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The Gwangju Province

This page is for schools, kindergartens, colleges, or other educational entities located in the province shown in the left map. All information about XO (and/or its variations) deployment and its use will be posted here. Any school which has signed XO Agreement will have XO Icon

XO Icon

beside the school name, and there will be links to the School Servers of those schools with XO Icon. Visit XO Korea/School Server to see what kinds of softwares and content will be loaded on those servers, and how mesh networks operate via those servers.

Every school has its website as shown the list below. Please visit those sites to see detailed information about the school.

If a high school below has XO icon beside its name, visit the school to see how students are using XO laptops (and its variations) and what projects they are participating in.

You may see some repetitive words. Let's learn some basic Korean words, the only native language invented (rather than naturally formed) by human beings. As there are web addresses beside school names which include the English pronunciation of the school names they represent, you can easily interfere the name of any school by assembling words in web addresses and the Korean words below.

  • 초등학교 = Elementary School
  • 중학교 = Middle School
  • 고등학교 = High School
  • 대학 = College
  • 대학교 = University
  • 대학원 = Graduate School

All contact information related to schools will be posted on each school wiki page. That is, if XO Korea contacts a teacher or the chairman of a middle school located in Seoul via phone or mail etc., then all information (who, when, where, what, how, why, and some others) will be posted the middle school's page in this wiki, which does not exist until any contact takes a place. There also will be a method how to sort those contact information as a DB or OpenOffice spreadsheet.

By enlarging the right mesh map, you can see the distribution of servers in this province; Green dots for XO Korea/School Servers, Orange dots for XO Korea/Governmental Servers, and Yellow dots for XO Korea/Business Servers. The density of background color (grey) represents the density of Home Access Points, via which XO can use in-house wireless mesh network as access points to connect to the Web.

Our approaches to colleges, governments, and business sectors are somewhat different from those to pre-primary, elementary, middle, and high schools. When servers as mesh Web access points are set regardless of XO distribution, the location will be included in our Rabbit Area and has XO Icon beside its name.


Progress of XO Deployment

Mailing List

Sent mails

Received mails


Contact Information with Local Educational Authorities under the Ministry of Education

College list & XO Budget

Name (English)     Name(Korean)      Web      Courses      Students      Professors      Officers      XO Budget
광주보건대학 www.kjhc.ac.kr 23 6,030 101 52 US$1,360,260
기독간호대학 ccn.ac.kr 1 433 10 9 US$99,440
조선간호대학 www.cnc.ac.kr 1 736 15 9 US$167,200
동강대학 www.dongkang.ac.kr 55 7,103 100 85 US$1,603,360
서강정보대학 www.seokang.ac.kr 74 7,364 116 31 US$1,652,420
송원대학 www.songwon.ac.kr 59 7,504 105 31 US$1,680,800
조선이공대학 www.chosun-c.ac.kr 46 9,223 110 57 US$2,065,800
광주교육대학교 www.gnue.ac.kr 1 2,312 75 59 US$538,120
전남대학교 www.chonnam.ac.kr 82 25,856 918 389 US$5,975,860
광신대학교 www.kwangshin.ac.kr 5 519 35 19 US$126,060
광주여자대학교 www.kwu.ac.kr 62 2,424 62 42 US$556,160
조선대학교 chosun.ac.kr 127 30,968 663 376 US$7,041,540
호남대학교 www.honam.ac.kr 58 10,332 230 117 US$2,349,380
호남신학대학교 www.htus.ac.kr 4 910 26 17 US$209,660
남부대학교 www.nambu.ac.kr 21 1,674 65 13 US$385,440
광주대학교 www.gwangju.ac.kr 28 2,731 231 89 US$671,220