Guinea Budget for the Announcement, Intro and Data-Retrieval Phase

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Phase2in5highlightedDataRetrievalPhaseinthe5PhasesinanOLPCEducationalProjectImplementation.jpg DataRetrievalPhaseinthe5PhasesinanOLPCEducationalProjectImplementation.jpg

(I used the lower picture to be conservative and follow the OLPC Deployment Guide.)--SvenAERTS 11:41, 22 March 2012 (UTC)

So the volunteers at decided they wanted to make a quotation, holding a budget for 2 separate things:

  1. that part in the drawings above, the "Announcement, Intro and Data Retrieval Phase", i.e. what budget should the Ministry of Education foresee for
    1. setting up an internal team to accompany a 10.000 XO deployment,
    2. retrieving all the data necessary to fill out the spreadsheet book developed by OLPC Employee Giulia D'AMICO that is used by OLPC to get to figures and data used in the contract that is concluded between OLPC and the Ministry of Education,
    3. receiving an OLPC team to work out that contract,
    4. announce the effort to the Education Sector and the citizens - presumably via the public media,
    5. develop procedures, use these procedures to identify and obtain the advice of regional experts to generate all the data and insert them in that spreadsheet book,
    6. etc. --SvenAERTS 11:41, 22 March 2012 (UTC)
  2. secondly a thumbrule budget for a downpayment to OLPC that would be equal to the budget for the deployment of 10.000 XO's as a preparation for a full scale deployment. The number 10.000 was chosen because from that number, OLPC really starts taking the government serious and labels the project not as a mere "Deployment" but as a "Pilot Project", as mentioned on the deployment -pages and -maps and as I was advised to by OLPC Employee Giulia D'AMICO during a chat session preparing our trip to Guinea to meet with the Minister of Education and the Vice President=Prime Minister for our own projects.--SvenAERTS 11:41, 22 March 2012 (UTC)

Literature research:

  1. on this wiki:
    1. Korea Budget Formula:
      1. $ 176.00 Unit Price of Original XO used by XO Korea
      2. $ 9.00 =1/20 of Unit Price of XO Korea School Server
      3. $ 5.00 =Logistics + Extra Machines cost + Other Expenses
  2. plan Ceibal: Presentation on TEDx scroll to time laps 16'34"
    1. Total investment plan Ceibal: 100 million $,
    2. 188 $/XO,
    3. 60$/XO for everything else - connectivity, antennas, internet, technical service, logistics, servers, spare parts, delivery, and TV Channel with daily TV broadcasts of news and best educational plans and exercices. Life expectancy: 4 yrs/XO
    4. Less than 5% of the budget of the Ministry of Education
    5. Less than 1-2% of the GDP of the country of Paraguay
  3. google: /

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