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This is the de facto place for admins to coordinate. If you are looking for information on being an administrator, or on admin rights and responsibilities, see notes for administrators and the administrator's manual.

Nominations for adminship

Adminship is no big deal. Administrators need to learn how to use the logs, the delete and protect tabs, and the block tool; please nominate regular wiki users you trust, checking that they have some familiarity with the wiki.

All editors and wiki-users are encouraged to weigh on on nominees for adminship.

To nominate a user, add a section here with their name, and a username (talk · contribs) template below it, along with a paragraph describing their work and why they would be a reasonable admin. List newest nominations at the top of the page. After ten days, nominations should be closed, and any admin can do the closing; nominations with more than 80% support are likely to be adminned. Nominees with unanimous support from more than three editors can be adminned after five days.see talk

  • none

others to consider

Nominations for de-adminship

We have a small number of active admins and bureaucrats, and should clean up our lists to reflect this fact.

Admins who haven't edited or used admin privs in over a year may have their flag removed. Anyone can argue to support/keep the flag for any of these folks; if there's no argument in favor it will be removed. Easy enough to get it back if desired later; this way the list of admins and bureaucrats is reasonably accurate.

Recently discussed

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Older Questions and Answers

On Administrative tasks

  • I've been patrolling the general edits, does it help? I try not to patrol technical and similar edits that may compromise the hardware/software builds, etc
    Yes, it helps.
  • I'm trying to categorize the site, and was thinking that Wikipedia's handling of subcategories as expandable lists would be a nice extension to have in order to avoid content being lost deep within sub-categories (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Computer_architecture)
    Ahh, interesting point. We should do this.
  • I've been doing some reworks with the Ask OLPC a Question area (mainly writing up /Summary pages for the ... about XXX pages). The selection of questions (and body of the answer) could use some OLPC staff member to review their correctness. comments? should those /Summary pages be protected? if yes, only to registered users or exclusively admins?
    No need to protect them; just keep an eye on them. I try not to protect anything until some vandal starts to make them unusable.
  • What should I be doing to patrol vandalism?
    Take a look at OLPC:Vandalism and monitor Special:Recentchanges using some of the features there : toggle viewing "logged in users", for instance, and you will only see the IPs who have never logged in. You can also visit Special:Contributions/newbies to see contribs by the newest users.

List of current Admins

see also: Special:Listusers (The manual listings below are incomplete. Click the header links for a database listing.)