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Please note that the concept of collaboration in a page conflates the changes done in both the article PLUS talk pages, and only pages where 3 or more editors participate are listed.

space editors page + talk page + talk page + talk
(Main) 6 editors Summer of Content interns (history) Summer of Content mentors (history)
(Main) 5 editors OLPC volunteers portal (history) Talk:Curriculum Jam Taipei (history)
(Main) 4 editors Ask OLPC a Question/New (history) Information of shareware (history) News (history)
(Main) 4 editors OLPC Firmware q2c20 (history) OLPC Greece/Translation/Tamtam project (history) PO-laptop.org-vision-it (history)
(Main) 4 editors Talk:Curriculum Jam Taipei/Registration (history) Test Group Release Notes (history) University program (history)
(Main) 3 editors Annotation (history) BTest-4 Release Notes (history) Correlating Bitfrost and Threats (history)
(Main) 3 editors Curriculum Jam Taipei/lang-zh (history) Etoys RPM and XO bundle (history) Library grid (history)
(Main) 3 editors OLPC Greece (history) PO-laptop.org-top-level-en-US/translations (history) PO-laptop.org-zh-TW (history)
(Main) 3 editors Participate (history) Software ideas (history) Talk:OLPC Keyboard layouts (history)
(Main) 3 editors Talk:Source-code editor with transparent
native-language display
Talk:Wiki (history) Talk:Wikimania (history)
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