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see also Presentations

Past events

Events, conferences and roadshows that somehow may involve OLPC can happen at any time. The following is a list of upcoming and past events that are, in some way, related to OLPC and its goals. The community is encouraged to go to these events with their XOs and take part in any way they like.

If you are planning substantial presence at any of these events, want to share more information and/or say who in the OLPC community is attending, feel free to create a page, categorize it (as one of Events, Jam, Presentations, etc.) and link it from here.

Roadshow archive: to 2008.



Tuesday, April 20

"One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Project: Plan, Updates, Direction, Participation." by Sameer Verma at Bay Area Linux Users Group. April meeting. http://www.balug.org/#Meetings-upcoming


Saturday February 6

OLPC Morocco presentation of the OLPC project at the Linux party event of the Mohammadia School of Engineering, Rabat, Morocco.




GNOME Users And Developers European Conference - includes GNOME Mobile
interest: marco, morgs, Sayamindu, DanielDrake



Saturday November 14

CUELA and LAUSD Tech Fest from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Mulholland Middle School in the San Fernando Valley. Support-Gang members Caryl and Jamaal will talk about the Contributors Program and have hands on demonstrations of the XO. 12 XOs from the CUELA XO lending library will be available for teachers to check out.



September 26...Speakers Wanted!

OHIO LinuxFEST in Columbus, OH. is looking for speakers. Contact: phil@ohiolinux.org

September 19

software freedom day in Morocco.The presentation will be by Ahmed Mansour, the OLPC_Morocco team coordinator.



Start date::July 22, 2009 9am - 5pm and Start date::July 23, 2009 9am - 5pm

OLPC-SF has a booth in the dot ORG pavilion with SF Bay Area "Linux User Groups" at OSCON 2009. Some photos are posted at http://www.lugod.org/photos/2009.07.22/ Materials used at the booth are at File:Oscon2009-factsheet.odt, File:Oscon2009-factsheet.pdf and File:Oscon2009.zip


June 25
Presentation by Caryl Bigenho for Bozeman LUG [3] at Montana State University. Checked out 7 loaner laptops for a month to members.


May 16
OLPC-France - Presentation of the OLPC project at TICE Libre, Toulouse, France.


April 25
InfoTech at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Caryl Bigenho was invited to participate with a 5 XO "Sandbox" and SoaS in the CUELA booth at this large event sponsored by the Los Angeles Unified School District. The XO computer and Sugar software were a hit. There was a lot of interest in SoaS and an open source affiliate for CUE. CUE is Computer Using Educators, a very large statewide organization in California.


March 5-7
CUE Conference in Palm Springs, CA. Caryl Bigenho has been accepted as a presenter for one of the "Bonus" sessions on March 5. CUE (Computer Using Educators) of California, founded in 1978, is one of the oldest and largest educational technology organizations in the United States.

Conference participation a success. Lots of interest in OLPC, the XO, and Sugar. A pdf version of the presentation slides is posted. A ppt version will be available soon.


February 25-27
NAIS Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. Four XOs will be part of the "Classroom of the Future" hands-on exhibit presented by contributor Chris Bigenho from Dallas, TX.
February 20-22
7th Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) at the Westin LAX in Los Angeles, CA. "Booth Keepers" Caryl Bigenho, Jonathan Pfeiffer, Ed Bigenho. Other XOs were at the Rockbox Booth with Austin Arpel and the Earth Treasury Booth with Ed Cherlin, and at the assorted other Linux booths.

Great response. Had 5 XOs running Sugar and 2 loaner XOs running Debian Ubuntu from live usb keys. Handed out 200+ information flyers about volunteering and the contributors program. Collected 19 names of people interested in a SoCal (LAXO?) grassroots group.


January ??
Linux.Conf.AU, Tasmania
Erik Garrison and Deepak Saxena have submitted "An Analysis of Flash File System Alternatives" as a talk proposal



December 26-29 
25C3, Berlin, Germany.
Where OLPC Germany and France first got off the ground last year. 2nd annual OLPC meeting there.
December 6-8
FUDCon Boston
interest sj, mstone, marco, morgs (tomeu? simon?), Sayamindu
attending gdk
December 5-7
FUDCon Boston F11


November 19 & 20
Massachusetts Computer Using Educators 2008
Annual Conference: Promoting 21st Century Learning
Sturbridge Host Hotel and Conference Center, Sturbridge, MA.
Workshop title: Active Learning with the XO.
Workshop presenters: Mass XO Users Group. An XO Jam Kit is needed/requested for demonstrations.
November 18-20
2nd International Conference on Sustainable Education
Education That Pays For Itself 2008
Karatara (Knysna), South Africa
Attendees: Morgan Collett, Marco Rosa


October 23-25
MoodleMoot Spain - Barcelona, Spain
Attending: Martin Langhoff (with several talks)
October 21-22
MoodleMoot - Rome, Italy
Attending: Perhaps - Martin Langhoff
October 18-19
Open Sustainability Camp[4]
Exploring free content and knowledge sharing in sustainability, international development, appropriate technology and solutions to poverty.
Game Jam Peru New technology conference, Lima, Peru : hosted by OLPC's partner university in Peru, with an OLPC Jam at the event. Details to come.
October 11-13
The Boston Summit is a three-day hackfest for GNOME developers and contributors. It is not primarily aimed at users or new contributors
Attendees: Seth
October 8-10 MoodleMoot NZ Eastern Institute of Technology, Napier - Hawkes Bay
Attending: Martin Langhoff (with several talks)
October 2-3
MoodleMoot AU All Hallows' School, Brisbane, Queensland
Attending: Martin Langhoff (with several talks)
October 1-3 
MontaVista Vision Embedded Linux Developer's Conference 2008, San Francisco
Deepak Saxena presenting keynote on OLPC's use of Linux and challenges we face there


September 20
Software Freedom Day
local events around the world
September 17-19 
Linux Plumber's Conference, Portland OR. For Linux system programmers.
Several OLPC people plan to attend.Deepak Jim Gettys
September 17
Software Freedom Day? and International Science, Innovation and Technology Exhibition, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Morgan Collett invited by the State IT Agency's FOSS Program Office to run an OLPC stand.
September 16
A meeting/workshop to introduce OLPC to a wider audience at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica and its neighborhood. http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Jamaica#OLPC_Workshop_at_UWI_Mona_Campus_.28Sept_16.2C_2008.29
September 12-14
PyCon 2008 UK http://www.pyconuk.org/booking.html
September 5-7
FUD ConBrno 2008, Brno, Czech Republic
interest: marco, tomeu, simon
September 3-5 
X Developer's summit


August 29-31
Physics Jam, OLPC HQ
A Jam to make use of the new Physics engine on the XO, a version of box2d. Examples to date include the Physics activity and Alex L's new x2o game framework.
Attending: GameLab folks, Museum of Science text curators, Mel Chua, SJ, Jordans 1-2,
August 23-28 
Sugar documentation sprint, Austin, TX
August 8-10
Game Jam, ILXO
organized by mchua and nlee
August 7 - August 9 
IC3 co-hosted by Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University,Noida & University of Florida,Gainesville .Represented for OLPC by Rajan Vaish.
August 5-7 
LinuxWorld Expo
August 3 
OLPC India Day
July 30 - August 1 
Thailand learning workshop