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The XO School server - also referred to as XS - is a computer with a large hard disk and fast processor, with server software on it and provides the infrastructure required for the laptop to operate, in a cost-efficient manner (cf below). It provides mesh access points and Internet connectivity, library services, and an extension to the data storage provided locally on the laptop. It is both a hardware device, a collection of software services which may run on a variety of hardware, and a particular software implementation.


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Many will agree the XServer helps to unlock the value of the XO-laptop and is a key pillar to the OLPC objectives in that it builds upon the strong points of the educational landscape in that a Ministry of Education is organized, there are specialists, there is experience in allocating resources to the best places, the fact that the XO is deployed most often in schools and class situations which are all factors to reduce costs of the implementation of an XO-XS deployment. More: Types / Categories of Questions related to costs.


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