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These are ongoing projects. For a more immediate slice of what I'm working on, go here.


The line between what I do for work and what I do in my "spare time" as a community volunteer is occasionally blurry, but in general...




Many of the things I do aren't listed here. I tend to wander around the community nudging grassroots stuff into existence and just don't bother writing much of what I do down, mainly because I haven't figured out how to do it in a way that doesn't take up time I could be spending doing More Work. As Seth said, my outputs tend to be the fact that other people are producing output.


Projects and ideas I'd like to do, or see done, but haven't committed to yet. Usually the missing part is a collaborator, knowledge, resources, or just plain old activation energy and free time. If you'd like to take one of these projects (the important thing is that they happen, not who makes them happen), collaborate with me on any of them, offer support, or just talk and brainstorm about related ideas, please contact me.


  • Rosetta Stone clone in Pygame (Update: An IMSA student is now doing this as her research project.)


  • "Heathkit" style build-your-own peripheral kits for the XO (solder your own gamepad, etc)
  • Intro to electrical engineering through taking apart & developing for the XO
  • Developing the Summer of Content program, which had a summer 2007 pilot and needs to be picked up again when everyone has time. Also see Summer of Content.


  • Bounties for awesome, a system of collecting open content problems, encouraging work on them, and moderating rewards for progress on their solutions. Not entirely OLPC-related, though.
  • The Classrooms for Free Culture project would be a good follow-up to University program.
  • We need to get more reports back from pilot schools. OLPC-related research could be aggregated using and other tools - or a similar system might be a good way for students to collaborate on documents. "Best-documented school" contest?
  • Review squad