at regional Linux Fest conference. Available for demos and presentations just about anywhere in the state. Leave me a message on my Talk page if you're interested. Also qualifying as local repair center.
Florian Fainelli; Paris, France
Have one B4-XOs. Available for demos in Europe.