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Weekly zine

The Weekly zine started from OLPC community members germinating ideas from IRC and the mailing lists, both the support-gang and grassroots groups eager for a place to post their own updates and to find out in more detail how community projects were developing. Several people stated it would be great to have an overview or summary view of all the activity going on around OLPC. Other related projects had been started -- OLPC:Wiki News by ixo (Iain), and Xoxo by xavi and sj -- and the structure developed from there.

Original core group, of which, Weekly zine would not be possible:

Translations by

  • English = lang-en (Default, see current editorial board members)
  • Español = lang-es (Thanks to dirakx, adric, sj and others )
  • Deutsch = lang-de (Thanks to... you? )
  • Portesge = lang-pt (Thanks to... you? )
  • French = lang-fr (Thanks to... you? )
  • Croatian = lang-hr (Thanks to Kiko, Lukas, Filip, Marko - still working on it)

Current issues

Main index of All Weekly zine issues

  • Issue 0: Blast off, initial issue: (2008 Jan-Feb 10th)
  • Issue 1: The really big issue. (2008 Feb 10th - 17th)
  • Issue 2: Even bigger issue.
  • Issue 3: My issue is bigger than your issue.
  • Issue 4: That's not an issue, this is an issue.
  • Issue 5: The big puffy shirt issue.

Next Issue

The pilot issue is currently under way... looking for contributors. Go ahead and add your own reviews, summaries, and observations under the appropriate section !!!!

Please use the following Guidelines

How to contribute

Read Manual of Style.

Write a short new summary in notepad, or other simple text editor.

When done, cut and paste article in appropriate section in next available issue (or future issue, if needed)

Spell and grammar check article, if able.

Ask a peer to review, or other people in #olpc-support-gang.

Double-check to make sure one line summary appears on front page of issue. (See Manual of Style for code examples).

Update the 'editorial board box' to reflect your name and irc nick, (if willing).

Add Translation bar to the top of the page, if not already there.

Have a cookie, you are done! :)

Ideas for future issues

Future topics/features

  • interview the original core OLPC who are still with OLPC (as per IRC chat on support gang)
  • Project of the Day
  • Summaries from each of the country News sites.
  • Updates from BrightStar and Pariot (what's been happening there...)
  • Estimates on current number of 'active' volunteers (i.e. made contact in last week / month?)
    • Encourage registering volunteer hours in database for local volunteer 'hour log'
    • aka. 1-800-volunteer

... other ideas