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Countries are not always the best - most logical regional entity to gather people: many borders / countries are artificial, remnants of wars or colonialism, cutting people with the same language and culture in two or worse. Hence the logic of this category: Regional Groups.

The Deployments page summarizes actual regional deployments of OLPC laptops.

There are many other interest groups, user groups, and advocacy groups around the world enthused about OLPC's mission and the XO laptop.

Check out the countries page: . The software that makes this wiki has a great feature called "Categories". When you put at the bottom of your page the, the wiki software understands you want your page to be taken up in an overview page where all the countries are listed and it does that automatically. There's many categories that have been created: e.g. on deployment where all matter related to deployment and kick-starting new groups are grouped together, etc. Just keep it in mind.

20 Active Groups for

since December 2008

Wanted: an active HAITI group - Then please leave at least YOUR name and contact me. --SvenAERTS 09:46, 22 May 2013 (UTC)

Note: All these pages starting with OLPC and then a country name are actually reserved for the official representation of the NGO OLPC and mostly there is no registered national OLPC subsidiary. Probably you/they want to refer to a national/regional OLPC Community, but that just starts with the country name : so not OLPC Belgium but Belgium. When the dots have to be put on the "i", it is illegal to call yourself "OLPC Belgium", only a mandated entity by OLPC in the USA/MIT not for profit, can open up a regional OLPC office in Belgium. What you can do is create a starting page Belgium - but of course with your country name - and call yourselves "the OLPC Community in Belgium", and then you could e.g. put - on your country page - a list with regions in your country and start working out the page of your region if that's relevant at all, because mind yourself splitting-up/separating OLPC Community members. Learn to be open and collaborative. You are very few OLPC minded people in a country, unpaid most of the time. Your competitors are the paid commercial people from other for profit ICT companies. You will need all free energy/time available in a country to compete them.--SvenAERTS 09:46, 22 May 2013 (UTC)

Some groups with upcoming events on

Here is every XO user group page in this wiki annotated with a start date or an end date in the future. {{#ask:[[start date::>2023-06-10]] OR [[end date::>2023-06-10]]

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Setting up a group

Add a section to the "Talk" page (click the [discussion] tab) if you're interested in meeting other users and there isn't already a group in your area.

Infrastructure that can be used in forming groups:

This isn't an exhaustive list, Community building and How to start a grassroots group have more ideas.

Groups might also set up their own Jabber server, since there isn't one set up for XO owners as a whole, due to scale and cost issues.

Larger regional groups

OLPC Spanish America
a portal about laptop distributions in Spanish America
OLPC Europe
a meta-grassroots group with their own newsletter and bi-monthly meetings
OLPC Oceania
covers the OLPC Australia and OLPC New Zealand as well as the Solomon Islands and many other countries. OLPC Friends is the regional community organisation

Online groups

Besides the regional groups listed on this page:

National groups

Organizations that are currently promoting OLPC, and local community groups:


Latin America & Caribbean

private sector, University of Technology, Jamaica Linux Users Group and private citizens


Africa - Afrique

Asia and Oceania


Kaohsiung, Taiwan

A XO user group is starting at Games Cafe in Kaohsiung on Saturday afternoons. We're only on emulators now, but hopefully will be getting the real thing soon. Contact Tobey (at) Playgames (dot) tw for more info.

Hong Kong

I would like to invite Hong Kong game designers and developers and software developers in general to start the Hong Kong XO Developers Group. Contact sdjrueda at polyu dot edu dot hk for more if interested. I would also be interested in starting or joining a users group. --Jarueda 07:26, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

North America


British Columbia

Jeremy Penner Looking to form an xo users group in Vancouver.

A Vancouver OLPC XO User Group Meeting was held February 16th, 2008. Details; Photos


  • XO-Québec, une communauté québécoise en développement à l'entour du OLPC et de son environnement d'apprentissage.


See OLPC United States#User groups and unoffical groups

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