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Born Nov 26 2007
(C2/MP) Build 650 (rev latest)
See Uruguay
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IRC Nick: ixo
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Top wiki pages

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XO addons:

Wiki clean up:

Top offsite

My notes

  • Some wiki Templates I've added: {{:RightTOC}}
  • G1G1: Seeding Mongolia (10K), Haiti (1K), Rwanda (1K), Ethiopia (1K), Cambodia (1K), and Afghanistan (1K).

My Background

(Picture from Second Life)
(Picture from Lego World)
(Real-Life #1)
(Real-Life #2)

Summary Details

  • Name: ixo or iainD or iain or guy with funny hat
  • Location: Bellingham, WA, USA
    • (Pacific Northwest: between Vancouver, BC, Canada and Seattle, Washington State)
  • Proud owner of a Nov 12th, G1G1 OLPC - XO-1 Laptop (MP) - arrived Dec 20th 2007.
    • (also purchased another one for local relative, 2 laptops were donated via G1G1 program)
    • Regional XO Repair center (4+ XOs in various stages of repair)


  • Recycler and eWaste Manager: 30+ years
  • IT Manager and Consultant: 20+ years
  • Server/Services Management: 15+ years
  • Volunteer with local non-profit organizations: 10+ years.
  • Web 2.0 / Website development: 8+ years
  • Wiki management / user: 7+ years
  • Linux 'sysAdmin'/User experience: Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu/Kubuntu, OpenSuSE

Odd factoid

  • Has Museum of Technology: 3 rooms filled with historical and unique technology.
    • Examples: IBM PC (286/386), Tandy 1000, Apple IIe/MacPlus/MacSE/MacIIcs/IIe,
    • Commodore C64/Amiga/Pet, Atari 2600/7800, iPortal, Vectrex, etc .
    • Mac Plus, SE, SE/30, IIci, IIgs, Performas, iMac 350/500, etc.
    • i386/i586: PI 166, PII 400, PIII 800/1G, P4 1.8/2.4/2.6, AMD, and others....

Further details

Offsite linkages

XO Sightings

2008 Travels By ixo, Jan 21-27th, 2008. Costa Rica, July 29-Aug 3rd : Glacier Bay Alaska


Very open minded, and always interested in hearing ideas, suggestions, or feedback. Please leave a message on my talk page or just start up a conversation. Preferred sharing license: Creative Commons Cc-by-nc-sa-80x15.png license 3.0