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^ Overview

  • Community: Cambridge plays host to its first Open Jams, bringing local community members together to work on projects and describe them for others to join. The Yale OLPC chapter is formed.
  • OLPC Europe: Holger Levsen oversaw the OLPC presence at LinuxTag in Berlin, one of Europe's largest hacker conferences. A project application contest led to 70 of 100 XOs being given away. Christoph Derndofer is visiting through early Wednesday for the bootcamp
  • Contributors' program : Over the past two weeks, in addition to the XOs given to developers @ LinuxTag, 50 machines have gone out to developers, and another 65 have begun the shipping process.
  • Interns: Alex Levenson started work this week, focusing on setting up a demo machine to highlight the capabilities of the XO. He is publishing images for others to try. Available mentors for smaller summer projects are posting short summaries of their interests and availability on our Profiles page.
  • Wiki: a number of parts of the wiki are being actively updated. Cjl and Francesca have been categorizing and organizing lists of deployment countries, activities, and partner organizations. Contributors from Oceania have been highly active over the past week, rapidly organizing pages about their sites and proposing a number of related software and activity projects.
  • Open projects :

x Connections

opportunities, people, engagements

· Artefacts

projects, events, news, materials

= Fundament

status, deadlines, assumptions, processes

  • Next week : the Grassroots bootcamp comes to 1CC -- 10 community members from active local OLPC groups are coming to Boston to discuss best practices for organizing local communities and connecting them with ongoing OLPC trials. The guests will be in the office from Monday through Thursday working on drafting and refining existing guides, materials and support networks.
  • Local grassroots office updates : ILXO and ilxo.org. Work planned on XO Accessibility and other projects. Proposed small XO projects : Cambridge Friends School Pilot

+ Priorities

milestones, sequences, first and next

  • A rigorous application process for future grassroots gatherings is proposed.
  • Processes and priorities being defined include the Repair draft for starting repair centers, the Community ambassadors for liaisons between different parts of our international community, and the Jams description of how to organize and promote a local jam/event.


  • The grassroots groups are working this week on smoothing out the coverage of upcoming presentations to more equitably cover different fields of interest, languages, and countries. Also scheduling the next year of events - those organized by OLPC groups and those where we have a presence or a booth.
  • This week : Grassroots bootcamp (June 9-12); This weekend : Grassroots Jam NYC
  • June :
    End of June: Developers are gathering in Boston for a week (including Martin :)
    June 26-27? Chicago meetup
  • July:
    iCommons 2008 : Sapporo, Japan
    Wikimania 2008 : Library of Alexandria, July 17-20
  • August :
    2d half of Aug: OLPC Croatia is planning a pan-European event in the outdoors
    Week of Aug 17: OLPC HQ is planning a public poster session for its summer projects, and accepting ideas for presentations and lightning talks.

o Reflection

review, updates, analysis, feedback