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The contents of this page are considered outdated and some of the information may be stale. Please use information here with caution, or update it.
  This page is monitored by the OLPC team.

The community and core team work through a slate of test issues for each major build and release. This page highlights the current tests being run, the testing process in general, and how to contribute your own results or bugs.

Release info

Testing for release 11.3.1

Testers are reporting test results on the testing mailing list or by reporting bugs.

They are not using Test group release notes.

Testing for release 11.2.0

See Test_cases/11.2 for information about testing the 11.2.0 release.

Testing for the 10.1.x releases

Testing for major release 8.2.0

Testing for minor releases 8.1.x

Testing for release 8.1.0

Release 8.1.0 was also known as "Update.1", see Update.1 tests for tests and Testing Update.1 Results.

Community testing

People interested in testing should join the Testing mailing list, which is also mirrored on an external forum.

The awesome New Zealand testers use a very simple Activity testing template.

Test beds:

Older obsolete community efforts:

Links of Interest to Testing

Equipment specs:

  • Infrastructure_AP: Zoom 4400 AP+2 Wireless-G Access Point (Approx. $50 USD)
  • Long range Wireless: Wavion’s WS410 Spatially Adaptive Wi-Fi Access Point (Approx. $1600 USD)
  • Server HW Specs

Builds of interest

See OS images for build streams, release candidates, joyride builds, etc.

For latest activities, run Software update in Sugar Control Panel, or download individual Activities.

Older builds and activities

Activities script/latest activities for 8.1:

Notes and minutes

General navigation

Test cases 8.2.0 lists the test cases created for the recent release 8.2.0.

Test results are in TestResults 8.2.0

The {{Community testing}} navigation template is shown below:

XO Checkbox

The navigation template {{Test-nav}} is shown below, it should be updated and many related pages need to be merged:

Test cases and test results

Mid-2008 users including Femslade, Charlie, and Kimquirk created test cases for 8.2.0 that can be created and modified using a form. Testers can also use the same form to add testing results, see Reporting test results.

See, e.g. Tests/Activity/Write/Public_sharing as a sample.

All these test cases are in Category:Test cases and most are listed by the queries in Test cases 8.2.0.

In 2007 and early 2008, tests were just wiki pages, e.g. Tests/Browse. Those older test cases are mostly in Category:Test Plans and/or Category:Tests.

Test case management

To add test categories to the pull down menu in Form:Test case, modify Property:Test category

To add stream checkboxes to Form:Test case, modify Property:Build stream

To build queries that list test cases, edit TestCase Queries and copy the {{#ask: ... }} markup. For other examples of queries, see Testcase Query Examples

Comments at Semantic MediaWiki#Issues for Test cases.

Testing areas

These "User stories" tests date from 2007-2008

High level topics for "User stories testing" can be divided into a few major categories:

One Hour Smoke Test

  1. Smoke test links to the 1-hour smoke test for different releases, and other smoke tests.


  1. Tests/100 laptops

Views and visualizations

  1. Home view
  2. Groups view
  3. Neighborhood view
  4. Frame

Mime Types

  1. Mime Types test from yolinux.com

Battery Life

Base line test for battery life. Boot up the machines, fully charge, remove the adapters and see how long the battery lasts.

Regular processes

  1. Tests/Start up and Activation
  2. Test Basic Operation
  3. Tests/Connectivity and Collaboration
  4. Tests/Archive, Backup, Content
  5. Tests/Invite

International Laptops

  1. Tests/Keyboard mappings
  2. Tests/Language settings


  1. From last stable build
  2. Tests/Backward_Comp

Hardware and firmware

  1. Tests/SD card
  2. Tests/SD card acting as a usb drive in card reader
  3. Tests/USB stick
  4. Tests/Manufacturing Data
  5. Tests/Suspend and resume

Network/Time Sync

  1. Tests/Time sync
  2. Tests/Network mgr


In-house testing (from 2007?)


Areas that we need to test in house (due to the use of special equipment and quantities of laptops) include:

  • All keyboards. - Test: Keyboard Settings
    • Keys match the layouts designed
    • Language, keyboard, keymappings match the settings
    • All language and keyboard settings are preserved across updates
  • Languages - Test: Language Settings
  • Firmware
    • WPA - Richardo/Michailis
    • WEP - Richardo/Michailis
    • Mesh - upgrade under loaded network - Scott
    • Suspend/resume - Wad - Test: Suspend/resume
  • Scaling/performance
    • Jabber server scaling - OLPC/Collabora
    • Link local presence (Salut) - OLPC/Collabora
    • Journal/datastore
  • Upgrades /backward compatibility
  • Security

Other test plans


Please see the official roadmap (from the trac main page) for schedule dates and features for each release.

Test setups

This section covers generic ways to set up before running different kinds of tests. (These are not specific test cases, but can be used as shorthand references to common procedures that are used across many test cases.

See also