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XO Caudecus

XO Health Portal

The concept of the XO Health Portal is to build a content bundle using (relatively) simple HTML documents containing high-quality basic health information. These "leaf" topic pages are to be linked from a series of index pages. The design (and the initial starting content) is going to be modeled on the MedLinePlus Health Topics portal from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) which is part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).


Name of Collection Filetype(s) Language URL to Content Submitted by License
MedLinePlus html en, es Cjl PD, with certain exceptions to be avoided

XO Health portal development process

These pages will focus on the adaptation of MedLinePlus into the initial build of the XO Health portal bundle. A more generalized treatment content workflow concepts can be found on the Content_workflow page.

Step 1

Identifying the content source.

Step 2

Downloading raw materials.

Step 3a

Analyzing structure of the MedLinePlus site.

Step 3b

Analyzing structure of an individual MedLinePlus Health Topic page.

Step 4

Re-factoring the structure of both site and page to be better suited for internationalization and localization.

layout design ideas

Step 5

After mechanics of new structure design and conversion of existing materials is worked out, a review of suitablility of individual topic pages can be performed. One advantage of waiting until after an initial version of the XO Health Portal is produced is to model the local modification of this content bundle and develop documentation of how to perform modification and upkeep on such a bundle.

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