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This is ongoing construction. XO Communities are top decision-making layer of each region in Korea. Currently, there are 16 Communities in Korea, and each Community controls the developing Activities of each region.

Common roles of those communities are;

  • developing OLPC related tasks to do for each region, the nation, and the world
  • monitoring XO related activities in each region
  • advertising OLPC related issues
  • controls the operation of XO Service in the region
  • gathering donations

All revenues of XO Korea (such as donations, revenues from services provided to various organizations etc.) shall be transparently and openly expensed under the control of the OLPC Foundation. See Code of Ethics for details.

Seoul Community

1. Seoul

Incheon Community

2. Incheon

Daejeon Community

3. Daejeon

Gwangju Community

4. Gwangju

Daegu Community

5. Daegu

Ulsan Community

6. Ulsan

Busan Community

7. Busan

Gyeonggi Community

8. Gyeonggi

Gangwon Community

9. Gangwon

Chungnam Community

10. Chungnam

Chungbuk Community

11. Chungbuk

Gyeongbuk Community

12. Gyeongbuk

Jeonbuk Community

13. Jeonbuk

Jeonnam Community

14. Jeonnam

Gyeongnam Community

15. Gyeongnam

Jeju Community

Led by Do Young-Min php5 04:48, 5 July 2007 (EDT), living in Seoguipo, the Jejudo Island. It's the first community of XO Korea. See details at 16. Jeju.