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The following statistics correspond to the changes produced between 2007-09-29T18:19:13+00:00 and 2007-10-08T00:24:52+00:00

You may find the built-in Special:Statistics of interest too.

Disclaimer: Consider this data as pre-alpha.


most viewed

A total of 4607 pages were served, totalling 180214 views.

hits page hits page hits page
18145 The OLPC Wiki 11195 Demo notes 6075 News
4487 Hardware specification 3233 Software components 2975 Emulating the XO
2549 Developers program 2362 Demo notes/542 1712 Sugar
1664 OS images 1527 Demo notes/lang-es 1332 Power Management
1328 OLPC Human Interface Guidelines 1305 OLPC Keyboard layouts 1259 Write
1241 Content 1224 OLPC on free/open source software 1163 Emulating the XO/Quick Start
1161 Ask OLPC a Question 1155 One Laptop per Child 1149 Video of the OLPC
1145 Test issues 1108 OLPC Peru/Arahuay 956 Autoreinstallation image
904 Demo notes/lang-ko 862 Ask OLPC a Question/New 852 Educators
847 XO: The Children's Machine 742 Sugar Instructions 738 Bitfrost
698 OLPC Nigeria/Galadima 686 Xulrunner 685 Python
679 VMware 675 Using QEMU on Windows XP 673 LOGO
651 Etoys 649 B1 Pictures 648 Getting involved in OLPC
644 Core principles 644 Activities 633 Sugar on Ubuntu Linux
611 Ask OLPC a Question about Distribution 582 Getting started programming 576 Contact OLPC
568 Software

most edited

A total of 328 pages were edited, totalling 1599 editions.

edits page edits page edits page
409 Demo notes/542 91 Demo notes 42 Ask OLPC a Question/New
37 Activities 36 Demo notes/608 32 Pootle
27 OLPC India 17 Serial adapters 16 Game Jam Brasil
16 Software components/translations 14 Treenimation 13 Hardware specification/translations
12 Demo notes/542/lang-he 12 Content/translations 11 Kqrelease
11 Report 11 Demo notes/lang-ko 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
10 Demo notes/lang-es 10 Developers program/translations 10 Acoustic Tape Measure
9 Autoreinstallation image 9 Curriculum Jam Manila/Schedule 9 OLPC Thailand/Ban Samkha/trial-200705
9 Jupiter 9 Educators/translations 9 Emulating the XO/Help and tips
8 Test Config Notes 8 Demo notes/translations 8 Game Jam Brasil/Regulamento
8 Game development meetings 8 Social effects 8 Educators/Roll Call

most added

A total of 191 pages had an increase in size, totalling 324972 bytes.

bytes page bytes page bytes page
32553 Demo notes/lang-es 27624 Demo notes/542/lang-he 27380 Pootle
25984 Demo notes/542 18953 Demo notes/lang-ko 17134 Demo notes/lang-ja
15265 Demo notes 8954 Ask OLPC a Question/New 7776 The OLPC Wiki/lang-no
6687 Browse 6137 Acoustic Tape Measure 5045 Demo notes/608
4929 Manufacturing Data 4518 Hackety Hacking the Computer Science Classroom Workspace 4164 Jupiter
3951 Emulating the XO/Help and tips 3914 OLPC Firmware q2c28 3723 News
3630 PO-laptop.org-top-level-cat


Please note that the concept of collaboration in a page conflates the changes done in both the article PLUS talk pages, and only pages where 3 or more editors participate are listed.

space editors page + talk page + talk page + talk
(Main) 24 editors Ask OLPC a Question/New (history)
(Main) 11 editors Software components/translations (history)
(Main) 9 editors Hardware specification/translations (history)
(Main) 8 editors Content/translations (history)
(Main) 7 editors Activities (history) Developers program/translations (history) Educators/translations (history)
(Main) 7 editors Keyboard Shortcuts (history)
(Main) 5 editors Acoustic Tape Measure (history) Educators/Roll Call (history) Game Jam Brasil (history)
(Main) 5 editors Jupiter (history) Talk:Activities (history) Talk:Main Page (history)
(Main) 4 editors IRC/translations (history) OLPC India (history) OLPC Thailand (history)
(Main) 4 editors Report (history) Talk:Sugar (history) Translating/HowTo (history)
(Main) 4 editors Treenimation (history)
(Main) 3 editors 542 Demo Notes (history) 608-demo-notes (history) Animation (history)
(Main) 3 editors Ask OLPC a Question (history) Autoreinstallation image (history) Concerns and criticism (history)
(Main) 3 editors Content Management/Use Cases (history) Ethiopic (history) Etoys (history)
(Main) 3 editors Keyboard layouts (history) Khairat school (history) Kqrelease (history)
(Main) 3 editors Localization Common Room (history) Manufacturing Data (history) Other ideas (history)
(Main) 3 editors Peripherals (history) Serial adapters (history) SoftwareBinaryDifferentialUpdate (history)
(Main) 3 editors Talk:Educators (history) Talk:Record (history) Talk:SoftwareBinaryDifferentialUpdate (history)
(Main) 3 editors Talk:Treenimation (history) Tr PO (history) What would you do with your XO laptop (history)
(Main) 3 editors Write (history)
Project 9 editors OLPCWiki:About (history)
Category 5 editors Category:Pages maintained by OLPC (history)

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